Why Facebook, WHY??

Why is fedbook promoting pages it has deemed abusive? This just appeared on my wall and has been popping up from time to time. This link to the page Chudo Chudao LIFE Banao


< https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FChudoChudaoLifeBanao&h=2AQGic6v6&enc=AZOTGqRDSDtBU_z-nPHqxbcOgJQa4NyCT1ZhOL9lA2tMIxRHvWPj8iUDp77SkQSQhzBSsekePUBrey5X6Cy8lXxE2YdCQrvMUh7netWCIiTjy8R9wP0en1hcCxGd0GDjxgmJJm0fRLmLuihxfJO8SAWcYrxNp-WUmGyiph498WKFWSj8YmbIA6vlj1YsA98e7gDspzRqG4cZq91l7AJBZyMkAJ4148Di7kEfh2Bcsl6E20LKFcY4qfBK8XJe1DXEnK5qnMQIV9rXbCWGH50f0H_CC2sdXaOkUbjXqIimxD0BfQ >


which when click goes to a warning page that this page is deemed abusive yet fedbook in it’s infinite wisdom seems to delight in posting it to my wall.

Fedbook also need to school their support staff on what is and isn’t allowed on their site. Seems photo’s showing pubic hair in no way violates their terms of service which they strongly push as being the best. No nudity but it’s okay if they deem it okay. I really can’t wrap my head around it. Fedbook really needs to be consistent with their crap. They either allow nudity or they don’t. And why does it take so many people reporting something for them to do something about the really abusive pages.

I can understand from one point the need for them to check each complaint. There are those who abuse the reporting button and report people they just don’t like. I understand the need to safeguard against such abuse. But when the page is definitely abusive and has crud all over it and they just decide it in no way violates their precious policies and terms of service, I can’t wrap my brain around it. I don’t understand their stupidity when it comes to some things that seem to be straight forward. Maybe that’s the problem it’s too simple for them to understand.

I do know that fedbook has admitted they do not read the comments on the pages. Well when the comments are what makes the page a problem and you don’t read them there’s a bigger problem then isn’t there. And then because the comments are in a different language it’s even a bigger problem. And if I can find this stuff with no problem, why can’t fedbook find it and curtail it? Why does it take so much to get nothing done with fedbook. I’ll keep this one short I have other articles to work on. As always Stay Tuned, there will be more coming I predict it.

Author: lordnelga

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