You are only ever one or two clicks away from bad content on Facebook:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

In this article I will show you that you are only one to two clicks away from bad content. A friend comments on a post on a friend’s wall that isn’t your friend. Since the friend is your friend their comments appear on your wall. You see the post and click on the picture that’s there to read what they wrote and there you are on a wall filled with horror and crud. It’s that simple, and yes children can see it also.

Let me explain it a little more by way of screen captures that happened just the other day to me. A friend of mine commented on a post by someone, the picture appeared on my wall, as I always do I checked the wall of the person posting the picture and where the picture came from. When I went to the picture’s origin page it was filled with crud and horrible stuff that I will try and show you. I have to edit the screen captures so as to not gross you out but you’ll see what I’m saying.

First this is what appeared on my wall:


I have edited who posted it and the comments to not embarrass the person who posted it but to prove that this happens. I clicked the picture and was taken to a page and clicked again and was taken to the page of origin where this is some of the content I saw. It could just as easily been child porn as well but luckily it was only gore and nudity. And a child wondering what this picture was all about could have just as easily click these links and found the same thing I did. So telling people to ignore this stuff is beyond stupid and wrong. If you see it report it, ignoring it only makes the problem that much worse and blocking it so you don’t see it is also stupid, the only way to get rid of it is report it and be aware it is there. Much like a bridge that has been damaged do you ignore it and not tell people about it? Of course not you warn them and put up signs saying bridge is out. You don’t ignore it and hope it gets fixed. Well most of you might in this day and age.

Anyway here’s the screen captures of what I saw:



Towards the top of the page a nude and some gore.


Where the photo is notice all the gore. Would anyone want their children to see this crud? This stuff is all over Facebook. I had a talk with Fred Wolens about this content that is all over this cesspit called Facebook and while I agree that gore and dead bodies are news worthy to tell a story there is no need for this all over without any context other than for sadistic pleasure. If you must look at that content go on the internet and seek as much as you want. Facebook has rules and policies they must be made to follow. I will be covering it more as I am trying to make a difference here.

Author: lordnelga

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