Update: Back to the hospital I go.

This time let’s hope they will take the stone out of me and stop messing around. I have a 5:30 appointment and am so hoping they do something to get rid of the stone and the infection. It’s been now 10 days since this started and it’s been old after the 3rd day. 5 days of running around at a clinic for them to do nothing but say “OH you now have to go back to the hospital” where I went in the first place. Yeah I hope this is resolved today and over with. Since there is non way for me to update while I’m in the hospital you’ll just have to go to fedbook and get the updates on my page at


As always Stay Tuned you’ll never know what’s going to happen in my life next. And thanks for all the support, you guys are great.. Take care and I”LL BE BACK>>>

Author: lordnelga

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