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By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I will be covering this story till it ends so there will be multiple parts and I promise I will do my best to bring and report the truth. Even if people seem to think the truth is what they are being told by the Main Stain Media. Almost everything they are printing has this vicious slant to it to get Public Opinion on the side they want it on which is BIG GOVERNMENT IS NEVER WRONG.

It is in this Court of Public Opinion where a man Chris Dorsey is being drug through the mud, but there exists truth still. And the truth is not what they are printing. It is also in this Court of Public Opinion that we will now try the case. A jury of peers being you the reader, it is in this court we will hold trail and bring our evidence to refute the lies that are swirling around and the disinformation. We’re here to bring the truth out about what is going on. The truths that people are ignoring instead they are feeding on the slanderous puss filled lies that the Main Stain Media is pushing. Chris Dorsey held a press conference and invited me along as his media witness as to what is going on. This exclusive along with now many other videos that have been put out by me, have become Chris Dorsey’s voice of truth.

People have told me I need to be unbiased and show both sides of the story, why do I need to chill and tone down my opinions if all the Main Stain Media is doing is pushing their agenda. No one can be totally unbiased and not have an opinion either way. So I do as some try to do, I do try to show both sides of an argument then give my take on it, at times. Other times you get my biased opinion and I state it as my opinion on the truth. Am I always in the right NOPE never ever did I say that. Do I have a good handle on what is going on, YES. And I also at times show you things that only I have EXCLUSIVELY. Most of what your seeing from me is EXCLUSIVE meaning if you don’t see my name on it someone stole it from me.

Do I agree with Chris Dorsey in everything he does? Here’s my reply to that. I trust that Chris is doing what he is doing out of his view on the matter. His view happens to be the right view. Do I agree with him 100%? NO. I never agree with anyone 100%. I feel he is right, I might not go about doing what he is doing in the same way as he does but that’s his way. He is at least out there fighting the battle. I do support him fully and have been advising him on his course of action. To be honest I also don’t agree with my wife 100% of the time and we have been together for a long time. Having said that, the answer is YES I AGREE WITH CHRIS DORSEY. I can describe my opinion on Chris Dorsey’s life style in one word ECLECTIC meaning “deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.” “of, denoting, or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools.” ”a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources’ That would be my honest opinion of Chris Dorsey and I consider him a good friend. I feel he could be the change we need around here in Richmond,VA. As well as other places in this country. Getting back to the days events.

I am sort of at odds here but when you chose between the sides you will chose your enemies. As stated earlier I am friends with Reva Trammell, but some of what I have been reading about things that I know aren’t true and seeming to push city politics makes me say this. I like her she’s very personable and I supported her in the past but at the end of the day she’s a politician. She will adhere to her political alignment. I will also stick to my alignments and will do what I said. You have to break eggs to make an omelet. There comes a time when truth has to stand no matter what. I will show later on why they are full of crap on this.

Our day started with us going to the Police HQ to get arrest warrants sworn out on the people behind the attack on Chris Dorsey on Monday April 14, 2014. If your not familiar with that here’s a recap, don’t worry the magistrate had no apparent knowledge of it either but it’s been all over the news and such but I’m spoiling the story before I get to that part..

While we were walking to the Police HQ Chris got a phone call from the reporter from the Richmond Times Dispatch Brandon Shulleeta. So I started to record the conversation. Everything is apparent on the video and it speaks for itself. The nice warm reception we had and the over all feeling we had while there is just too much for words to describe. A lot of stuff they want hush hush so no one will see what they do behind the closed doors of our government. I will attest to what I saw as a witness and give it to you straight. They have no interest in upholding the law. At least I have some of the encounter on film. But I complied with their unlawful requests and followed their dictates so Chris Dorsey wouldn’t get railroaded again.

Okay now that you have watched the video hopefully you can see some of the arrogant and intimidating tactics. They do not like camera’s and being on camera. But when you don’t do what by law you are suppose to do well someone has to hold you accountable. Now a few words I want to say to any who say I may have been in the wrong. They had cameras and microphones on us the whole time and were recording our every move from before we walked in. It’s okay when they do it but not us. When the hell did these guys gain these mythical godlike powers to do as they please? Why do I need to bow my head and except they are breaking the law? If I am wrong how is it I have committed no damn crimes? How am I still out of jail? More importantly why aren’t the one’s committing the crimes in jail?

People think you have to grovel to the police and act like they have the supreme aura of justice and truth about them, these New Priests of the Temple of the LAW. These so called authorities, who tell us mere mortals what to do, what to say, where to say it and what will happen if we don’t follow their ultimately divine dictates. Where they feel anything that comes out of their mouths is gospel and you better not say any thing against them. I do not comply to their rule nor do I willingly obey their so called edicts.

I won’t walk you through the whole video it’s all there. The part I would like to focus on was the part I was not allowed to video tape. One other thing I want to point out at this point is no where in the whole entire building did it say you couldn’t video tape. The sign that the bald headed hot head pointed to and said it says “no recording”, only said turn off cell phones. Not “do not record “or what ever else he screamed.. After they had us turn off our cell phones and my camera they let us back in the room. They had Chris Dorsey fill out the warrant. While he was explaining to Chris the form he kept using his middle finger and pointing at both Chris and I. Making sure we saw what he was doing. It was acknowledged.

During this time we were not on camera Chris gave these so called Priests of the temple of LAW to do what they were legally required to do and they refused his direct order. Chris gave them lawful orders to comply to the law and they gave some asinine excuse. The Priest guy in the video who came out first was they one that took Chris’s lawful orders who initially stated on video he knew absolutely nothing about what went on, after Chris filed his lawful order he then tells Christ they will not comply because the people were there to carry out an unlawful arrest on Chris and they were well within their rights for “DISORDERLY CONDUCT” but yet when asked to verify that statement there was nothing but a dumb look given. They know nothing about anything, then know too much about nothing. That’s the way these Priests work.

Interesting to note that while we were “BEING DISRUPTIVE” to the Temple of Law there were other citizens who saw what was going on and the way they were treating us and one such lady approached us as we were leaving and thanked us for our “DISRUPTION” to their system. Seems she was tired of these Priests treating her like garbage as well.

I forgot to mention as we were walking up to go into the police temple there was another news crew waiting for an interview or something. The one lawyer type that came out saw me smiled, thought we were the ones there for them. Then when they realized we weren’t the crew they wanted they looked very concerned and perplexed.

They changed the meeting place at the last minute while we were busy in the police HQ. So we went to the place they were holding it. Another one of those what the hell things they do constantly. Brandon Shulleeta was the one that informed us of the switch. Brandon Shulleeta is also the one that interviewed Chris and the lawyer that was the eyewitness to the incident. Will be getting into him more in a later article.

Council’s Rules: Popcorn? No! Firearms? Yes!

City Council Meeting Degenerates Into Weird, Chaotic Mess

Compare the two stories and then ask yourself this question why is the gun the issue? That is the agenda they are pushing and using Chris Dorsey, since he is so outspoken, as their poster child to push the agenda. Propaganda is great when used the right way, Unless there is some asshole, like me. who will say “well why wasn’t it an issue the first time?” and “if weapons are legal, what then was the issue other then you don’t like what Chris Dorsey was getting up to say?” “And when did City Council have the right to say who can talk and what they can say in a public forum?” Isn’t there something in the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence that covers these very things? So then the issue becomes and should be WHY WAS CHRIS DORSEY SHUT UP, ILLEGALLY DETAINED AND KIDNAPPED? AND WHAT WERE THE UNLAWFUL CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST HIS PERSON AND HIS PROPERTY?” will I ever get answer to these questions. I already know the answer will be a RESOUNDING NO.

If your going to do a hit piece on someone make sure that years ago you didn’t do a piece on how it’s okay to do what they questioned on this day. Here’s a quote from the article from style weekly dated November 20, 2012 “But a gun is allowed at council meetings as long as it isn’t concealed or brandished in threatening way, City Council spokesman Steven Skinner confirms.” Hold on wait a minute is this the same guy who the other night was going after Chris Dorsey’s legally carried weapon? Something doesn’t sound right to me about that.

Here’s a quote from the more recent article. “But when Dorsey sat in the chamber’s press gallery, council’s communications director, Steve Skinner, asked him to leave.” Yeah same guy who now has the power to decide who is press and who isn’t. Am I the only one who sees something fishy about all this. They just didn’t want Chris Dorsey to speak and decided to use this GUN thing as an issue which it isn’t. They are violating the law, going against the Constitution in an open carry state. If it needs to be any more blatantly obvious to you, I can’t talk to you you’re too stupid. The only way for them to justify themselves is to say they thought he had popcorn up in the press box. Then I actually might give them a pass. Hell I’d almost be against Chris at that point, I mean we all know that concealed popcorn is a dangerous weapon, especially if it’s theater popcorn..

My fortune cookie that I had while writing this sums it up best “the will of the people is the best law”. I’ll leave that one as is.

This is going kind of long so I will end it here and let the videos stand on their own. Below are some links for more of the story. As always stay tuned.


Lawful Arrest Order For Government Officials

Photo of paperwork where he signed NA.

man assaulted and kidnapped by Richmond Government


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