Murdered Importance

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Amid the flash and bang of fireworks, gunshots from 47 separate shootings echoed through this city over the extended Fourth of July weekend, killing 11 and wounding dozens more, including a 5-year-old boy.”

The victim was one of at least 10 people shot in Detroit on Sunday.”

Five people were killed in D.C. this week, bringing this year’s total homicide count to 51. June and July have been the deadliest months thus far with 12 and 11 homicides, respectively.”

I will start this off with these topics for you to consider. These are the crime rates for three major cities based on their ethical values as I saw through stereotypes. These three cities are Chicago, Detroit, and DC. Notice how many people who have died almost the same way as Trayvon, where is the outrage over these deaths? Don’t they also matter?

And now a word to Trayvon Martin’s parents. I am so sorry that you have lost your son. I didn’t know him and never met him. But from one parent to another, I can’t feel what you are feeling, I have not lost my son. I have lost someone who was very close to me, and I do know that pain, and from that pain I say I do know what you are feeling. And am sorry for my part in the murder of your child. We as society killed your son. We all have murdered him, we have all failed him. We have failed all children in society. No words will bring back your son, no protest will give you REVENGE for his death.

In your grief, I know you are seeking what went wrong, but I have to ask these questions as a person trying to find answers. Why is it wrong to ask that Trayvon’s fingerprints be run against those on file to see if he was involved in any crimes in the area. There is evidence that he may have been involved in some things that may have been illegal. And no I do not follow the hive mind mentality, I still think for myself. And yes my writings are biased by my beliefs, but my beliefs are based on information I have looked for. I investigate everything that I write about. I don’t take someone’s word for it unless they are trusted and then even then they could be wrong.

The more I try not to get involved in the Trayvon scandal going around the more I get sucked up in it. Here’s my opinion on the whole matter. I don’t really care his death doesn’t effect or affect me in the slightest, except now I have to acknowledge his existence to write this article. No amount of protesting is going to bring back the dead, no amount of protesting will make right the situation that happened. Zimmerman will have to wake up each and every time with the knowledge he killed Trayvon. All lives lost to tragic events are horrible. Murder is one of the most despicable crimes committed on the human species.

And why does this one death rank higher above all others. My Friends murder in my front yard effects me and affects me still. No one is going around holding GMO foods aloft and chanting magickial words for him. And I’m confused do I place the skittles into the iced tea can first, or do I mix the iced tea into the skittles bag so that the magickial genie Trayvon comes out and grants me a wish. And if he fails to appear do I get to complain to the genie guild or something? I mean sorry the kid lost his life, and that is sad, but why is he more important then any other child who was violently murdered. What about the two children of the Harvey family.? Have we forgotten them?

And then there is this little 13 month old who was shot dead just for being there. What no outrage WHY?

This little baby was murdered by two black teens who will not face the death sentence, why no outrage over this. There are children by the dozens murdered overseas every day, why no outrage over them? WHY? Because they have brown skin and are in a country we are told is no good. There is no agenda to push on most of these murders so they are not looked at again.

I mean if I have to care for some kid I don’t even know that was murdered for an unjust reason, I’ll pick most of the children in Syria, or Greece or even some that were killed here in the states, but why? Why should one be anymore important then any other one I have said. We place importance on them then try to convince others of said importance.

I propose on February 15, we all walk around with a bottle of mountain dew and carry a copy of the Star Wars Trilogy, the good one the original, and chant we love Sean and miss Sean.

Let’s take a look at some facts that are often used to distract in this case, or some views that people really don’t like to look at. Zimmerman didn’t draw his weapon till well into the fight. They are trying to say Zimmerman wanted to kill Trayvon yet he never reached for the one piece of hardware to do the job till after there was a confrontation. If as it looks like Zimmerman was not following and returning to the vehicle when he was jumped on then it was self defense for the fact that he was jumped on.

It also lends to reasonable doubt, is that what happened? Since we were not there how the hell do we know. Reasonable doubt, plays in here. If there is a reasonable doubt the case most be let go. But since that doesn’t follow the narrative being pushed we will just disregard that statue. If the glove don’t fit you have to acquit, if there’s reasonable doubt you have to throw it out.

If you are pushing the race card let’s looks at this for a moment. Zimmerman is not white so blaming whites for the problem is crazy and pushing an agenda. Zimmerman is mainly Mexican, so then it backs an illegal immigrant issue but since that goes against the narrative we can’t have that. We say he’s white so he’s now white. So trying to push this as some how misrepresented case of black on white when it’s not, is just that pushing an agenda. Sorry to be blunt. There are equally disgusting cases where black on white is better represented, but if you only push for one side of that argument you have not seen the issue.

And then there is the fact that most of you will protest Monsanto and GMO foods, yet go buy the same foods you protest in order to bring awareness to the fact that corruption abounds in the justice system. Who ruled against you in the Monsanto hearings, the justice system. Who are you protesting against for the Zimmerman – Trayvon case, the justice system. But yet Trayvons death is somehow more important then the GMO‘s being pumped into the air and water and our bodies. Trayvon matters but some unknown child doesn’t mean crap when you get right down to it.

I respect your opinion on the case but to get me into a fight because I either do or don’t, or don’t or can’t see it a certain way is ludicrous. So what if I feel that justice was done as there was reasonable doubt as to what happened that night. No one knows for certain except Zimmerman, God and Trayvon. Since the jury decided, and don’t get into the argument that the jury was rigged or other things to support your view as to why REVENGE is more important then what happened.

You want a wrong case to get in an uproar about lets look at this one also in Florida.

This should be THE case for INJUSTICE, why isn’t this an even bigger case then Trayvon’s? Because no one died, or because there no black or white issue? This is more of an outrage then Zimmerman in my opinion. And that is what it all comes down to in the end, your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion doesn’t make them right or wrong. If Zimmerman got off for defending himself, this woman should get off because no one was hurt. But there’s no media agenda to push for this one. Well there is, but no one cares about JUSTICE only what they are told that justice is.

Everyone always blames Society for the individuals who do something wrong. But seem to forget that we are society ourselves so we are to blame. What do we do about it. Being divided does nothing to help the matter. We have to get past these divisions to get to the real problem and then we will truly be free.

I am sorry that Trayvon lost his life as I stated, I’m sorry Sean D. McKay lost his life tragically as well. And when I had death threats and the police laughed at the man making them and then he turns and kills my friend because I had stepped out for 30 minutes of my life to get away from crap. Yeah tell me why Trayvon should be more important then Sean D. McKay, GMO‘s , chem-trails or any number of things that are important to life as we know it.

I just put up the year in review on my website for 2005. You say injustice was served in the Trayvon case. Take a look at what happened in my front yard. If I had of reacted the way my training and reactions had of wanted to, I would have still been in jail for shooting a black man who was committing a crime, while defending another black man. But I had one thought that still comes back to me even today, “did I have a right to defend my life because of what society will think?”. Will they judge me because I am white and I took another humans life who just happened to be a different color then me? Will they see the truth or will they convict out of public opinion based on prejudice and racism?

What you are pushing as an agenda is actually Reverse Racism and conformism. The old “conform or be cast out”, sorry I was cast out a long time ago, I don’t fit in with you because my words are stupid and I don’t follow the hive mind mindset. I don’t conform to get along. If I am right and everyone else is wrong I will not listen to them.

In closing I want to say “Get over TRAYVON move on to more important things, sorry he lost his life but nothing will bring him back. So let’s try and fix the parts we can and stop the division over race” and thanks for reading.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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