The Boston Bombing: More questions then answers.


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I am questioning the whole narrative of the Boston False Flag. This whole PSYOP is more full of holes then the boat that got shot up. Where is the evidence that the brothers were the ones behind the bombing? Why is it that the second brother was not found till after the curfew was lifted? Why was the Ricin mailer released and the stories changed? Why is there more questions then answers? Why did Glen Beck say he had answers and then show what INFOWARS.COM released days before?  Why do we have to wait till the government tells us what the official narrative is? Why were the brothers called “Actors” by the Boston PD Commissioner Ed Davis? And why is the media condemning anyone who calls the bombing a false flag? At this point there shouldn’t be any questions yet more come to light every hour as new things keep popping up. And why do we have no real answers? The simple answer is since it was badly planned and executed there will be no clear answers. Their PSYOP fell apart thanks to people like INFOWARS.COM and others. I still have more questions but they’ll wait till later.

Stay tuned and be ever vigilant, always question lies.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.