First let me say Happy New Years Rezinate. Hope your warm during this weather that has hit parts of the country. This is some good information that I will share with people. This actually fits into a question I had. First have you heard anything about
What are your feelings on it? I’m tired of arguing with the people I’m in contact with and need a person who is closer to the source for some information. Thanks and again Happy New Years.

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Response can be said to be a barometer-kind of like pinching someone for example.

If it’s playful a laugh or smile will follow, if the intent is otherwise,  like speaking an embarrassing truth, an expression of pain, anger, or howl of discomfort will ensue.

A metric of sorts I look to when blogging – if a truth is spoken about AIM,  any of it’s leadership, or camp grunt Peltier somebody will most likely howl, like one made in The Manchurian Candidate blog – if not on this blog then elsewhere- an emissary may even be sent to determine for themselves after hearing it said if  I really am a “cop”.

That often leads me to come back with more truths they can bite their tail  over… and the reason for re posting the below blog from March 4 of last year.

Nobody is perfect-least of all me. If I’m wrong…

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