News 20121207: Facebook end of a chapter or just a glitch in the system: Still trapped in the matrix.

Friday, December 07, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

IWF letters:

Fred Wolens:

John Crudele:

What is independent media?:

Interview Luke Rudkowski:

My role as Independent media:

The war on facebook:

Why I lost my first account on facebook covering the news.:

Hard Drive Crash how to kill a computer:

Interview Maike Both Unfuck the world:

My plan of attack:

Different news same topic:

Adalia Rose topic:

Amanda Todd topic:

I wish to thank all those who stood beside me and helped this get where it was going.

I will be covering these topics soon.


I had to burrow my friend’s machine that’s like chitty chitty bang bang dies twice before you get it to come on machine but it’s enough to check messages I hope.  Hard drive bit the dust in my machine smoke was coming out of it so yeah something hit my computer. I had a seizure also about normal. I have to get a new hard drive and a new operating system. I was on Facebook talking to someone when my screen started to flash and like 100 windows open and closed and crud. The person I was texting to even noticed my account blinking. Very weird.

I have been working on a story that made it to print in the NY Post this past week. I spent like a week and got more accomplished then 4 months of listening to I don’t know anything and all the crap I put up with from people who I could care less what they think. I have said it before I am here to fix and take care of a problem not play around and tell you how great you are for doing nothing. If you’re so great how come I did more then you have done in a shorter period of time. You say you didn’t like the way I did things, I could care less I don’t like the way you do things either. Most of what you tell people to do is illegal and will get them arrested, let’s see how many of them will still like you when that happens.

I asked John Crudele, “What exactly am I?” He said I at this moment was a source of information. I did however find this and I think I will attempt to explain it after I say it. I am a Freelance Mercenary Citizen Journalist with a Press Photography pass to cover the news when I break it. I think I summed it up there.

“A citizen journalist is an amateur journalist who usually publishes online by using a blog or community Web site.”

I don’t answer to anyone when I get the story, I dig and find out what’s going on and then I tell the story. If I’m wrong I correct what is wrong or re-write the story to tell what happened. If I was so damn wrong how come my story made it to the news and you who are telling me I’m wrong and such still haven’t done a damn thing?

I read on Facebook in one of the clubs that they needed more people like the one that broke the story to John Crudele in the NY Post till they found out it was me then it was oh well? Funny how much I get done isn’t it. And yes there should be more like me who don’t care about what the masses think and go and do what it is you are supposed to do. I have an interview with the FBI next week and I will be telling you about it after I get done, well what I can tell you that is. There are things I don’t let the readers know.

I will also stop posting links to Facebook unless it’s to a story I am covering. I found out why I lost my first account and it’s ironic in a way but I’ll save it for another article see my outline above, it’s a list of topics I will be covering here in the next articles. Some I might lump together or I might do individual topics for each, I’m still deciding.

In the course of the past several months I have been in contact with several reporters and media persons, I have emailed dozens of organizations and news sources and did a ton of online time getting stuff set up. I will be opening my own website again soon. I am going to continue my blog and such as well as expand and get bigger and do more things if time allows. I also have a house I need to fix, and stuff I have to get done so I won’t be on Facebook as much. I would like to thank all those who stood by me and helped me along the way. And showed a lot of people I don’t care if you turn against me I will still do what I say I will do even if it is just me doing it.

I don’t need people slowing me down, telling me I have to give everything to them so they look good. I will do what I must and attack how and when I chose to. I have hit the primary targets I set out to hit and have gained secondary targets as well. That’s all I’m going to say about that at the moment. I also found I tell you people too much.

The NY Post story was all me doing what I do. I didn’t use anybody’s lists or have the help of any club as I was removed from most of them after an incident that I will write about soon. I went and found and did everything myself without the hindrances of the people who want to take glory for themselves. I did have friends and people who helped and supported me I do thank them again. Thanks for standing beside me. I trust those who stand beside me, the ones in front of me and the ones who want to stand behind me are often targets as the ones in front are enemies and the one’s behind stab you in the back, so I am watching closely who I let on my lists and such now.

I will end this here just wanted to tell you all what I have been doing. And to all the Facebookians I’m still there. I will remain there till I decide I don’t want to be on that cesspit anymore. As always stay tuned.

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