Update: out of the hospital after 4 days.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

For the past four days I have been goofing off at the hospital. The only thing they have done so far is put a stint in me to drain the kidney of infection.

I still have the damn stone in me. The hospital was more worried about getting my blood pressure under control and getting rid of the infection then removing the cause of the problem. I have to wait another week till they decide if it is in their best interest to remove the stone. I can see some of their argument but mostly I feel they have just decided it’s my money they want, not helping me.
The out patient clinic running around there for 5 days made my condition worse and made the infection go ballistic. If I had of been seen immediately when I went to the ER the first time I wouldn’t have had to Phuck around and would have had the stone out.

And I’m suppose to praise god and thank him for all the wondrous things he has allowed to happen to me it seems. Well if god would take his headphones off and help me maybe I would, but after 13 days and counting of this, I don’t care to hear how wonderful and merciful he is. I gave up praying for healing and decided to save my breath for when I need it. I am tired of everything that happens to me on a regular basis. I am tired of people telling me how I should go to the doctors when there’s something wrong with me.

All the doctors want to do is try and treat the things they have no control over and ignoring the stuff they could easily fix. And now they want me to go get my blood pressure checked and maintained which the last time they messed with me they came as close to killing me as they ever have to date. They also told me I should have a doctor try and control my seizures as well, they were going to send me to a neurologist again for the 25 time.

Now if the first 24 couldn’t do a damn thing why do they feel the 25th one will do anything that hasn’t been done. I’ll tell you why so they can get money out of me and make me sick so they can continue to get money. That is the root of it all.

Doctors are not in the business to make you well. If you were well they wouldn’t have any patients and they wouldn’t get any money. They are now in the business to keep you sick and maintain your sickness for as long as they can and get as much money as they can from you.

Don’t believe me WHY DO I STILL HAVE THIS PHUCKING STONE IN ME? The only reason is they want more money. The front desk asked who was paying for this I said I was they immediately said, Well I hope you have lots of money to take care of this especially since you have no insurance.

I now owe three different hospitals money when one of them did nothing but run me around. I am tired and hurting and really don’t give a damn about peoples opinions or doctors for that matter. If they would have done something to help me maybe I would feel more grateful, but when it was me mainly taking care of myself with them looking on PHUCK off.

I have to look forward to at least another week before they are going to do anything and in that time I have to keep my blood pressure down and find a Doctor to control my blood pressure, as well as spend money I don’t have to get medicine that just masks the problem not fix it and all so some doctors can feel like they phucking did something wonderful to me. I never wanted to go to them in the first place and told my wife exactly what they would do to me and have been 100% right so far.

Then they ask me what the problem is and 5 days later decide that what I told them would be their diagnoses. SO when the hell do I get my money for all this diagnosing I have done on my condition? I am extremely tired and just want off this stupid planet or to be able to be in a place where there are no damn idiots. Trust me as soon as I get this stone out of me and am better I am never going back to the doctors unless there is something again I can’t take care of myself. Most of the medical profession is useless and these idiots with degrees couldn’t figure out where your ass is without a diagram and photos and possibly two hunting dogs trained to find asses.

I know more about my condition then any damn doctor and since they want to start at the beginning each and every time and then they all come to the same conclusion. They can phuck off. Well that brings us up to date for now. As soon as I am well I will be covering the news and getting my site set up more. As always Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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    1. I’m on workmen’s comp settlement and only get it. I live on a fixed income and they can’y touch it I believe plus I own nothing. And I went through Charity care to see if I even have to pay them. Hopefully it will work out otherwise they can just sue me and win I will not pay them. Might look into chp 7 though see if I can..

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