Just some thoughts that could get me in trouble….

I am extremely pissed off right now. On top of a headache that has been going now for three days with no relief for it. Some phuckhead decided to steal our inspection sticker from inside our car window. Now I am going to have to fortify my yard with surveillance and had to spend $110.00 we really didn’t have for a new sticker as well as break pads. Yeah I’m more then hot. I am beginning to think maybe being in prison isn’t such a bad thing. I am putting this world on notice if you mess with me too much you will meet your maker. This is what I have put up with my whole entire life. I help people and try and do the right thing yet time and time again the creator decides I have to be messed with beyond belief. It isn’t bad enough that I am about $20,000 dollars in debt that I didn’t have for a phucking kidney stone. Now on top of all that I have to have some asshole come into my yard and steal my inspection sticker out of my car. This planet would be better off without people on it. Tell me why I have to be so damn nice and caring when all it gets me is phucked over? And don’t tell me to pray about it let the next person who phucks me over pray that I don’t snap on their ass. And if the FBI or NSA wants to send the police after me for being a threat let them I’m beyond tired of this crap on this phucked up planet we call dirt I mean earth. Maybe I should enact sharia law and go and behead the next person who steals from me isn’t that the proper way to do it? I know how to use a sword and I have plenty of them. This is a warning to the entire planet BACK THE HELL OFF OF ME, YOU WON”T LIKE ME WHEN I’M MAD. I guess I’ll have to go and spend more money I don’t have to get the surveillance equipment, but don’t worry I don’t dial 911 I’ll leave that up to the person doing the stealing and trespassing. I AM MAD AS HELL AND AM NOT TAKING IT ANYMORE.. The planet has been warned.

For three years I put up with people coming into my yard and stealing from me and doing what ever they wanted to over on chuckatuck ave. Where the tenant next door would allow her children to do as they pleased with the slime lords help because he would do nothing about it, and with the police protecting her. I was told repeatedly to put up a “NO TRESPASSING” sign, I even went into debt and got a lawyer which did no good either. I have saved people lives, helped people out, done all this stuff that most people would not do and all I get from it is told to go to hell, spit on, betrayed, broke and a mental wreck. And I am expected to time and time again to step up and do the right thing. Well maybe the right thing to do is go ballistic on someone who truly deserves it and just phuck them up and send them to meet the maker.

The time is coming soon when it will happen and then I won’t stop. I will clean this planet or at least this hood I live in and there will be few people left. I am beyond tired of being phucked with day in and day out. Tired of being a doormat for people who don’t matter.

I’m really getting tired of being ahead of everyone and telling you things that are going to happen and then they do and no one seems to care. There’s coming a time if we don’t get things turned around when things will implode and this country will be hurting. Then you will run to people like me and beg us to help you. And I’m getting to the point of saying your on your own, screw helping you. I am helping you by telling you before hand what is coming.

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