March Against Monsanto 20130525


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

May 25, 2013 marked the March Against Monsanto Rally worldwide. I was at the Richmond, VA event in Carytown. There were between 300-400 people in attendance that day, which is one of the biggest turn outs I have seen in a long while from covering events. I have photo’s and videos of the event uploaded and will leave the links.

MAM20130525 Full Event





Photo’s are on my fedbook page,

If you were at the event and I photographed you please feel free to tag yourselves in my photos.

For those of you who have lived under a rock, had your heads up your butts or something I’ll fill you in about monsatan or Monsanto. They are responsible for the GMO food which is Genetically Modified Organisms. In other words POISON. Their responsible for Agent Orange, Roundup and the plants that produce their own pesticides. Now if you really think about it, if the crop you’re growing kills bugs with pesticide it makes, why the hell would you want to eat it and get poisoned also. Monsanto employees wear moon suits and resperators to grow this crap because it’s so deadly. But it’s somehow okay to eat after it is picked. What is there a magic time that it is okay after it is grown?


These GMO’s produce tumors and crazy crap in the lab animals.


But since Monsanto got the POTUS Barry wait OBAMA (One Big Ass Mistake Amerika) to sign an all clear for them, they can now poison us at will. Don’t think so read the news. Better yet I’ll do as I always do and link you..–but-Monsanto-says-crops-are-safe.html?nav=10–Sonora.html

So if you read the above links you see that Monsanto is a monster. They have also lobbied and got approval to do as they please, they are now above the law and may as well be the government themselves.

I have to address this one thing I saw, the police who should have only been there to direct traffic instead were looking for people to arrest it seemed. There was nothing going on but 300 to 400 people marching peacefully and yet there were like 3 arrests.



One arrest I caught on film was of a woman who was on the sidewalk and she was arrested and charged with unlawful assembly. What the hell is that suppose to mean? There were 300 to 400 of us unlawfully assembled there, if you really want to get technical. We didn’t have a permit we were just there. Without the police swarming all around us we would have been just fine. The only reason they should have been there was as I said before to direct traffic. There were no fights, no crimes being committed except walking in the streets, and no real need for the police to interfere.

Channel 8 was there at the beginning of the march but I don’t think they stayed around to watch the whole thing, and I doubt it made the news at all. WHY? Why is it not a big deal did Miley Cyrus show her boobs again, that would have made the news I know it would have. But a protest against them poisoning our food supply doesn’t even make a mention. Yes we live in a messed up world.

People who commit crimes and are high up in government now get to investigate themselves and remove themselves from any wrong doing, while those who have no power in government are treated as slaves and bare the brunt of the law.

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