Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weird things have been happening here lately. Hard to put into words but strange things. As I type this we are fast approaching December 21, 2012 that mythical day what it will hold for us we wait to see.

It’s Tuesday December 18, 2012 and I have no internet, net has been down for 2 hours so far and have viruses again. I am fed up with Facebook to the point I am boycotting them.  I’m going to stop using the internet over the holidays and get my rig and internet back in order. As well as get my house in shape.

I don’t know what all to tell you and what to not tell you. I am off the story of Facebook and child porn.  I was made aware of my rights and did what I was asked to do. The best way to put it without sounding snide or something, I have talked to my family and we agreed on the course of action. I hope that Facebook and the FBI do as they say they will. That would be a great help to stopping this crud. So I am going to take the holiday, get windows and redo my rig so that the New Year I can start fresh and figure out what to cover next.

Maybe I’ll do a day to day count down till December 21, 2012. Thursday night into Friday morning. Got the internet back after several hours of it being unplugged.

As I sit reflecting on my past life I am disgusted that I couldn’t do more to prevent the crud and crap we live in. I am very apathetic and cynical at this moment almost hoping that the next coming days do bring about the destruction of the way of life as we know it. I almost wish the world would end in a big motion picture sort of way then the next chapter begins.

 I’ll leave you with more later. Just some random thoughts.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.