Another exclusive: Marco Cota talks about a secret 7 year project soon to be released. I’m one of the first to release this information.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I just got this from my friend on fedbook. He’s about to release his secret project he and others have been working on for 7 years or so and he wanted me to release a pre-release to the public I feel very honored and privileged. My friend Marco Cota is the author of the book Predator Down. Available here

“Project Oxygen”

Marco Cota
Executive Director at Beautiful Home
Agricultural Chemical Engineer

31 January 2014

Project Oxygen is a scientific and historically proven method to reverse global warming and climate change. This project attacks the problem directly. This approach does not require the population to reduce green house gases. It has been debated the solution is to reduce green house gases, this is clearly unobtainable by solid evidence of many emerging nations and the established that refuse to comply. Project Oxygen can and will convert carbon dioxide from its current level of 397 ppm to 240 ppm and replacing it with safe gases as oxygen and nitrogen within 5 years. As the plant converts carbon dioxide to oxygen, humans can convert their own toxic gases into more copious oxygen than needed. Project Oxygen does not reduce or store Carbon Dioxide; it destroys it in the conversion process. Humans will be able to continue on the exponential track of higher carbon dioxide levels each year as the project has a thermostat to keep the correct and safe levels.

Project Oxygen is an elaborate and complex high maintenance system that will undoubtedly be the most intense and costly endeavor of humankind.

The proven fact which is the basis for Project Oxygen is in Earth’s history. Vast areas with specific conditions allowed plants to actually pollute themselves with excessive oxygen, even so much that humans could not safely live. It can best be described as humans are destroying themselves by their own waste, in the same way the plants nearly did with their own waste which is Oxygen. There is a thermostat humans can create to keep a safe balance for both. Oxygen levels before the times of Dinosaurs would be lethal to humans. This begs the question as to how these levels were reached. There were complex situations that do not exist today 500 million years years later which reveal how we could duplicate this conversion process and tailoring it to our needs. If we do not return to this process of producing copious plumes of Oxygen that has to be from the conversion of Carbon Dioxide all humans will go extinct eventually. By mathematical trend humans will go through traumatic changes within 35 years and extinction within 90. This is based on the upward trend of every aspect contributing to global warming to include population growth rate and related carbon dioxide increases. Both Population growth rate and green house gases are increasing at an alarming exponential rate. The terms of human extinction are not steady; each day there is percentage increase over growth rate. There is a high chance of reaching a tipping point due to unusual and catastrophic events. If a tipping point occurs the extinction of humankind would be swift due to current dangerous levels in the air, solids and the oceans. This implies the urgency of a need to safe guard our Beautiful Home now. Project Oxygen is both a Safeguard and a world stabilizer. Even a super volcanic eruption now could destroy all life. If Project Oxygen were in place worldwide, humans would survive this event as it has the capacity to sweep the air every day.

Project Oxygen duplicates the era when plants produced huge release plumes of Oxygen. The prime factor is that the system releases a fast dense heavy plume rather than the current steady slow flow from plants which is also decreasing daily.

The requirements are huge for land use but can be broken down into 600 distantly separated blocks each being 2500 square miles or 50 mile by 50 mile lots. These lots have to be placed in strategic places around the globe. The ideal locations are downwind from high output sources of carbon dioxide for example approximately 30 miles NE of Los Angeles.

System design is no secret. What is required are the fast growing high Oxygen output plants to begin with. A permeable canopy in the center 5 miles is required. This system has a process in its design to allow heavy thick copious release pulses up to three times daily with a super plume at dusk. There are also other designs to minimize carbon dioxide at night to near plant dormancy state. Special night lighting is also required but only a small fraction of what we use on street lighting in our cities.

The perimeter needs a windbreak such as a mountain range. The interior needs a spiral to center windbreak to allow oxygen buildup channeled to the release point. The method must allow the duplication of the early Earth where oxygen was allowed to get to toxic levels then be released. This also allows the complete consumption of carbon dioxide which; here is the key factor that is missing in our era but was the predominate process hundreds of millions years past. Today’s gradual slow release is misunderstood by even the most educated in that they have not understood the need for high sudden volume conversion. To put it very simply, adding a cup of water to a hot tub is a psychological issue, but adding the 5 gallons it needs all at once both fills it, but keeps it full longer by cooling it down as well.

The details of construction are surely available, but the true scientist and qualified personnel in this field need to make the conclusion which if they understand the workings of this beautiful home we live in, they will.

Calculated cost worldwide is 1.5 Trillion USA dollars.”


I had a few follow up question for him on the pre-release and will include it here.


Glen M Sutphin

So if I’ve read this correctly your talking about basically an oxygen bomb. Basically bombing the atmosphere with high levels of oxygen correct? Is this a synchronized release or does each oxygen producer release it according to their area?

A Marco Cota

It is a global network that is both computer controlled and as need control from the ground up. It is a plume release yes, but the main factor in the design is to completely get efficient carbon dioxide conversion, not so much the Oxygen release it self, but that release is required in the first step of though co2 conversion or co 2 elimination

This is how Oxygen came into being in the first place many eons past.

Glen M Sutphin

oxygen towers.. you know I read about those years ago on john carter..

A Marco Cota

A slow release would never have produced enough oxygen initially in earths history to bring the toxic gases down to safe levels. The plume is needed, absolutely needed the lever is the canopy and holding of the oxygen until it has to be released

Glen M Sutphin

like a big balloon that you pop when it reaches the correct amount..

A Marco Cota

yes, but remember it is not the oxygen ultimately. The prime factor is squeezing the carbon until the plant can no longer sustain the Oxygen

Glen M Sutphin

Carbon scrubber and converter. I get a sense of it. Very interesting.

A Marco Cota

Just know none of us want any money or monetary contributions. We want the worlds governments to get off their asses and do this. We want nothing but to stop this insanity

Glen M Sutphin

Oh I agree with you. put a stop to agenda 21 and the Geo-engineering of the planet.. Go Geo-engineer mars damn it.. give us a planet B. I look forward to hearing more about it when it’s released.


I will be bringing you more on this as it is released to me. I am honored to be one of the first to release this to the public.. As Always Stay Tuned.

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