Facebook always takes down the offensive content: NOT

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I have been on the phone with John Crudele of the NY Post and he is angry at Facebook. I have given him the story of what I have been doing and about the child porn, the gore and the other violations he is concerned and I am trying to get him some evidence. I told you people I am not playing a game. My target is Facebook same as it’s always been.

John Crudele was very straight and to the point I loved it. If you people think I’m bad he’s a big dog. I found it refreshing he was straight forward. I’ve got this feeling I made another friend. This past week I have been filling him in on the workings of how Facebook doesn’t do what they say and how the report buttons don’t work and all the good stuff he needs to know. I will also be talking to the FBI about things as well.

I am still puzzled by Facebook and their stupidity. They will do stupid things that don’t make sense and ban people for the most stupid of reasons like saying “Wanker” or “POOP” but yet allow the pedophiles and the child porn to stay up untouched. Take this as an example.




But you won’t remove this one???




Seems very strange if you ask me, if nudity is against your policy why is the top picture, that in no way is nudity be allowed to be removed yet one that is blatantly nudity allowed to stay. Why do time and time again you do the wrong thing? Now I can understand not taking this one down as it is a drawing, a representation. But if you even take the photo of the statue of David down why leave this up as well?



And since my contacts and such are under attack by either Facebook or by some other force on Facebook I can’t very well do what I was asked to do. I have enough evidence to show him there is something going on but not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. I have shown him the Amanda Todd stuff I had gotten and some of the stuff I was able to collect.

I want to thank the Amanda Todd Reporting group for their help, and the other individuals that have helped me and all my spies where ever you all are. Thanks and keep up the good work. Since my computer has been acting up again and I got hit twice tonight I will call it a day and talk to John Crudele when he calls me back and let him know what I have found out. Facebook I am watching and will tell the story of what is going on even if I have to do it all by myself. I don’t care.

Oh yeah spies the code word for today is “Blue”……. As always stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

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