What happened on February 15 that my family hates that day.

Image My son and wife pictured in this news cast so everyone who says it didn’t happen or that he is making this up, take it home.


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

This is a long post but it’s the full story so it will take some time to read. But every word of it is true, backed up by news clips and facts.

Nathaniel Sutphin



Hello, I’m Nathaniel Sutphin, and this is my perspective of the events of February 15, 2009. Ah, February, the month that has Valentine’s Day; A holiday of love and hope. Sad that the world doesn’t stop because of all that happiness, but that is life. All we can do is deal with it, just like anything else. But enough moping around, I have a story to tell, might as well start now,

It was an okay day outside, with a few clouds dancing through the sky like Dancers in a ballroom.

I had done what I usually done on any normal day: shower, clean up my room a bit, and get some lunch when it was time. I made some ramen and went to watch TV in my room. Ed, Edd, and Eddy were on, one of my favorite shows at the time, so I turned to Cartoon Network. But once I got to the correct channel, I had to do something. My neighbor, Sean McKay, had all 6 Star Wars, and was bringing them over so I could watch them. I reminded him that I wanted to see them, and he said “Okay, I’ll bring them, give me a minute or two.” I went to get my ramen from the microwave, which had finally screeched like an alarm clock beeping. “Shoot,” I thought, as I realized that my show was on. I grabbed everything, and went to my room,

“BANG,” was the first thing I heard as I reached for the power button to turn my TV on from the eternal darkness that overcame what was normally filled with pixels of bright color. I knew the sound, as I lived in a sort of dead end neighborhood. It was a gun shot, and too close for m’y taste. After I heard the deafening bang, being the idiot I was, I rushed to the living room and stuck my head out the door. Low and behold, I saw my neighbor, Sean McKay, outside in the front yard. I thought nothing of the fact that he was on the ground at that very moment, possibly from the shock of the possibility that I could lose someone I cared a lot for. So, again, being the idiot I was and am, I asked my mother, “Is Sean supposed to be on the ground like that?” She flew in the air quicker than a cannonball leaving the cannon.

Immediately after we realized he was shot, we called for an ambulance. It took an eternity for them to get to the site. By that point, the damage was done, to him, physically, and us, emotionally. It took him 2 to 3 hours to bleed out from the internal bleeding from the bullet entering his chest region. Sean McKay was murdered and died in front of me, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. I couldn’t stop crying, no matter what I tried. I think my eyes were waterfalls for a long time afterwards.

I think I have come to admit that it screwed me over for a couple years emotionally. I’ve had mental and emotional problems since then, but I am here, now. I might as well make the most of it, No changing the past, after all. But, like I said in the start of this very short memoir, “Sad that the world doesn’t stop because of all that happiness, but that is life.” February is a month that I will hate for a long time to come, and each Valentine’s Day, I’ll hate the day to come. But, He’d want me to continue on, and so I am. But, I will also never let the man I’ve come to remember as an uncle be forgotten.

My son wrote the above for a school assignment and I thought he should have a place to voice his opinion he saw more then I did.

Here’s is the one reason I hate February 15. February 15, 2009 Sean D. McKay was murdered by a person who had no right to have a weapon. But was allowed to terrorize my family and those who lived around him at the time. Today 4 years ago we all lost someone special, his passing presents different problems for different people. But most who really knew what was going on would all agree the weapon was not the guilty party that day. I have my weapon so if there is another time and I’m there with my weapon, I will react as I should. I don’t know what I would have done had I been there at that moment I am only responsible for when I got there a few minutes later. And I saw the murderer run back down the road and then well maybe I’ll just let my words from then tell the story.


Entry for February 15, 2009


Link to the inaccurate story as I said I will tell everything as soon as I know their done burying it. A dispute between neighbors my ass. Sean hadn’t lived here that long they hadn’t even been here a year so how was there a history of incidents? Come on the problems where more simpler than that today. It involved a finger being pointed and some nut job with a pistol doing something stupid and my friend just happened to be in the wrong place today. Hell it could have been me, my son or my wife. Phuck you get the story correct.

Entry for February 16, 2009

Here’s a photo I took of the crime scene in my front yard. I’ll be posting the rest on my main website http://glensutphin.com/ Along with the other incidents that they have not done anything about. I won’t let this one go. Sean was like a brother to me and I owe him that much. My prayers go out to Trin his widow and their two children. I’ll do my best to look after them as long as I can. He would do as much for me. I’ll be posting more later right now I’m numb. It could have been me out there dead. Damn this phucking planet.

He was shot right at my gate where the mailbox is in the photo. It’s still surreal and I don’t want to believe it but he’s gone and there was nothing I could do but watch him die. I saw the angel of death by his side and yelled at them to leave him alone but they didn’t. How would you feel right now, I know what I’m feeling is anything but good. My wife held his hand till he was in the ambulance. My son watched him laying in pain and dying in our front yard. Tell me how I am to feel?

Entry for February 17, 2009

Since everything is still an active case I will refrain from saying anything for now. Sean’s widow and children need their time to heal as well as my family. I’m walking down to the other crime scene later with my son to take some photos. I’ll be talking to the news again later. As soon as I am allowed to talk I will tell it here. In the mean time follow the story on the Richmond times dispatch.

Entry for February 17, 2009

Right now I am sitting here wondering if it even matters if you believe in god. I am doubting myself and asking questions that there are no answers to. The answers to most of the questions in the past couple of days died with Sean McKay and his killer. I will not release the name of the madman that did this till the police and the newspapers decide it is public knowledge.

I would like to thank Reed Williams for his kind ear and for his reporting it mostly correct. My hats off to you and thank you. Most of you know I thought of Sean as closer then my brother. He was a great guy, and you couldn’t mention Sean without Star Wars being somewhere in that sentence. He was a great guy and he didn’t deserve that. I thank Sean for the time I had gotten to know him. He will be sorely missed. The Richmond Times Dispatch had another write up about him. I gave them the photo to use in the paper. I am making sure the story gets told correctly. I will tell the story after I’ve had a chance to support and heal my family including Trin Sean’s wife. I am one member short in my family right now and will tell you all about it soon, as soon as I’m allowed. Till then follow the dispatch and thanks for all your support.

Entry for February 19, 2009

Warning this post is long and involved but it is a story I need to tell. This is part 1 part 2 is tomorrow.

The events that went down on February 15,2009, will forever be etched into our memory as one of our family was taken violently and suddenly from us. Sean David McKay was a dear friend and will forever be remembered by us all, those who knew him. He was Trin’s soulmate and best friend, they were truly made for each other.

He was the ending of her sentence, with out him she is now an incomplete sentence. I can’t imagine; or even want to for that matter know, what she is feeling. I hurt and I wasn’t that close to him, I can only hope the pain fades for her. I will honor my word to Sean and look after her as long as she wants me to. I have proven that I can keep my word through just about anything.

I am trying to get the incident report and other stuff from the police or from Reed Williams the reporter from the Richmond Times Dispatch. He at least listened and has the story almost the way it happened. I’ll list his story here then retell it from a person at the scene. Sean at least deserves the truth be told about his murder. I’m also going to give a little history of Sean. I miss him and wish Trin all the love and prayers she needs to get through this.

The story centers around this ragtag little group, the chacters of this event. My wife, my son, Sean and Trin, as well as myself are the center focus of the story. The mad gunman will be played by Cliff D. Sauer who aptly fit the part. Most people that knew him wondered when he would go off, the answer to that was February 15, 2009. Taking and innocent person with him.

A lot of this story seems to impossible to be true but it happened. I will say here now I will not apologize for my words or my opinion nor my lack of concern for the feelings of those who I offend by what I write here. I am angry at the person that did it may they rot in the deepest pit in hell for eternity. As a murder and a suicide you are damned and for that I made sure Lucifer got his soul. I have no remorse for a madman who takes an innocent life for nothing, no cause no rhyme no reason just pure cowardness.

He was supposedly mad at me then why didn’t Cliff come after me. He was a coward, I stood up to him and didn’t take his shit. Watch the youtube video of how he talked to me filming when he wrecked into the neighbors house and nearly killed two children while having a seizure. http://glensutphin.com/20080509-0564.html He had a history of the police being called to his house and he needs sympathy, well he now has my mercy he swallowed his own gun. Good thing now I won’t have to go to jail for hunting him down and killing him myself. He made death threats to me and my wife saying he would kill my family. Well he did kill one member of my family, Sean. So yes he made good on his threat.

I am disputing what the police are reporting and the public record of this event and I’ll tell you why. They have taken something I said after the shooting and making that the reason that Cliff did what he did, that way they don’t look bad. And it makes it sound more like this was going on forever. More sensational that way. They won’t tell everyone they were at Cliff’s house numerous times for various things including threatening to kill himself which the police responded to and surrounded his house for four hours and then they broke in his door and he wasn’t home. He had ran away before they got there but the wouldn’t listen to half the neighborhood that told them he had run out. There wasn’t any report of that. He is also the one that I posted about that nearly killed two children while having a seizure behind the wheel of a vehicle he was not allowed to drive. They did nothing then, he threatened my life and that of my families in front of the police who just laughed at him. While I was working with the police on the crime scene. And they say they didn’t know he was a threat. How much more crap does someone have to do before there is any action. Nothing it doesn’t matter a whole hell of a lot on chuckatuck, you can get away with murder before anything is done and then only to the extent that they will lie about it. So most of you my loyal readers know I have had a vendetta against the city and the police for a long while now. Most of you know I yelled at the former Mayor Doug Wilder about the crime that goes unnoticed and unreported in my neighborhood. I have had a drive by shooting in my front yard and now I’ve lost a good friend in a walk by.

The police don’t file reports, refuse to give you information that by law is your right to have, and just plain don’t seem to care about us here in the South Slide of hell. As I said the reporter from the Richmond Times Dispatch, Reed Williams, so far has been the only one to get the story mostly correct. I have talked to him several time over the last few days trying to keep the story the truth. He has done a great job and has my thanks. His reports are below, I will correct his report by only on some minor details, his account is the only one you should trust. And not because my name is in it but because it is the truth. First his report then I’ll change what needs to be changed. My changes will be in RED.


The Richmond Times Dispatch

Published: February 15, 2009

Two men are in critical condition this evening after a shooting incident today in South Richmond.

One man was shot at the intersection of Bartee Road and Chuckatuck Avenue off Midlothian Turnpike. Police believe the shooter then shot himself a short distance away where Old Midlothian Turnpike stops at a dead end.

Police were called about 3:20 p.m.

Both men were taken to VCU Medical Center.

Published: February 15, 2009

Two men died today after related shootings that police said stemmed from a neighborhood dispute in South Richmond.

Police found Sean McKay, 28, of the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue, wounded by a gunshot shortly after 3:20 p.m near the intersection of Chuckatuck and Bartee Road. He was taken to VCU Medical Center, where he died.

The suspected gunman, who lived in the same block on Chuckatuck, left the scene on foot and was found in a field a short distance away near where Old Midlothian Turnpike dead ends, police said. He also had been shot, and died at VCU Medical Center a few hours later.

Authorities believe the second man died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound but declined to release his name pending notification of his family.

Police said they believe that McKay had not provoked the attack. Authorities said the suspect had a history of disputes with residents in the neighborhood.

Published: February 16, 2009

South Side shootings kill two

Man who police say killed neighbor, self behaved erratically

Sean McKay was a good neighbor. Kenneth Ham said last night.

“We’d help out each other, we’d borrow from each other. Anything.”

But yesterday, Ham watched in horror as McKay, 28, was shot at point blank range moments after the two worked on a neighbor’s flat tire in the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue. The neighborhood is west of the intersection of Midloathian Turnpike and Belt Boulevard in South Richmond, McKay died from his injuries at VCU Medical Center.

Another neighbor, a man known for erratic behavior and strange fits of anger, had been fussing all day about a power outage and a downed electrical line, Ham said.

About 3.20 p.m., hours after the man complained about the power problem, Ham watched him leave his home at the end of the road and angrily walk up the street. “He’s going to cause some trouble,” Ham told McKay.

McKay moved toward his home next door, trying to avoid trouble, but the man hurried up McKay’s sidewalk and said something that made McKay turn around. Then the man shot him, Ham said, pointing to his right side. “He pulled the gun out and just shot him.”

McKay moved toward his home next door, trying to avoid trouble, he passed between his cars and walked over to my house at 101 but the man hurried up my sidewalk and said something that made McKay turn around. Then the man shot him, Ham said, pointing to his right side. “He pulled the gun out and just shot him.”

Then the assailant ran up the street, away from his home, and turned the corner at Old Midlothian Turnpike, heading east. Ham had called 911 and, as a police patrol car came down the street, he heard a second shot.

Police said the man, whom they declined to identify last night, apparently shot himself. He died hours later at VCU Medical Center.

Police said last night that McKay did nothing to provoke the attack and that there had been long-running conflicts between the suspected shooter and his neighbors.

The conflicts involved me and Cliff or Cliff and the other neighbors so yes there were conflicts. Sean McKay didn’t even know Cliff until that day. Cliff told Sean he wanted to sell Sean his house. And later as Sean and Kenneth were talking Sean might have pointed at Cliff house and that is why Cliff killed Sean.

“He just snapped,” Ham said. “He told us in the morning after the power thing that we shouldn’t be surprised if his house burned down.”

Evan Emerson said he was in a backyard near where the first shooting took place when he heard a gunshot. He said he then saw a man he believed was the shooter, wearing a green jacket, start walking quickly toward Old Midlothian.

Emerson said he got several children together and drove away. That was the first thing I was worrying about, getting the kids out of here,” he said.

This whole incident stemmed from a madman with a gun just being stupid. He just went off and Sean was just an innocent bystander.

Published: February 17, 2009

Trinity McKay decided to wait until today to tell her children that their father was dead.

Her husband, Sean McKay, was shot and killed Sunday outside the couple’s home in South Richmond in the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue.

Yesterday was their daughter’s 6th birthday, and Trinity McKay didn’t want to ruin it by sharing the news.

As McKay remembered her husband yesterday, she continued to puzzle over the seeming randomness of the killing. She said she was unaware of any problem or disagreement between her husband and his killer.

Police have said the gunman hurried up the street after shooting McKay and fatally shot himself. Police have identified the shooter as Cliff D. Sauer.

Neighbors say Sauer was known for his outbursts and erratic behavior. He lived in a house in the same block as the McKay family.

Police yesterday declined to discuss the case. On Sunday, they said the shooting possibly stemmed from a “neighborhood dispute” but did not elaborate.

Sean McKay, 28, worked for a company in Goochland County that manufactures guitar cases, his wife said. He was a big fan of “Star Wars,” and the couple enjoyed having friends over to play fantasy role-playing games.

“Most would probably categorize him as a geek,” Trinity McKay said, her voice faltering. “But he and I fit so well together.”

Published: February 18, 2009

Police yesterday confirmed the identity of a man who shot and killed his neighbor and then himself Sunday in South Richmond.

Cliff D. Sauer, 48, shot Sean McKay, 28, once in the torso in the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue, where both men lived, authorities said.

Sauer then shot himself in the head. He was found in a field a short distance away, near where Old Midlothian Turnpike dead-ends.

Both men died that day at VCU Medical Center.

Police have said a neighborhood dispute might have been to blame for the shooting, but McKay’s wife and a neighbor, Glen Sutphin, have insisted that McKay had no disagreement with Sauer.

Police declined yesterday and Monday to answer questions about the motive. A man and woman at Sauer’s home also declined to comment.

Police are recording McKay’s death as Richmond’s fifth homicide of the year, one fewer than the number of killings at the same time in 2008.

This year’s total does not include the killing of a man that police ruled was a case of self-defense.

By Reed Williams 

Now for the other reports and the video that the police said it was a dispute between Sean and Cliff, I say that is a bunch of bullshit designed to cover their lack of doing their job. If they had of followed up on their reports, wait you can’t follow up something you didn’t do.



Double Shooting in South Richmond

The following is a news release from Richmond Police:

Chuckatuck Avenue Homicide

A shooting this afternoon near the intersection of Bartee Road and Chuckatuck Avenue resulted in two deaths.

Shortly after shots were fired around 3:20 p.m. Richmond Police officers found Sean McKay, 28, of the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue with a gunshot wound. He was taken to VCU Medical Center, where he later died.

The suspect in the shooting, also of the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue, quickly fled the scene on foot and was found about a block away off of Old Midlothian Turnpike in a field. He also had a gunshot wound, which appears to be self-inflicted. The suspect also was taken to VCU Medical Center, where he died a few hours later.

Until Richmond Police can positively identify the suspect and next of kin can be notified, his name is being withheld.

The Richmond Police investigation indicates McKay’s death possibly stemmed from a neighborhood dispute.



Two dead after shooting in Richmond

Posted: Feb 16, 2009 07:03 AM EST

Updated: Feb 16, 2009 08:26 AM EST

Two Dead After Shooting in Richmond

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan – email

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Two men are dead after a shooting on Richmond’s south side.

Richmond police responded to the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue just before 3:30 P.M. Sunday.

There, they found Sean McKay, 28, suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound. Mckay later died at the hospital.

Police say the other victim is also the suspected gunman.

“The suspect in this shooting fled the incident on foot and he was found a block away on old Midlothian Turnpike,” said Richmond Public Information Officer Karla Peters. “He also was suffering from a gunshot wound.”

Police say the gunshot wound was self-inflicted. The second victim also died at the hospital.

His name has not been released.

Police say the two men did know each other and say the shooting is a result of a neighborhood dispute.

WRONG. Sean did not know Cliff, till that day. Sean also only moved in a year and two months ago. So how could there be a history between them???

Copyright 2009. WWBT, Inc.



Link to the video of channel 12 news story. Tomorrow I will post my involvement in this as a witness to what went on after I got there.

Entry for February 20, 2009

I will post the second part of my story in a day or so. I need to heal both my family and myself. There are developments in this as it is still going on. I have spoken with the police higher ups and as soon as I get better I will pursue the course I am taking and it is straight ahead. Sean’s death will not be in vain. I vowed to him that much. And in case your wondering I take my oaths and vows as serious as Muslims take their religion. I will die doing what I promised I would do. Nothing in this world can make me brake my word, nothing save God. But I have to heal myself so I can continue to fight. Trin still needs your prays and support, she is doing okay about as well as anyone given what she’s been through. I wish I could do more for her, but I will do what I can. Most of you will notice I never put the names of people close to me unless it needs to be there. My wife and son will never be named here in print because I do have enemies and people who are after me might not know her so it is to protect them. If I use someone’s name it’s because they are the news at that moment. I didn’t name the killer even though I knew who it was from the start. I waited till the news had named him and made it public domain then I commented about it. I understand the law and things because I am a press photographer. I have studied on my own about things and have always cooperated with law enforcement even when they were wrong. I will prove myself again. This time it is a trial by fire or is it a baptism by fire. Either way I will do as I said. I have to rest again, I have be at the funeral home again tonight for Sean and Trin. Tomorrow night we are holding a candle light service in our front yard in Sean’s memory. Stay tuned.

Entry for February 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the candle light vigil in Sean’s honor. I know that Reva Trammell will be here as will other speakers and persons of power in the city. I am going to video tape it and I am going to speak. Sean didn’t die in vain. I have vowed I will do what I can and I will make this right. There is no way to stop me once my mind is made up. My story is put on hold for the moment till I get all this out of the way. I might update my website in the next week or two, after my surgery. I am still in pain but I am alive and I will fight when I get better. I talked to Reva Trammell tonight and told her I want a meeting with all the top people to look into my allegations. The candle light vigil will be held in my front yard and will be at 4:00pm. Anyone who lives in the richmond area should attend, come and show your support for Trin. I am doing what I said I would do Sean you have my word bro you will not be forgotten. I have to go to sleep now, Stay tuned.

Entry for February 22, 2009










Here’s the link to all the news events that have happened this week. This is what my family has been through this past week. We have survived this tragedy and have held our heads high in honor of our fallen friend.

Entry for February 23, 2009

This is part 2 of the story. Sorry it’s another long one. Terrorism claims another life

My involvement with what happened in my front yard on February 15, 2009. The death of my friend Sean McKay. For the sake of being believed I will leave the supernatural part of the story as an additional side piece ** that will be posted on my website at a later time. I don’t know why some people are allowed to breath air but I’m not the one to make that call that’s up to God.

The 15th started out with a power outage because there was a power line that came lose from the power pole. Who’s fault was that? NO one’s it just happens, it’s a thing that can’t be helped. I walked out to see Sean and Kenneth outside talking about and Cliff walked up and started talking to them. Since I wasn’t there I can’t say what they said but Kenneth told me Cliff was in a mood then. I later found out Cliff had said something to Sean about buying his house, Sean showed some interest and Cliff said they’d talk again later and left.

I went out to Best buy to buy the computer Sean and I saw the night before when we were out bumming around and cutting up as we did. We had a great night out. I even made him buy Trin a stuffed dog she had wanted. I told him “she will love it, buy it.” We argued for a minute or two, I made him buy it. I said “Show her you love her man.” He grinned and said “yeah why not.”

Anyway. I came home and put the computer in the house and got a call from my friend down the street, Troy. I told him I’d be over in a bit and went out to my trailer. I saw Sean again outside with Kenneth. As I left to go down to Troy’s I told sean, “I’ll be back soon, cya.” And waved. He waved and said “okay” I left, it was about 3:05 pm. I got down to Troy’s walked in and sat down and we started talking. About 20 minutes later he got a phone call, it was my wife in hysterics yelling at me to get home.

I grabbed my coat and walked fast back home. As I got closer I saw three police vehicles parked in front of my house. I walked faster. I think I heard a pop sound I’m no sure things went into tunnel vision at that point I was more worried about my family then what was going on around me. I got closer and saw the whole street filled with police they were all over. The only thing I thought was something happened to my son. I started to run to my yard. A policeman stopped me and ordered me to stay right where I was I had entered a crime scene. I was questioned briefly and I said that I lived in the house where everyone was at. He asked me to stay and he told me there had been a shooting. I looked over and saw my son and said, “Who got shot and who did it?” He said my neighbor Sean had been shot. I again asked him “Who did it?” And he asked me some questions about Cliff from down the street. I asked him, “Did Cliff do this?” He looked at me. I said here you might need this, and I handed him my permit to carry and my license, he asked me “Why?” I said “I’m going to go get my gun and hunt him down, I won’t need that anymore.” He looked at me and asked, “Are you armed?” I said “that’s between me and god.” He said do “you have your side arm on you?” I replied “no”, he again asked “are you armed?” Again I replied ” Again that’s between me and god.”

By now I had drawn a few more officers around me. He asked me if I had had any problems with Cliff in the past. I told him “not lately, but now that you mentioned it yes he did threaten my life when he wrecked into the house across the street.” I was asked “When was this?” I said “Last year, sometime. I took video for the police of the accident. I’m a press photographer and I videotaped the aftermath of his wreck when he had the seizure and nearly killed two children.” To this I got a few more police over and they asked more questions. Until then no one knew there was a video of the wreck. But I swear I sent it to both officers that I was in contact with. I believe I sent them the original, I can’t find it anywhere the only place I have it is on my website and youtube.

Anyway around during all this a call came over the radio that they had another shooting down the street. I asked is it cliff. The one officer said “We believe so why?” I said “good now I won’t have to go to jail. And my kid can rest tonight without fear that the guy that did this is still loose”

During this they had cut Sean clothes off of him and I saw the wound, I knew he wouldn’t make it. He wasn’t bleeding. I asked the officer “is he going to make it? I was in the army give it to me straight” He said “well then you know what kind of wound that is then.” I said “yeah but I need to hear the lie.” He said “he should make it” I smiled and said “thank you.”

This whole time Sean was surrounded by my wife, his wife and my son was in the yard watching and telling Sean to please be okay. I knew. I watched as his life slid from him. I yelled “get away from him.” It puzzled everyone there.** My wife looked at me and pleaded with me to “help”. I looked back at her and shook my head no and worded I can’t. They held his hand till the paramedics got him up and took him to the ambulance. I saw him slip away as they took him.

The place was buzzing with police asking questions and trying to make sense of it all. They came up with this idea that it all stemmed from a dispute in the neighborhood between Sean and Cliff and it was going on for years and they are trying to make that work. Only problem there, ME. The dispute was between Cliff and myself because I videotaped him braking the law and he didn’t like it. The threats he made to me in police presence and it wasn’t a dispute I hadn’t talked to him in weeks and then it was only to say “How you doing?” I didn’t mention the tape to him or anything so if that was the case then?????

Get it. He was pissed at the world that day and Sean was the unlucky recipient. Sean didn’t know Cliff till that morning so then how could they have had a dispute in the past when he hadn’t meet him yet. Strange dealings we have here.

The rest of the day was a blur. This whole week has been one big never ending day. IT concluded with the candle light vigil in the front yard of my house on Saturday. I am going to fight the city on this. Sean’s death will mean something. They will hear me If I yelled loud enough that god heard me I think that I can make the city hear me this time. They better listen, I’m out of patience and can’t take much more of their crap.

I will try and keep everyone up to date on what I am doing in this fight. Right now I have to heal myself so I can go after the city. I have surgery on Thursday and after I heal from that I’ll be fighting them. Stay tuned.

Entry for February 23, 2009

My hit counter has been stuck on my blog since Sean died on the 15. So I have no way of knowing how many have read my blog these 2 weeks. I hope that my readers are tuning in and reading. I know some of you are and I thank you. It has been a trying time here but we are managing. Trin is on her way to Minnesota to visit family and friends of SEan and her’s there. Hope she has no problems and the trip is a safe one for her. She will still need a lot of pray and help. This is just the beginning for her. I will help her as much as I can. I will do what I have said I will and the city will hear it, it will not be forgotten.

I have a cross and am making a stepping stone for my front yard. That way anyone who come to my house will have to take a second and see them. He will not be forgotten. I know the pain is slowly fading and the good times we had are returning to destroy the memory of him lying dying in my yard. His laugh and smile are replacing the small hurt of his passing. He will be missed.

Entry for February 24, 2009

Here’s a photo from the candle light vigil we had in the front yard. It shows Trin, Avery, Reva Trammell and Alicia Rasin. The video will be transferred in a few days and it will be on the website also. They swore they would help again. So we will see what happens from this. I will be updating my website soon as I get better. I am going to be putting my blog in order and posting all the events and crimes in a log. Getting it ready for the city again. I’m going to go ahead and post most of this online that way they can’t do much about it except answer the questions I have raised or get a court order to take it down. Either way they will have to deal with it. I wish I was feeling better I would fight them now. But it will be done this I vow and swore an oath to, it will be done.

Entry for February 26, 2009

Later today I go in for my surgery and hope everything goes okay. Trin and the kids are doing fine. Things are quite here, nothing has happened which is good. I will be back later to tell you how everything has gone with my surgery. I am trying to figure out the best way to fight the city and what I hope I can accomplish with my fight. I won’t let this just be brushed under the rug and ignored, someone needs to stand up and fight. I know I have accomplished some good already around here. I stopped the church at the end of my street from being vandalized, so I have done something. I hope to do more. But in order to fight I have to be healthy and ready to fight. I will be that soon. I’m going to take time for myself to heal, then I’ll fight. I have too much to do here and need to be able to do it. Anyone who can help me now would be the time, I need all the help I can get. Keep me in your prayers as well as Trin and the kids. Again I would like to thank all my readers and hope that I will be able to post tomorrow. I have mixed feelings about the surgery but it should be okay. God has me in his hands and will decide what is the outcome, I hope I’ll be here to fight as I have never backed down from a fight yet. Plus he doesn’t want me in heaven yet, and Lucifer is not talking to me so I think I’ll be here for a while. So until I blog again God be with you and keep you. Good night and stay tuned.

Entry for February 27, 2009

Well the surgery was successful I still have no details because the doctors won’t tell me anything other than they did the surgery. I hate that they make me sign agreements and they don’t follow them. I am tired of fighting everyone for every thing and still getting nothing I am promised. I wish this world would do what it is suppose to and people lived up to their word.

But I am feeling better. It hurts but not as much as it did yesterday so that’s good. I have gotten some relief from the pain so that is also good. Now I just need to heal up and go back to the doctors on March 5. The day after my anniversary. My wife and I will be married now for 14 years. I have a lot to plan and try to figure out what exactly I want to accomplish with my fight against the city. I want them to hear me and understand the truth. It shouldn’t be that hard. They said a lot of pretty words and did a lot of nice gestures, now lets see if their words match their actions.

As I said in my last post I did stop the church from being vandalized and the children don’t play there any more so I have done some. But this fight is bigger and I hope I don’t paint a target on me, but I know it is inevitable. When you chose between the sides you chose your enemies. I’m not trying to be the city’s enemy I just want them to hear and see the crime in the neighborhood. If they start watching me, which I know they will, they better find me braking the law in public this time. NO bogus false accusations and made up crap. I didn’t make Cliff do the things he did and I can’t tell you by law what he did in the privacy of his own house. I know things about people that they do in their homes but I can’t say them, that is an invasion of those persons privacy. BUT yet when other people make up things that may or may not be in my house or that I may or may not have done, they decide to just ignore the law and barge in and do as they please not caring about my or my family’s privacy or rights.

If you brake the law in public and someone has a camera and takes your photo or video braking the law you have every god given right to freak out and sweat bullets. If that person also is a member of the press in what ever form and they publish said photos or videos you have every right to freak out. NOW when the law tells that member of the press they have to listen to the criminal, there is something seriously wrong with law enforcement. They need to be trained better or listen better or something. If they are coming against me at least make it something I’m guilty of don’t make up crap just to make it sensational.

If Cliff was so upset about the video and photo’s how come he never said anything to me. He was a coward and a low life who hide behind paranoid delusions and I seriously don’t think he knew they were on the internet. I don’t think he even had a computer or the internet. So if it was stuck in his mind that was the reason he did what he did, why take it out on Sean whom he didn’t know. Why not come after me? He was afraid of me and he was a coward. Look at his actions on the day of the murder. And if it was about the photos and video how come it took so long for him to do something about it.

Cliff had several conversations with Kenneth about me and the people I knew. Said things like “don’t trust glen he’s an informant and works with the police to get people in trouble.” “He’s not to be trusted, he’s a liar and makes trouble for everyone.” Funny how someone does something stupid in public and then blames someone else for their mess. And if I am working for the police and they give me no protection against people who threaten my and my families lives what does that say about the state of law enforcement around my city.

If I witness a crime and report it and video and photograph it, don’t I have a right to be protected from the criminal? It use to be that way. But around here it’s every man for themselves. Good thing I was trained to fight and survive. If they come against me they will fall. I was also trained to disappear and not be seen. Let’s just say I can ghost anyone or myself. I have stood up to the government and still try to work with them. If they want a police state put us all behind bars and get it over with.

If they are coming for me pull my record and tell me what I am being accused of and let me defend myself like the law and the constitution says. I am tired of reading all these laws and codes and things lawful and then nothing follows the way it is suppose to. For every action their is a penalty or a reward. I get penalized for doing good as well as bad.

There are laws about people who are a danger to society yet they seem to forget that around here. Also if the police don’t do their jobs and don’t file reports, it never happened. Well unfortunately when there are report numbers with no reports and photos and videos of events it is more then just hear say. I have a vendetta against the city but I am trying to work with the city, not against it. I am fighting them but doing it the right way. I could very easily be a vigilante and go off like Cliff, but what would that accomplish, only retribution. As I told the shrink I’m not paranoid, it isn’t being paranoid when you are correct. Law enforcement will come into your home, conduct illegal searches and do as they please and no one will be the wiser. But I am and I fully expect them to do it again. It is easier to do illegal activities and cover them up then do what is lawful because it takes longer and costs more money to do it correctly.

The death of an innocent will be avenged, Sean’s murder will be avenged whatever way I can do it lawfully and correct. I will be heard about this I already have been heard it just has to be the right way and to the right people. I will take it as far as I can and do whatever I can. I believe the city should be held accountable for their lack of action and for the wrongful death of Sean McKay. They are as responsible as Cliff, they didn’t pull the trigger but they allowed Cliff the opportunity to do so. They knew he was a threat and they looked the other way. Almost waiting for him to go off. I don’t want to think the city was putting on a display for the public with their actions after the fact. I hope they meant what they said, and not just grandstanding and doing this display for show and publicity.

There has to be something done. And the next time someone threatens my life I should have the right to either defend myself or take out a protection order against them. If I said I was going to kill someone or their family they would have locked me up. Hell during the incident they had me surrounded for some of the things I said at the crime scene. I would have killed Cliff if he were still alive. A life for a life that is the rule. You own what you kill. If he would not of killed himself, and hide till the police were out of site, he would have snuck back to his house and hid. Only problem with that would have been I would have been waiting for him and he wouldn’t have made it. I don’t mind saying it in print as I will take my blog to court and stand on what I have said. I understand the law, if I print it it is public record and can be used against me. Once it goes out in public it becomes public domain to be used and scrutinized as the public sees fit.

But when I do something for a living, even if I don’t gain any money for it or get any recognition for it because I am freelance, and it is used against me there are laws about that too. As many are aware I was published for two years in a world wide adult newspaper as the front page photographer. I have been published in two major men’s magazines and have a reputation. I have also had a press pass in one form or another since 1995. Some people use to call that being a success, but here they use it against you and damn you for it. Well we’ll see what comes about from all this. I know I will be drug through the mud for standing up and doing what is right. Why is it that the peacemakers always fall. Well this warrior will stand and fight till the bitter end. That is my way, my creed.

The marines had a saying “no man left behind.” My saying “I take care of my own. If your not with me your against me.” Yes I have had many death threats and have many enemies, hell even my own brother has threatened to kill me and my family. I say let them try you’ll wind up with a hole in your head that god didn’t give you. I will take heads now, the rules have changed. And as I told Mrs. Rasin, “With a war going on overseas and soldiers dying I’ll be damned if I’m going to let a marine die in my front yard and be forgotten or spit on, I am a soldier too. I have no respect for people who spit on people who were willing to give their lives for this country we live in.” I also have no respect for cowards who use terrorist motives or even terrorist for that matter. If you can’t stand up and be a man don’t come against me you will fall.


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Videos of some of this available at my you-tube channel.

And then shortly after the last post here we were homeless and had to live out of a hotel till we found an apartment we also we’re looking for a house. Also this child was bullied for 3 years by the terrorist that lived next door that I could do nothing to legally. Have the CPS and the police unwarranted interrogating your child and the one doing the interview turns out to be a pedophile. How far would you go to do something? So tell me about the system I have been fighting for years. Tell me what you would do that I haven’t been doing? How far would you go to take on what you perceived as wrong and corrupt.


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