Abducted by UFO’s. One womans story.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT


Okay this one is a little different then what I normally post but thats a good thing. I have been into the UFO phenomenon ever since I first learned of them when I was like 6 or so. The stories always fascinate me and some are truly bizarre. This one I believe to be true as I know who this person is and they haven’t lead me to believe otherwise. They asked that I not say who it is for fear of repercussions because they don’t want to be ridiculed or made fun of. And I can fully understand that. Anyway here’s the story told in their own words.

I decided just to write my stories about the UFO’s to you. I never admitted this to anyone except my daughter and she thought I was nuts. This is why I’m a believer in them. My first experience, I was about 5 or 6 yrs old. I was laying in bed one night and seen a bright light come through my bedroom window. I freaked out, because I looked out of the window and the light was from above. I jumped back into the bed. As I thought about waking up my parents, I looked at my bedroom door and I could see bright lights behind it, showing through the cracks of the door. My door then opened and 3 greys came towards me, by then I was on my feet ready to run, but I didn’t because I was looking around me with no where to go. Then one of them put their hand out and took it. Then I remember them putting me on a table. Then I remember them taking a something like a long silver looking rod with lights on it and probing my rectal area. I remember screaming and trying to fight them. I was on my stomach and couldn’t move. Then around the upper part of my buttocks, I remember being stuck with a huge needle, right above my tail bone. To this day I have a huge, meaning: a deep hole in that spot. I asked my mother when I was older, if I was born with it and she just brushed my question of and said in one of those voices, like I was was bugging her and said I don’t know where it came from. I then said, you don’t know if I was born with it. She replied that she never seen that on me as a baby. They came back again and I was about the same age. Same thing with the light out of my bedroom window. This time I hid under my bed. That is the last thing I remember. I was laying in my bed again, freaked out. Then it happened again, I think because I woke up in the woods right behind our house. I went to our back door, it was just daylight, thankfully my mom didn’t lock the the door. I walked in, she asked were I was at. She had just woke up. I said out in the woods. She started hollering what were you doing out there. I said sleeping I guess and went right back to bed. Then I remember when we moved a couple years later, exact same thing happened again, a bright light in the window and that’s all I remember. From about the age of 10 yrs and on, I was always looking up at the sky. Same thing at another house we moved to at 14 or 15. Then at 19, was out one night with friends. I had just left them about 30 minutes before and was on my way home. I was going down Cody Rd. There was always scary stories about the Road, like the headless woman looking for her head on the train tracks etc. I don’t put much stock into silly stories like that I drove that road all the time. I remember looking at the car clock and it said something like 1:15am. I thought well maybe my parents won’t notice I’m a little late. I would be home in 10 minutes. I then seen a strange light out of my drivers window and it was following me. It was about 100 yards in the sky. I immediately got scared. and started speeding down the road. Next thing I remember is the car clock saying 3:04 am. It has happened a few more times to me. The most freaky one was seeing a half human half grey, I was about 30 then. After that they showed me this ugly baby, and for some reason I knew it was mine. Then I motioned to hold it and I did for about 2 seconds and remembering how freaky it looked. They took it and that was it. I have had to the lights thing at my window happen a few more times and the last time something happened, it was with my man. It was 2010 and we were in VA beach. We were with my nephews and the sun was just starting to go down. We were all getting ready to leave. My nephews left first as we were packing up our stuff to leave. We should have been about 5-10 minutes most behind them. As my man and I was folding up our sheet, we seen a strange green light flashing a small circle in the middle of the half folded sheet. We stopped folding and looked around us, and seen nothing and at the same time as the light was still flashing in the middle of the sheet, we looked up. Then all of a sudden it was pitch black out there, we just stopped folding the sheet and wadded it up and said lets go, it’s already dark. I think we were both puzzled about how dark it got that quick. We walked across the street and everyone asked where had you been. We both just looked at each other. My one nephew then said you were right behind us. I said we were still at the beach, we couldn’t have been gone that long. I said then said because I had a weird feeling “what an hour, hour and a half, trying to sound sarcastic. They didn’t say anything and then I said to my nephews were you all playing a joke on us with flashing a bunch of green lights around, they laughed and said no,. My sister in law said it was probably the navel lights since we were close to them. I started to say and kept my mouth shut, straight up in the sky. It was about 11:00pm when we got back from there and I’m sure the sun wouldn’t have went down any later 8:30pm, because it was the first part of October when we were there. I brought the green light thing up to him after our vacation, he got really upset. So I was telling the story to my best friend about the green lights, didn’t get very far telling it and he was very annoyed saying it was navel lights. I decided to brooch the subject again about a yr ago. I brought up what happened and asked has anything like that ever happen to you before. He said in a annoyed voice no and started to say navel lights and I said I don’t think they were and he didn’t say another word. We have not talked about it since. I have never told him about my UFO experiences and probably will never do so because of the stigma associated with it. I will deny if ever asked about it. As I said, I don’t want my name being used if you decide to do research on it. We were there Oct 2010. I wished I could remember the exact date. Chat with you later. Bye”

I have done a bit of research and have found a few other sightings in the VA Beach area during that same year.





See we still attach stigma to everything. Suppose this happened to you, would you tell everyone or want anyone to know? I bet you wouldn’t for fear of being ridiculed and made fun of. Called a nutter or worse “ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE” or even a “CONSPIRACY THEORIST”, yeah we make up fancy names for people we don’t want to believe to make ourselves feel better like we have achieved something by doing so.

I have heard of people being taken since childhood and being followed. I am very interested in this story. It’s a great story and thanks so much for sharing it. And for what’s it’s worth I believe it happen as you say it did. As always Stay Tuned you never know what I’ll post up next. And If you have a story for me please feel free to share it.

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