Update: ME.

I am so damn glad that after 5 days of them running me around they are now telling me what I told them was wrong with me 5 days ago. I told them my kidney was infected when I was in the ER on Tuesday, they told me today after 5 days of them screwing around that hey my kidney is infected. And I have to phucking pay them for the service that they can’t do anything for me for.. I am so damn sick of being told I don’t know a damn thing, then come to find out I was right all along and could have saved myself 5 days of crap if they had just listened to me, but then they wouldn’t have gotten their money from it. PHUCK THIS CRAPPY SYSTEM. And then I have to come up with more money to get something done, money I do not have. TELL ME HOW GOOD LIFE IS PLEASE, I NEED TO HEAR HOW EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE SO DAMN WONDERFUL. I go in to the ER again at 5:30 am tomorrow to see if maybe they’ll PHUCKING do something this time. Yeah I really have to calm down.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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