Follow up to the last article I posted. “Is there going to be a nuclear drill on Sunday in LA, California?”


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Terror events, aptly named because they are designed to spread terror and get us use to the fact that the government stages these things then claims they have no knowledge of said events. They will drill terror into our brains and subconsciousness so when something happens we will already be preconditioned to except it.
Preparing for Major Terrorism Exercises Three Cities

According to this article from ABC NEWS there will be three terror events planned for three different cities. “Beginning sometime between May 7 and May 29, local, state and top level federal authorities will respond to simulated weapons of mass destruction attacks in three cities — Denver, Portsmouth, N.H., and the Washington, D.C.-area.”

The event planned for the city closest to me just happens to be Washington, DC. A nuclear event. And this isn’t supposed to scare us why? They are talking about detonating a small controlled nuclear device, now I ask how the hell do you control a nuclear device? You detonate one and it does what the hell it wants small or not the area of effect will be between 1 mile and hundreds of miles. How are they going to be able to control that whole area? Marshal Law that’s how. Just look to Boston for more on how that works.

Since posting the last article yesterday the memorial page for LA has been removed from Facebook. Kind of strange but not really. They don’t want evidence of what happens before. If they remove it, they can say it didn’t exist and everyone who saw it was a “Conspiracy Theorist”. I am so sick of that term, I follow these conspiracies and find out most of them are true or have some truth to them. I support and others who are distributing the truth.

I started out at first trying to disprove Alex Jones and Infowars. The more I tried to disprove what he was saying the more I found out to be true. Is Alex Jones always right? NO. Thank god. But is there truth to what he is saying? Yes you bet. You can’t disprove truth no matter how hard you try. I tell everyone to watch Infowars even if you can’t stand Alex, at least look at the information he gives some of it only appears on Infowars and no where else.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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