I have switched from windows to Zorin and have advised several others to do likewise. No more problems with all the bloatware and viruses. Zorin isn’t perfect, it just crashes different. But having said that you shut down and restart and your back up and running.
Windows is designed to monitor your every move on the web and has Trojans and backdoors that can be manipulated and monitored so of course in this day and age they will push it on you. If you are unfortunate enough to have a computer with winblows 8 on it, switch the os to zorin, don’t throw away a good machine. Plus you don’t have to beg microsnot every time you have to reload the os.
I have used Zorin ever since my system crashed due to being hacked into. I started with Zorin 6 and have upgraded to Zorin 7. As I said it just crashes differently but the ease of use and it working right from the start are great. If all you do is surf the net and watch videos online it’s the best thing out there. If you do technical stuff you might want to dual boot your system with both Zorin and windows as there are some things that Zorin will not do yet, and you might need winblows still. But for the average user or people who know nothing about computing Zorin is the best choice.

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Does anybody have a clue what Microsoft was thinking when they cobbled together their latest distro Windows 8?

Apparently they wanted a cross platform OS that would work on more than a laptop or desktop-but in my opinion the Three Stooges could have done a better job. And it will take something more than MS grudgingly allowing an  update to include the “start button” for this Albatross to get of the ground.

Following in the coercive efforts they initially attempted, as they did with Vista, to stop people from “downgrading” to a previous platform that might have actually worked.

The ultimate question is who in the hell does MS think they are? Do they believe they own you comp or other device, that it is their decision what you can do with it or run on it? So much for choice and free will huh?

Windows 8 not only sucks…

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