Some things that confuse me.

Okay we now have this new thing called “Shelter in Place” which is the New Martial Law? Where as a CITIZEN you are ordered to stay in your home and not leave for any reason. Okay, in and of itself that’s sort of okay. BUT… The authorities then come door to door and tell you to get out of your home so they can investigate and see if your a terrorist? If it’s so bad that you have to be locked in your home, how is it safe for you to then leave when they are there? Who the hell thinks this crap up and why do we as citizens except this?

I for one am tired of being called a “CITIZEN“, said in a tone of voice to denote you as something inferior to the lord god government. They were suppose to serve us not the other way around. We elect these idiots to power and they then tell us what to do? There should be a term limit to the time one can spend as a senator, mayor, congress person or other elected official position. There’s a term limit of two times for a president why not for congress and such? And why do they think once elected they are somehow better then us? Do they not bleed the same color as us? Do they not breath the same filthy air as us? Do they not go on the toilet the same as us?

Since they are no better then us why are they allowed to commit crimes that you or I would go to jail for a long time for? Why are they exempt from the laws they push on us? The answer to these questions is we allow them to do so. If we would just stand up and put them in jail for their crimes and stop the crap from happening we would be a better society.

Just some random thoughts for today. And please people stop using SNOPES.COM as an authority on anything. It’s just two people who troll the internet and are put up as an authority when most of there information is known to be inaccurate at best. Hell is as accurate if not more so.  

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

2 thoughts on “Some things that confuse me.”

  1. I was hit by another thing about her interview among the others you pointed out, Some one who just had their leg removed would still be out on heavy pain medication, not wide awake and in their right frame of mind.

    1. There was a lot wrong with that interview and they are wheeling her all over to do interviews from the bed at press conferences. Just a few too many what’s…. Thanks for commenting..

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