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UPDATE: I’m in the process of moving.

I am moving my studio area from one part of my house to another to get more work space and set the studio up the way I want it set up in order to do more projects. I will not be on for a few days while this happens. I have to take the time to do this in order to grow and stop putting it off. When I get back up and running there will be some projects in the works that will be unveiled and some that are still hush hush. Thanks for everyone who follows me this is for me to get bigger. I am not ignoring you or abandoning you. Just taking a time out to regroup and expand. Hopefully I will not be gone all that long. I hoping a day or two at the most. BIG things are coming so as always STAY TUNED.

Happy St. Patricks day.

Last night 24 years ago I unsuccessfully died. At around 2:30 am coming home from a bar the vehicle I was in was hit by a drunk driver and I was partly ejected through the front windshield. Spent the next 72 hours in Shock Trauma in Maryland. Died while in the er and was brought back. Ask me why I hate this day???
I have almost gotten all my computer backed up and will be toasting the OS hopefully tomorrow and will be back on soon.

Hidden Valley Hidden Dangers. PART 2 of my investigation into the Hidden Valley Condos.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

In my first article I said I would name names. I will refrain from doing that at the moment because after discussion with the group, called Hidden Valley Advocates, we have decided collectively to keep the focus on the property itself. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a king or a pauper, these conditions aren’t acceptable for anyone. I will also refrain from calling in the EPA at the moment as well but it will happen soon, I will let the story ride for a while before I do that. Instead in this article I will focus on the conditions and such that have been brought to my attention.

We’ll get deeper into the hidden dangers that most don’t get to see there in those condos. I received a package this week outlining the concerns and some of what has been going on at Hidden Valley condos from the Hidden Valley Advocates. Some of what I saw was down right disgusting, the photos will shock most of you. This is really no place to be living I will say that right out from the start. I have taken the liberty to put some of these photos into a video for everyone to see. The video can be found here. .

There were a few questions asked on the site about what and who and such, I will answer some of those questions here as I did on their blog.



As an observer and not ever having been to any of these units I can only go on the physical evidence that was given to me so I will go on what I have seen through photographs and videos. To answer the 3 questions above, the air quality should be checked both inside the units and outside the building itself to see if it is safe. They should also test the air for asbestos and other such things as well. I would also have the soil and the water tested.
If I owned a unit there the first thing I would do is get in touch with the HOA and have them do something. If they fail to do anything I would get a lawyer and go after the HOA then the City then the state if need be. I wouldn’t rest till I got some answers or had the problem addressed. I know for a fact how hard it is to get people to do what they are by law suppose to do. If I were one of the tenants I would get every tenant that has a complaint together and get a petition going. Go to the HOA and demand they do what they are there for. Get the people effected and affected by this together as one unit then go after the people who should be there to represent you. One or two people standing up isn’t going to get the problem solved. But a group of concerned people will start the ball rolling.
I have gone into debt before to defend myself even though it didn’t matter in the end at least I stood up and did what I had to do. After the fact I did the right thing. And I am still raising hell ever chance I get to show what happened to me and my family. I commend everyone who is standing up and fighting this. I can’t imagine this going on for 14 years then on the other hand I can see it going on and on if nothing is done about it.
These problems need to be addressed and looked into no matter whose to blame. These units in my opinion need to be removed from the earth or buried in the earth and that earth needs to be condemned. Push them into one of those sink holes and forget they exist. And the people effected and affected need to be compensated for their imprisonment. Hell I’ve seen better looking prisons and the prisoners were treated a lot better. I’m going to go do some work on the article I’m working on and will update everyone soon.”

I also wrote this.

“The conditions in these units are deplorable to say the least. This just goes to show what these tenants are forced to live in. This video doesn’t even begin to show what is going on. Be glad I don’t live here I would be up the HOA’s butt every day. You pay dues to protect yourself from this crap. And after 14 years something needs to be done. And the question was asked what would I do if I owned the place. I would compensate all who lived there and then pay a demolition team to blow the place to kingdom come and condemn the land as unfit for habitation. Turn it back into a swamp or something for the environment.. Like a forest or something.”

And if everyone knows there is a problem and no one does anything about that problem whose fault is it? The answer to that question is a simple, EVERYONE. Anyone who sees a problem and ignores the problem, is to blame for that problem. If you are standing up and addressing the problem you are not the problem. SIMPLE. The owners of these condos need to come together as a cohesive group and address the problem to the HOA. If they refuse to solve the problem then you need to get rid of the HOA and get one that will stand for the people they rob the money from. Giving crap excuses and ignoring the problem is what lead to the problem being so big to begin with, and why it is still continuing.

“Anyone who knew or now knows what is going on here and doesn’t speak up against it and about it is just as bad if not worse then those who did the deed. You either stand up or you are the problem. The time has far past for people to stand up. Don’t be afraid of the HOA or what others will say. Be more afraid of what people will say when they see the truth and see you did nothing. “The only thing necessary for the triumph [of evil] is for good men to do nothing.” The bigger evil is not to say anything and stand there silent watching the bad happen.”

From everything I have seen and read these building shouldn’t even exist. So why then do they? To steal money from people is the only answer I can think of. It looks like a nice place from a far but when you get up into the matter it’s a different story. And I also say follow the money, find out who pays the taxes, who is responsible and take them to task.

What if everyone who has a complaint stopped paying the HOA their dues? They can throw one or two people out but if everyone stopped they would have to prove themselves. Contrary to what some have said about this, it isn’t an easy task, if it were so damn easy it wouldn’t have taken 14 years for nothing to happen. I get tired of hearing from people that say all you have to do is sue someone, it’s never that simple. I know for a fact how the law is set up to help the person who is scamming people and it’s almost always the burden of the person who is suing to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are being ripped off. I said it before and I’ll repeat it here again. “WHO DO YOU TRUST WHEN EVERYONE’S A CROOK?”

“A lot of people get afraid to comment for fear that their friends might say something to them. They fear more what is said about them than what is done to them. I know this for a fact.. People always tell me I shouldn’t say this or that. Or tell me not to stand up for fear that I will be different from others. WELL I AM DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS. I was cast out a long time ago for not fitting in to the norm. I speak out because it’s what I do. I tell people the truth for they need to hear it they might not want to hear it. I tell all those who read this and don’t comment to get over what others think or what you think others think and speak out. The more who speak out the more that gets done. Use your first amendment or lose it.”

I also use to trust the media to tell me the truth till I found out the media lies and takes the side of whomever pays them. So I became the media and since no one pays me, I don’t have to listen to anyone tell me what to do, who to listen to or what to say. I speak for those who can not or will not and I will tell people to go UNPHUCK yourself if need be. I get tired of hearing people, okay let me get back to the topic at hand it will do me nor them any good to go off. I’ll do that on my own where no one can hear me except my poor family.

Back to the issue being the condition of the condos, as shown in the video I compiled of a bunch of photos they sent me of the place. As well as their videos and photo’s up on their site. Which can be found here:

video 1 –

video 2 –

video 3 –

video 4 –

video 5 –

video 6 –

video 7 –

The Hidden Valley Advocates had told me about problems they were having with the inspections as well. Seems the DEP and the EPA want to pass the buck, claiming neither have jurisdiction over the property. WELL SOMEONE DOES they need to get their heads out of their asses and get to work doing what they need to do. If they refuse to do their job then they need to be removed for not doing their job. SIMPLE AS THAT. I posted on their site this :

“The videos and photo’s speak for themselves and say volumes. An employee who is not connected to the place can say what they want to say. The person who comes out could be paid off to not say anything. Also that person may be connected to the people who run the condos or getting a kick back or just not care. I know some inspectors who would pass things for a case of beer, or some other pay off simply because they didn’t want to do the paperwork or know the people and would get paid off in other ways. I would like to see a group of inspector from different parts of the county come in and inspect it. And I would also have them check the air quality, test for lead paint, check for radon, do soil samples and even have a bore test done on the ground to see what is in the ground at several spots. I would also have the ground water tested to see if it contaminated that as well. But all that stuff should have been done ages ago before anything was built there. This place is a nightmare. I’d be expecting it to just vanish as a bad dream does when you wake up, but it’s real and finding out who is to blame and for what is one of the questions I am trying to find out.

I saw it said before the HOA should be chained in the basement when the rains hit and it backs everything up, that would give them a different perspective of the problem. If the tenants elected the HOA I would get them together to get rid of the HOA and start over. The people that need to be on the HOA should be the tenants themselves not people somewhere else that just get money in their grubby hands and do nothing. That’s the big problem in this world today, people get handed money to do nothing. And since this place is most probably built on a flood plain I’m sure in the summer months the bugs and such are a real problem. Mosquitoes, roaches and the like probably also infest these buildings and breed, which in itself can cause serious problems as well as infectious diseases.
I think I did read in one of the articles that was shared that they had mosquito problems which don’t just go away they get worse. And the bugs lead to rat and mice problems as well. The follow their food supply. The problem within the wooded area can also lead to sink holes and since there was already a sink hole that caused a structural failure of one wall, there will be others. The problem is nothing will get done to a massive catastrophic failure causes a loss of life or lives then they will want to bury the problem as quickly as possible.”

I also posted this about the structural integrity:

“Once a structural wall and a load baring one at that falls down it compromises the whole structural integrity of the whole building. The cracks I can assure you are getting bigger if they were repaired and are cracked again. The building is probably sliding partly into the sink hole next to it. Or the sink hole is getting bigger? WHO knows at this point. If people who live in the buildings are also on the HOA then one reason they might not want to speak out is they know if it gets condemned they would have no where to live. People will cling to shelter no matter how imponderable the conditions. DIDN’T man use to live in caves? And once condemned it could be to the point they say you can’t take anything out of the buildings. You just have to leave. Just a few thoughts to think about.”

I suggest going to their site and signing up so you can comment on what you think of the conditions. Since I’m on the conditions let’s address some of those conditions now.

MOLDThe EPA website Mold and Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings states, “many types of molds exist. All molds have the potential to cause health effects. Molds can produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions or even asthma attacks in people allergic to mold. Others are known to produce potent toxins and/or irritants. Potential health concerns are an important reason to prevent mold growth and to premeditate/clean up any existing indoor mold growth.”

“Lincoln Park elementary and West Wyomissing elementary are both getting demolished this year. These building are in the local vicinity and it makes me wonder if they had moisture issues there too. Maybe it has something to do with the land around there?”

I’m sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the ground is unstable as I stated in the first article. The mold is actually a by product of the next thing I will discuss the STRUCTURAL ISSUES. They fall like dominoes, first it’s one then the next thing happens then the next, till there’s a huge problem and no one knows how it got that way. The way it always happens NEGLECT, and too many people saying it’s not my job.


STRUCTURAL ISSUES– There are definitely structural issues here from the cracks in the foundation, to the outer wall that fell completely down during a storm as well as several units having been through a fire. You can see the cracks all over the foundation as well as the floor of the building. Then theres the mold and possibly the slimes that often accompany mold and mildew. It is said when it rains at times that the sewage backs up into the buildings and such. Yeah sounds like a great place to live.


CONDITIONS SURROUNDING THE BUILDINGS– There was talk of trees and weeds and such growing right up on the building. Wooded ares with old tires and macadam and plywood and sand bags and such right out in the open, giving the woods a dump like area that needs to be addressed and cleaned up. Also the raw sewage that is said to be coming out of the ground.


Since the problems are so numerous they would take years to write everything that is wrong with the structure. I have tried to be as brief as I can in my description of some of the horrors these condo owners face each day. Some of the remedies that have been put forth include blowing the place up and burying it, which in my opinion is the best thing that could happen. The air, soil and land all need to be checked for contaminates. The inside needs to be structurally tested to see if it is still sound and worthy of still standing, the air quality needs to be tested as well for radon, mold count and lead paint, just to name a few tests that should be done.

In conclusion for this article I would like to express my outrage and my contempt to those who have taken it upon themselves to not do their job, not care of their fellow humans and think because they were given a position of power that they can now do as they please. These problems are not something you can say you were unaware of, they are major eyesores to say the very least. There are cracks in the wall that you can see when you first walk in, not to count the mold that is also visible.

Hidden Valley Condos are proof that you can polish a turd and make it all pretty on the outside, but when you get right down to it, all you have is a polished outside but inside it’s still crap. The next article I will cover the DEP and the EPA‘s lack of response to this problem.

All quotes in this article are taken from the Hidden Valley Advocate website and are on the website for all to see. I was asked not to place the names here as they are trying to get legal issues and such resolved. My comments are on the site as well. And as always Stay Tuned.

Two thought’s from the past that may not have made it into my blog.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Here are two thoughts from the past. I’m not sure if they have been in my blog before or not but they are worth posting now. This first one comes from around this time period 5 years ago. After my friend was murdered.

I guess I need to answer some questions I’ve been asked. Ok let’s say we suspend our reality and meet in a place we agree is a hyper reality. Like in the movie “Matrix”. Our new world is like that world. OK with me so far. Great. Now picture the scene here last month. Your best friend is laying on the ground in pain, you other half is there with them. Their other half is also there on the side with their back to you. You walk up and see all this going on and know you can do nothing. You have the will and the power to do something but your told <NO YOU CAN‘T NOT THIS TIME> . You have in the past, but not this time. And then because everyone is in matrix world they don’t see what you do. There is a glitch in the matrix and you are seeing things that are there but no one see them. It’s OK no one will believe you anyway. What do you do? And in this matrix world God and the devil exist as real persons. Everything that was told you was a half truth. You see fully what is going on. How do you tell others? What if they don’t believe you?

Do you still fight on or do you listen to people who don’t see or know what is even going on. What if everything was said to come to an end and you hope that they don’t but you have this fear that what you know is what is to be. HOW would you tell people? Would you fight with all your might to change things that you could? Would you stand when no one else would? Would you go to Hell and back to do everything in your power to make sure that it wasn’t as bad as it is suppose to be? And what if everyone that you know said you were crazy and it couldn’t happen. Would you still believe in what you saw with your own eyes? Could you have the courage to forgive people who have hurt you and asked for a second chance? Would you destroy your enemies so they couldn’t do you harm any more? Ask yourself these questions and see where you would put your answers.

I told God I would die for my own sins. I am bound by word and deed to God and God alone. I must prove myself to him and him alone. I can’t help you people don’t understand what I have done in the past. I did things that I so wish I could go back and fix the wrong that created my dilemma. I would change some things. I will forever understand that deed should not have been done. But free will is always everyone’s right. To rebel against free will that’s a trick. I know most of you won’t get most of what I say, I understand. In time you might see the bigger truth and not the small little arguments you have with the way I see things. I forgive you, not everyone will even with all the photo’s and video’s believe me. Again I forgive them. Not my charge to make you believe at most my blog is just a way to voice my anger and thoughts and feelings at that time. If it is used to try and figure me out, good luck. If it is used to come after me and say I’m mental, maybe in your world I am, maybe I should be locked away from you blind fools. If I have done anything that is illegal bring your charges against me and do it legally. Come and get me I’m tired of fighting against idiots, god must love idiots he made so many of them. There’s still a few living on my street.

And yes I will put in print my thoughts and not care if you agree or disagree, they are mine and does it matter what I think any way. If I’m an idiot well at least I know god loves me. But I think I’m mostly right. Even if you don’t agree with me that is your right.”

After rereading this next one it’s from around the same period as well. 

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”Martin Luther King, Jr.

If that be the case then we’ll see how we measure a man. I am being tested again in life. Do the right thing, say the right thing, be the right thing. Even thou doing the right thing will cost me dearly. SOMEONE PLEASE WAKE ME UP i’M LIVING A NIGHTMARE AND IT’S IN LIVING COLOR. My entire days are spent here recently wondering who else is going to come up against me and give me crap that I don’t need. I’m still recovering from that surgery I am doing better but to have to be eternally under the gun from people is too much.

I look like hell. I am the person you drop knee deep in hell and pray they don’t come back. I will time and time again. Seems I have a piece of hell in me and it burns so damn hot and bright that I can’t see myself at times, I am blinded by it and it at times enrages me to the point that I glow hot as the sun. I am a demon and an angel inside. Stuck between the two I forever am.

I don’t want to do the wrong thing so I plan my words and actions accordingly. That should be the sign of an intelligent person, but around here it makes you stupid??? I don’t understand this race of being known as human’s. Some of your race don’t seem to be intelligent at all. Some of you thou do show promise. I never claimed to be from your race I don’t consider myself on the same level as you. I have more to me hidden from most peoples view. But more and more it’s showing through.

You can use me to measure how far will someone go for the honor of a fallen friend. To hell and back. So be it. I am tired of the fighting that gains nothing over something that none of us own. I am beginning to see some of the wisdom of some of the old prophets and truth sayers. I’ve listened to preachers, I’ve listen to fools, I’ve watched the dropouts who make they’re own rules. I’ve seen people do things unimaginable and seen spectacular failure. Seen starts and finishes of things meant to be, seen life ended to soon. Seen things unimaginable and unreal as well as horrible too real.

I have done a lot of things in my life, have done things that no one knows and things that everyone will know about. I am trying to show my son that no matter what this life throws at you , you can be whatever you strive to be. I do not follow the crowd. I believe in the old adage of “Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way.” Those that can lead, DO. Those who can’t lead, FOLLOW. Those who can do neither get out of the way or get squashed. Your either IN or In the way. Choose a side and get on it.

Some of the problems I have with humans is they don’t like the way I talk to them. I tell them the in your face honest truth. They can’t except the simple way that is. NOT my charge. NOT my problem. If the truth hurts sorry it is the truth and you can’t bury it, coat it with lies or fight against it. It will always be true. That is the law. God made it so. The truth shall set you free.

But you do the right things and lose things time and time again where is that written, wait that answer is here in my blog. Seems I don’t fit that rule made by God. There are things in this life that I have done that make me the way I am today. I have made massive mistakes and paid dearly for them. I have done things that were forbidden, things that should never have been done and things that needed to be done thou none wanted to do them or could do them. I have tried most of my adult life to change some of the wrong I did in the distant past. Change things about myself and those around me.

I am weary from fighting and just want the war to stay still for a while and let me recover so I can fight on. To have to be on guard 24-7 is a drain. Never know what is coming next. But as always stay tuned.” 

That’s my thoughts for the day I’m finishing up a few articles I have been working on and will post soon. Thanks and stay tuned.