We have an out of control shut down government, where will it end.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

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What do all these above stories convey to the thinking person, only one answer I have come up with “We have an out of control shut down government.”

What we have going on now is an out of control shut down government that is shutting down things they don’t even own to show us, the scum, we the people who put them in power what they will do if they don’t get their way. You can’t blame the tea-party for them shutting down the WWII memorial and paying people to man the Barry-cades, tea-party didn’t do that. The out of control government did that.

The baby-fide POTUS acting more and more like a little child who doesn’t get his way, has now gone over the edge to shut down Amerika. Shutting down things like the OCEAN. Notice how everything they are shutting down has to do with America. The vets, the oceans, our scenic views of the founding fathers. They are trying to father us from what it means to be American. Turning us into Amerikans who only live to serve the government and their minions. DO WHAT WE SAY AND YOU GET GOODIES WHEN WE FEEL YOU DESERVE IT.

If the government is shut down due to lack of funds and money and such, where is all this money coming from to shut down things they don’t even own. Their trying to say without government nothing works, but having been shut down now almost 5 days most people don’t even notice the difference. Other then the out of control government shutting more and more things down and killing people who don’t obey when they come up to made up check points that do nothing but cause traffic.

This is what happens when you let the government run your lives instead of saying NO I’ll take care of myself. I am tired of seeing people running around scared every time the P.O.S. POTUS says something bad will happen. How do these idiots who can’t even write their own speeches think they know what’s good for me and what I need? Who gave them the right to tell me anything. I didn’t vote their sorry asses into office and I don’t consent or give them the right to tell me the time of day. What happened to the consent of the governed? I have not given my consent therefore I am not governed by an out of control Socialist Communistic Oligarchical Technocratic Tyranny whose time should be coming to an end. When are we going to wake up and realize we have been duped? When are the people going to realize the government couldn’t get together and order a pizza because they can’t agree on anything, hell they can’t even agree to disagree without fighting over who did the disagreeing.

And I don’t give them the right to give my rights away in any stupid treaty no matter how pretty the language is in that treaty. They do not have the right to give my individualism away because they think they have the right to do so, they are what I like to call WRONG. They have not conquered me and haven’t defeated me in battle yet, so where do they think they have the right to dictate to me a free human? I don’t give them the right or the authority to do so, and with my dying breath I will still curse them till their end.

Their stupid UN treaties are no better then the treaties they wrote and placed the American Indians under. And they hold as much weight at those same said treaties. They aren’t worth the parchment they are written on, may as well use them as toilet tissue at least they would be of some use that way. I will not march on a trail of tears or go into a camp because some sniveling coward who has to have thugs do their dirty work said so. There is coming a time when words and writings will fail and we will have to stand and fight man to man. That is the way of things now.

Those who stand behind this tyranny need to remember one thing you will be brought to charge after we win, you will be tried and convicted of your crimes and will pay. You will fall. And there’s not going to be any bleeding hearts who will try and stop the justice when we win. The only mercy from me you will receive is a quick death. You idiots trample people under you feet who you feel are inferior to you and you build yourselves up by it. Well one day it’s all destined to fall down and those who built it up will pay dearly.

We have gone to far down the rabbit hole to turn back and we now will see the true extent of the corruption and will see just how bad it gets. If we would all as a people just put away our differences and see we are all under this and stand up as one people again and say “ENOUGH” it would end.

My sovereignty wasn’t given to me by the government as my life was not either so they have no right to try and take it from me without my consent, which I do not give. If they want me to be a slave they will have to make me one and that will be no easy task.

Since I have lost my thought train on this I will close with this, “Do away with a government that does nothing for you but everything to you.” As always Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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