I have figured it out:

Thursday, November 22, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I have figured out why I am so dangerous to you, it is because I do tell the truth and am willing to stand on that truth. So it makes me dangerous to your lies and deceit.  And a few things I need to address and I still won’t use names unless I have to. First when you have someone spy on me make sure I am unaware of it. If there are only three people in a discussion and I am one and there are two more I am talking to and one of those two blatantly lies to me repeatedly do you think I can’t figure out what is going on? Also A warning to the butt-hurt asses in clubs if you continue to harass me even though I am not in you club please just come out in the open and we will take care of it. I don’t care if you like me or the way I do things. I have continually stated I am not here to win your popularity contest or kiss as many asses as I can to win approval.

I had a talk with a friend on the internet the other night and they gave me words of encouragement and I have come up with new ways to reach my goal. If you think I am hiding from you I am for protection. I have very influential people on my wall that don’t need to be harassed so yes I do hide from time to time. But since I do know tricks, I will now use some.

Getting to dumbasses you who contacted my blog do you really want me to publish the comment you left. Of course that’s not all you gave me but we won’t discuss that.  Okay what you do to me on Facebook I will take care of there, but when you come off Facebook on to the internet to harass me when I never said any names or even who I was referring, um yeah dumbass think what I can do about that. Maybe I will take what I have to the FBI maybe I will… You now have no way to know what I am doing. If you continue to harass me I will make it very hard on you. You don’t threaten me and not expect me to stand up to you. If you continue I will start mentioning names but it won’t be here on my blog. I’ll leave it at that.

And as for having spies everywhere I do.  You create them yourself every time you piss someone off.  Just because I can sense and read people that makes me dangerous again. I have said it before I will say it again. If you don’t trust me, if you don’t like me, if you in anyway have animosity towards me PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remove me from your friends list. Please just do it without the DRAMADY = Drama + Comedy. I am tired of it. I don’t need it I am here to take care of a problem if you get in my way you will then be the problem I will have to take care of. And if you think the threats are going to make me cower and hide I might till I get things secure then I come back.

I realized you were using the crowd and peer pressure to make me conform. Ok I caved in a little but I have people I have to protect. I have started the process of protecting them and I am now back on track and I will soon be back to my quest.

What messes most of you up is I use words as bullets in an infowar and I am deadly accurate and I don’t miss by much at times. I am in your base killing your dudes. With every lie, with every scam you lose more and more. I don’t really care for your hive mentality, we are Borg mentality, and you will do as the collective says. The queen said so and uses force of mob to reinforce the paradigm. How damn boring.

I have friends and people that will come to me and tell me things you don’t know who I know and at times it’s completely anonymous people. See how that works. People will send me stuff without addresses or blips in the night type things because they know I will address it and tell people I am not afraid. I speak my mind that also makes me dangerous. I use my brain, I think for myself. If the group goes one way I more often than not go the other way. Why? Because often the group will be wrong and when you see the dynamics of the thing and can read which way things will go, it’s not hard. But since most of you can’t or don’t see it you tell me I’m stupid and crazy yet things happen and then magickally I am right yet still put upon to be the bad guy. So be it I make a damn good bad guy. Should have seen me as a pro wrestling manager, talk about hate for someone. The Dark Angel is still in areas hated I’m sure. But that was 1993 we are now in 2012. I will return to Facebook and if I am attacked I will deal with it. If I am I will take appropriate actions to insure my and the people who are on my walls safety. I will do whatever I have to. I am not afraid, let me rephrase that I am afraid you idiots will make me do it, I don’t want to because my fight is not with you but you continue to make it that way.

I am here to rid Facebook of a problem if you continue to get in my way and make yourself the problem I will remove you as well. I am not playing a game but since you make it so I will play my way. You keep time and time again making it about you when you don’t even matter to me. I can’t make my words any plainer. I am not here to fight with you yet you delight in taking me on. I am on a story and a hunt for the truth, the truth is you people need help. I wish you all well and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I’ll end it there as I know I will be writing again soon. As always Stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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