UPDATE: Bundy Ranch Stand off. Part 2

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

See part 1 here https://lordnelga.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/amerikas-wake-up-call/ :

Here’s something I find beyond ridiculous. Every one claims Alex Jones and infowars.com are all shills and disinformation agents and gatekeepers and what not. I hear it all. But yet they are at the Bundy ranch giving up to date news reports and such. Yet people will listen to someone, no where near where the story is taking place and swear they are telling the truth and Alex Jones is lying. Is Alex Jones 100% correct? NO, but neither am I so. Do I believe him and his brand? YES. Do I support him? YES, even though I will call him on Russel Means. I totally disagree with him on Russel Means, but so what if everyone can praise Russel Means as a good guy when he was just an actor in his own drama then I can agree to disagree and still follow and support Alex Jones.

Now that things have slowed down and come to a temporary cease I can fill everyone in more on what is going on. Let’s see if I can lay out the best I can from all the reports I trust. First I have to bring this up I reported that the cell towers had gone down and that was not entirely true. It was a rumor but there might have been a little bit of truth to it. The phone usage going on in the area could have been causing some people to think their phones were not working. Either way it was wrong information that got out. I apologize for my part in it.

But when you put up as many news sources and news links as I do there’s a good chance you will post something that is not entirely true. Most who have followed me and are readers know I told you all this was coming for a while now. You also have the ability to see the lies and the disinformation and judge for yourself. No one makes me do what I do I just do it. And then that’s something as well, I do this and I get ridiculed and hated on and I have to ask you all one question, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MAKE THIS A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE FOR YOUR CHILDREN OR YOURSELF?” And I don’t mean money wise because that’s coming to an end soon as well so then what will you do.

I’ve told people since I was in Junior High School things were coming to watch, then they happen and I have been right so far. The incident at the Bundy Ranch isn’t over yet. One battle doesn’t the war make. And yes we won this one but don’t get too cocky or too set that we will win the war just yet we have only entered into this war.. Things are going to get rougher from here on out. Stand tall and hold the line.


“By Alex Jones – Posted on 04-13-2014

Fox News blatantly lies about the federal standoff in Nevada by reporting that the BLM stood down and gave back the Bundy’s cattle because they were afraid for the safety of the public. This is pure propaganda, the BLM were threatening to shoot the protestors while hiding behind their vehicles.

Find more videos at AlexJones.co

Some points I would like to address here as thoughts as I watched what was going on. They aren’t really connected but they are.. you’ll see hopefully.

*People also keep saying over and over “Well we almost went to war today.” NO we did go to war but not today it started a while back, you’re just waking up to the fact today. I feel at times like I have lived all this before in the future and am some how reliving it in the past which just so happens to be the present. What we do in the present effects and affects the future. Like ripples on the water each wave moves till it encounters another wave or obstacle. It then changes and conforms to that interruption and continues on.

*Another thing to consider, the BLM ripped out several water supplies and destroyed the habitat of all kinds of wildlife. Were they not their to protect some over populating near extinction turtle or something. OH wait that was just the excuse to do the bad deed. Notice how quickly their fake lies fall down when they don’t need them.

*April 15th is coming up quick and then there’s this “BLOOD MOON” happening as I type this now. As most of you are aware they like their anniversary dates a lot, and to have something going on during a BLOOD MOONis even a better thing. More power they believe.

*And since this has been on going for 20 years do you think they’ll just turn tail and run. I don’t believe this is over. I think this was a strategic withdraw to stage the next flank attack and hit while everyone is off celebrating our win. Be doubly on guard now. They will come again I hate to say it but.. We’ll see.

I’m going to cut this one short till more happens. And trust me there’s more to this coming in the next wave of attacks so Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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