A Plan of Action

It sounds like a good plan the only problem I see is getting the learned helplessness dumbed down populace to realize they need to get off their asses and implement it. We need a mass of people and that mass isn’t to the point of acvting yet. It’s going to take going into total complete hell before they decide to do any damn thing. It has to totally effect and affect them before they will do anything. They have been conditioned to sit and take it.

Restoring the American Republic

It is time for the people of the Republic to once again stand up and be counted in defense of our rights. After years of petitions, demonstrations, and court actions, our efforts have been spurned and rejected. The electoral system in America today is blatantly corrupt, since our enemies have infiltrated the process and now control the count. Those of us willing to defend freedom and liberty today are shouted down or ignored by the corporate owned media, which also demonizes us in advance of attacking us.

The only avenue that remains for us today is retaking our offices by forcing oath breakers out of them. We have been complacent for too long and allowed this infiltration of our government by putting more value in the distractions presented to us than our civic duty to posterity; now the task of restoring our liberty and limited government is much more difficult…

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