FOLLOW UP to yesterdays story about FEDBOOK..

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

updated 7:59 PM EDT, Fri May 11, 2012

The mother in the video who was abusing the child went to jail and lost the child. See the above link for the story. Also notice the date this article was written and when the video in question was reported after it had been up for a month or so..

I had the person who sent me this link ask a very real, very good question, even though as I will show the question is irrelevant, it is non the less a good question. They asked “ Was the video put up to educate people or to glorify the event?” I say it’s irrelevant because there were two copies of this video on the same page back to back. Fedbook ruled that the video went against their terms of service and took one copy down saying that it was in violation, but left the other copy up saying it in no way was a violation. So if it was in fact a violation why wasn’t both copies taken down?

And when it was posted as a one like equals one smack to the woman it was not posted for educational purposes. It was there to generate likes and for glorifying the event. My problem with the video besides the content was with fedbook itself not knowing where their heads were. And they were in the news saying how they were on it and had removed most of the occurrences of the video. Yeah well you missed this one big time. And when you went to the page and the two exact videos were side by side, come on how much more fail can we get?

I understand the importance of news events, that are hard to look at, being published and the controversy surrounding if you should or should not show something. I have often had to weight that question myself, if I should show what I’ve found or not show it. If showing it makes the story clearer to see and is done in a news fashion then it’s okay as far as I’m concerned. But when something is posted as a how many likes type thing, that is more towards being for sadistic pleasure and for self gratification and then should be removed with extreme prejudice and quickly gotten rid of according to their terms and agreements.

And when this video was almost a year old or more when it was released it brings up the question why release it after the fact? I’m glad the child got the help that was needed, but there’s this unsaid haunting feeling I get. This child may not remember the event then one day see this video on sites like fedbook or even now my site and be traumatized by it or worse. So yes there is a thin line that I think about when doing some of these stories. But if I didn’t cover them who would get the word out?

Now the other links I included in the story stand on their own, there is no need for it on fedbook according to them yet the links stay up in spite of the fact they are blatantly against the so call policies and terms of service. So I am right in blasting them fully on that as well as repeatedly. Why is equal not equal any more?

Okay I just got the notice from fedbook that they again will not take down a video that they have said time and again that it violates their precious terms and conditions. It is okay to post videos of rape, of torture, and child abuse. This is what I have been fighting since I lost my first account on fedbook for reporting and trying to get people made aware of what is on this crap hole. I am sick of policing this crap and trying to clean up their spy program.

The truth will eventually point to itself, it always does.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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