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By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

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My Blast from the past happens to be the reviving of my website here you will find all the videos and photo’s and stories and my BLOG. The thing I tell people to read and they tell me they have but didn’t see what I was talking about. Well now you can. I have Re-Built my website from the ground up. Put the stories in a year in review type mode and will be updating one year every Friday. To start off with I have uploaded 2005 and the incident that really got me started in the blog and press hardcore. 

I am keeping to the format as it was. The next year coming up will be the start of Blog 3.0. Everything get’s prologue to my website and condensed into a year in review. I’m trying to get a template going so that all my news from now on will be looking great. I am rebuilding my as well. All the videos are going to be pulled and re uploaded after they are branded. 

Everything is going as per plan B. Working very hard so everyone can see what I have been up to in the last few months. I will still be doing the Blog here. That stays, it is up to date and is all working so no messy with that. I also have a guestbook site I wish for people to sign in at so I can keep in touch with everyone I talk to regularly, I’m even going to have chat type features soon. Just getting everything to work is the key.

I have had two seizure because I have been working too hard getting this stuff up. But if not me then who will do what I need done. Not to mention that there is also a thing called LIFE. There are things that don’t make the BLOG any more, what should and shouldn’t be on here is my decision. I also try to obey the law as I understand it. I am debating with should I censor the blog to leave out people who committed crimes but were not tried or convicted. Or do I censor the names and leave them out or as mere initials?

LIFE yeah like my friends being in jail, the mother in laws foot, bills, the things that happen when your trying to get something you think is so damn important out and nothing works kind of LIFE.. LIFE don’t talk to me about LIFE….


Part’s of the BLOG is and was as now total bogus as in it never happened. I listened to people lie to me and followed their advice and when I found it was lies well… I now check everything I print to make sure it’s at least in the realm of this planet.

But I wanted to say go to the website. Check it out, Get involved or feel free to send me an email to I want to hear from all who follow me so i can have a way to get you information without fedbook being involved. 

The website is in constant build mode right now. Please refresh your page or goto the index page and refresh each visit to get the really up to date site. After I get more stuff up and the ground work settles this will not be an issue. But I’m learning as I am building so give me what you think of the site. 

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