Facebook, what else. Follow up to the last story.

By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

How Facebook catches would-be child molesters by analyzing relationships and chat content.

This story was before I got a hold of the New York Post last year so did they really do anything super, and since it’s still going on what exactly have they done?

These next few screen captures will show what has been put on my page from time to time. These can only be put there by fedbook so I will talk more about that in a minute. Here’s the screen captures:


Mostly nude woman in an ad on Fedbook. Thought there was a policy against such stuff. Dated 2013/04/02.


Porno in the games section of fedbook. I had to shut this section down so it wouldn’t show on my page. Dated 2013/04/19.


IN the red box a page I took down filled with stuff that is against their policies but they were promoting it. Dated 2013/05/13


Later that same day another page that was filled with crap. Dated 2013/05/13.

So I think I have proven my point. BUT just to show it’s not just me I will include the screen capture from my wife’s page that was in the last article.


Dated 2013/07/07.

The red boxes indicate where only fedbook can put stuff and it’s all over my page at different times.

It took fedbook a day and half before they finally marked a page I reported as offensive and abusive. Took them all of 15 minutes to tell me it didn’t go against their terms of service which it obviously did since it is now marked abusive and offensive. Since I don’t screen capture the really offensive ones out of habit, so I don’t brake the law, I can’t show you what the contents of this page were but rest assured it’s better now that it’s gone. I do however have screen captures of the email fedbook sent to me and the support page showing they didn’t take it down when I reported it. Why should it take several people or hundreds of people reporting a page before it is dealt with? Now I wasn’t the first one to report the page. I made sure to get a contact to report it first then I reported it. I love how I can sometimes report and at other times can’t and since I have had the ban lifted it seems I wonder how long before fedbook blocks me from reporting again. At times I can, then can’t, then can again.


Message to my contact edited for their protection. Notice the top red box it did show the page on Facebook earlier. Wonder if they’ll try and hold this against me as well.


Facebook support page. Showing they didn’t remove the page till afterwards.

Now fedbook is in the papers telling everyone how they are so on top of this mess, yet as I show they don’t do anything about it till it reaches critical mass, then they do something. The page that was taken down had a little 5-6 year old girl mostly naked and people were commenting in Spanish about how they wanted to have sex with her and if she was available for doing nudes and sex. But since it was in Spanish fedbook seemed to just avoid looking at it or something. I don’t know I am not an employee of the safety team or fedbook itself so I have no clue as to why it was deemed okay, when in the above article fedbook praises itself on how they do all this wonderful stuff to help child abuse, maybe that’s it they help abuse children instead of stopping the abuse. I am very critical of fedbook and it seems to have become my mission to make sure they tow the line.

Crap being put on my wife’s timeline as well as my own. My son has almost stopped using fedbook, unless he really needs to, so his timeline doesn’t seem to get hit that much, and my wife has almost stop using fedbook as well. She get’s upset that this crud is all over and has made fedbook a cesspool. Now I’m not going to go all paranoid and start accusing fedbook of putting that content on my wife’s page, it was probably a nut job just posting crap. But I will accuse them of putting it on my wall where only fedbook can put things. And since I have run articles on my wall stating that the government is responsible for putting said content on peoples computers, it’s not paranoia to say they do such things.

I told the FBI that there was probably illegal stuff all over my machine for the simple fact that if your seeing it on your timeline on fedbook then yes it is on your machine as well. Does that make sense? If you see it on your timeline on fedbook, there is a copy of it on your machine. And if they come to arrest me they will say I have this stuff all over my machine, and yes I do they put it there. I clean and clean my machine daily at times, I have to it’s a rig. Rigged together out of parts I assembled to try and make a working machine. I have had to replace several hard drives due to them being fried. I put my foot through it earlier in the year and it’s still not working correctly, wonder why? See putting foot through it. Ask most people that know me I am hell on my computers. I have shot them, blown them up, stabbed them with swords, busted them on the sidewalk, the list goes on and on what I have done to computers and computer parts. I know my way around these monsters fairly well. So I know also what they get on them and what stays even after you erase them. I know there are programs that can find stuff you erased, and stuff you never even put on your machine, I am very familiar with what they do to set people up also.

For a recent example see Luke Rudkowski’s latest problem. Some one sent him child porn disguised as a Bilderburg expose. Thankfully he had the knowledge to check the file first or it could have wound up on his machine and there probably is a trace of it on his machine that if they wanted to they could search and come up with it. Since the NSA is viewing every email and such they could very well have a copy of it and just say he had it on his machine as well. See how dangerous this gets.

My wife is in no way attached to what I do other then being my wife, having this crap pop up on her machine could be enough if they wanted to come after me. “Well there’s no way of knowing if you used her machine or not” type deal. Understand a little bit of this. If they wanted to they could find numerous ways to frame someone. And have in the past, so again it’s not being paranoid. I’ll ask you the reader a question. If you went to the FBI and you knew they had your password to your account, would you change it when you got home? Would it be paranoid of you to think that was okay. Which by the way I haven’t changed my password since I spoke to the FBI, I’m not paranoid, they can get all my information from fedbook and other places even if I have changed the pass word so it useless to worry about it. As I said I am not paranoid, that is the unreasonable fear of something. When you have knowledge and know things it becomes fact not paranoia.

I’m going to close it here I’m sure there will be more later there always seems to be with fedbook, so as always Stay Tuned..

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