By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

This article that I posted on my fedbook page brought me to write this article. http://www.infowars.com/black-thugs-beat-up-white-hippies/

OK lately I have been accused of race baiting for posting a video of two white guys getting beat up by a group of young black people. NOW I have tried my best not to play on the race card but since it came up I’ll deal with it.. I AM A RACIST. I AM THE BIGGEST RACIST ON THIS GOD FORSAKEN PLANET. Does everyone hear that I AM A RACIST . I do not apologize for being a RACIST . BUT having said that let me clarify my statement fully. I AM ALL FOR THIS RACE WE CALL HUMANS. BUT TIME AND TIME AGAIN I AM LET DOWN. I FEEL WE SHOULD BE SO MUCH MORE THEN WE ARE RIGHT NOW.

I have this hope that we, as a RACE of people called HUMANS, can get beyond this false division based on the pigment of the skin. YOU HUMANS HAVE LEARNED NOTHING. I care not for the color or pigment of your SKIN but rather and more importantly THE CONTENT OF YOUR ACTIONS AND YOUR CHARACTER. Why isn’t equal equal anymore. If a white person commits a crime they should go to jail, if a black person commits a crime they should go to jail. But when it is okay to show and put down one color over another there is a big problem. IF it’s a race crime for a group of whites to beat two blacks, why does it become race baiting to say that a group of blacks attacked two whites is a crime. Why then is it race baiting?

Why isn’t Jessy Jackson or Al Sharpton jumping up and calling on everyone to help find these people who did the crime? WHY is there silence and people shut the hell up, because they don’t worry it was just some “evil crackers getting a beat down in the damn hood”. WHEN I see the NAACP stand up and demand these people be brought to justice then I will start believing in equality again.

And then judging me for one video or article and not taking into account all I am doing. I can care the phuck less about the color of your skin. They are killing us all, you breathe the same poisoned air I am, you eat the same damn poisoned food as I do. I am more worried about the chemtrails killing us and the gmo’s. It is more important then your narrow view of what the problem is. I can care less about being called a RACIST. If you must continue to fight against me about the color of someone’s skin please just leave my page. I will not be drawn down to that level of fighting because it really does nothing but divide and cloud the true aim of the war. The war is against those who would see us all dead. Put away the petty arguments and agree to disagree and move on in the right direction.

There are people I support that I do not agree with 100%. I don’t need to agree with you totally to support your movement and do what is right. I have fought all my life to overcome certain facts of my limited view. I haven’t been a what you call a RACIST since after I joined the ARMY in 1986. I decided to change my view and seek something deeper in meaning and have found very few who will actually embrace this way.

You take one video and base my whole existence on it and most can’t even figure out why I posted it. You keep reducing my fight down to petty little fights. STOP IT, I am fighting the bigger war. If your just going to fight me and belittle everything I have done please just go the phuck away. I am fighting bigger problems. If you are with me let’s keep fighting the good fight. If you just must attack me please just leave my page, I don’t care if most of you leave. I’d rather have people who want to change the world, not fight petty fights that go no where.

Also what gives you the right to come on my board and tell me what to post, what to say, what to feel, what to watch, what to do? I could see it if I was posting content that went against the terms of service. When did we all become so damn authoritarian and can order people to obey us. See if we get out of telling others every thing to do and mind our own business again maybe we wouldn’t be in so much shit.

See I could go on about how the “N words” this and how the “N words” that and how everything is all their fault. Would it make my point any clearer, NO IT WOULDN’T. So why is it okay when I am called white trash, dumb ass cracker, honky and other derogatory words, are these not offensive to me? Your offended by my RACISM but blind to your own RACIST remarks. YES EQUAL IS NOT EQUAL, or it’s different if you do something to me but then get offended because I retaliate or come back with an equally hurtful remark. BUT can’t you see this is why they want us fighting like this, open your damn eyes and see. Any person killed needlessly is a sorrow and a lost to our humanity. NO MATTER THE COLOR OR PIGMENT OF THEIR SKIN. I do not hate black or brown or colored skinned people, some of the best people I know are colored, hell we are all colored. GET use to living with each other. Start fighting for our race instead of in fighting amongst ourselves, which in the end accomplishes little other then to distract.

In one of my previous accounts on fedbook I had posted almost the same story only it was whites attacking blacks, NO ONE SAID A WORD. So saying that I’m race baiting, you better back it up with facts. And if I am posting NEWS why is it okay to attack me for it. Because I put it up. I don’t like ¾ of what I post. I don’t like posting about death and them spying on us and them trying to kill us and poison us. And you want me to worry about a story that happens way to much. Which actually I do care, I wish for there to be an end to this needless violence but since I’M A RACIST AND I’M WHITE SKINNED I’m not allowed to make sense or have feelings.

If six black people attack 2 whites it is a crime, if 6 white people attack 2 blacks it is a crime. PERIOD. But when you say that the 6 whites attacking the 2 blacks is a hate crime but the 6 blacks attacking the 2 whites is just, okay so what, then we have a problem. It’s a crime either way and should be punished equally. But society today sees things with different colored glasses on.

And another reason I posted it was to show that in fact neither Jessy Jackson, Al Sharpton nor the NAACP with say anything about it. Yes they have this history of not saying anything when it doesn’t fit their agenda. As A Journalist, which everyone is calling me, it’s my duty per-say to report and observe. If my observations offend you sorry, too damn bad. People are more then welcome to comment on the article, AND it wasn’t even my article so giving me grief just for posting it yeah well.

I do appreciate the comments and I do see what you were saying and I agree with most of what you said. It was making it about what I was observing and basing it on the assumption that I was race baiting that I take offense to. If you make it so that not being able to post stuff that might offend your paradigm becomes the norm, then your going to stagnate and die. We need different view points, but attacking and saying it’s RACIST to not believe as you do is wrong. Everyone is free to draw their own conclusions. I’m tired of being treated as a slave and being attacked by other slaves defending their slavery.

It’s all by design but trying to get people over the fact that it’s not about RACE is almost impossible. Welfare has been designed to bankrupt and enslave the black populace as well as to bring Amerika down. But no one cares about that, it’s all about the color and pigment of the skin. An they now include everyone as a slave so we’re all in it together. We need to wake up, put divisions behind us and focus on what to do to get our country back.

For some of my history, I grew up in mostly black neighborhoods. There were 4 hoods in Annapolis, NEWTOWNE 19, NEWTOWNE 20, ROBINWOOD, and BYWATER MUTUAL, that were after me before we finally moved to where we were by ourselves. I was beat up daily by groups of blacks trying to take my bike and stuff from me and wanting me to be a member of their gangs. It got to the point I didn’t want to go to school. I couldn’t deliver the newspapers on my route and had many bad encounters with blacks in my youth. I saw the black children get put ahead of people just because of the color of their skin and no one wanting to offend them. SO yes I do know what IT’S LIKE. I also had a few black friends then as well. So I can say I have been there and done that. I got over the hatred and the little minded stupidity that came with it. I grew and matured and have never taught my son to hate anyone. The world has done that part. I tried to show him that everyone is equal. BUT as the world goes it has shown time and time again that equal isn’t equal.

And for those who are new here let me say this again to you it’s sort of my motto. “For those easily offended be prepared to be offended. For those who don’t like to be uncomfortable be prepare to be uncomfortable.. For those who are sleeping be prepared to be awaken…I’m pulling no punches anymore, you get it hard fast and continually here on my blog..You’ve been warned.”

For some history look up Margaret Sanger planned eugenics.





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