What happens when people want an explanation?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

Let’s say for instance you’re on a mission and someone gets compromised what do you do? Well you do whatever you can to save the mission including giving away some position to get the job finished, right.  I’ll try to explain it better. Suppose you’re a member of a group and another member of your squad is trying to get in, well you speak up for them right? Okay suppose your member then gets booted out of the club? And then everyone turns against your partner, who do you side with? Your partner who is the member of your squad right? And when you do that what the hell happens. You lose some things but gain better things. And when that club is taking from other clubs and plagiarizing stuff what kind of trust is that? And to betray that trust when someone you say you trust, you blatantly lie to, and say we trust you but we don’t want to listen to you or your words; And go against their trust, it’s okay but don’t let your trust get hurt in any way. Only do as I say not as I do. Well told you there was going to be changes in the way I am not really changes just more of a sense of purpose, a more honorable way of doing things a way that will get results.

I don’t even know why I am even bothering to respond to your allegations when I could really care less. I am on a mission and if you get in my way I will use you and dispose of you as the need comes. If you’re with me and doing the right thing and the correct thing then keep on driving on. If you’re against me and hindering my mission you will be removed, and could become a target yourself. If you make me a target you will wish to god you had never met me. I am in your base killing your dudes. If you’re on my side you wouldn’t have a need to ask me why I did what I did. If you constantly ask me why and tell me how to go about doing what, you haven’t a clue as to what is going on then get the hell out of my way. I am tired of being told I don’t know what I am talking about or doing yet?? Time and time again I am proven right and yet I am still not listened to and ignored by those who are glory hounds. Well take it and let me do my job. I have no need for it. And also if standing up for a friend is so damn bad then why do you want me kissing every inch of your ass and then get mad when I go against you and don’t care anymore? Get a damn life. I am doing this for real not playing around and trying to get people in trouble.

Now put yourself in this position. There you are and your friend is the one that they are going to go on a witch hunt against. Would you do what I did to protect your friend? Would you do it to protect your partner in a big group? Would you do whatever it takes to finish the mission? Or would you sacrifice your friend to win the approval of the small group and go against your friend and keep the sacred trust in that small group? I can’t care anymore. I am not here to get the most likes or even the most hits on a blog or something I am trying to make a difference and most don’t understand that. To think I care is not even funny. I do care for the people I have helped. I care for a lot of people but if you say you trust me and then turn on me for something which you yourself would have done well I don’t think I really care if you trust me or not. I don’t need that kind of false people around me.

And for you in the know I did it okay make you feel better.  Does that satisfy the butt hurt. I sacrificed a false trust to stand up and do what I did. I have told you people repeatedly I am not playing for your likes or how many people can kiss up to me. I am here to get things done not play footsies or win a popularity contest. There are children who with your meddling you are putting at risk and are causing the police and other agencies to start looking very hard at you. And if you keep going the way you are now a lot of people are going to wish they had of listened to me and not gone on the damn witch hunts you are all famous for. So tell me why I care about your stupid trust which only means you’re letting me be in your presents. As long as I kiss your ass I have your trust. That isn’t trust.

Trust is what I have with the people I say I trust. I don’t need to rely on them they will be there when I fall to help me back up. There are a lot of people that think I did a bad thing but if you look at it the other way around no I didn’t  And if you feel I betrayed you let me say sorry, but if you never listen to me or hear what I say over and over again, then feel betrayed and un friend me I will not care.

Stay in your little club doing whatever someone says to do pretending your helping and give all the glory to one person so they can feel good. A real watcher doesn’t care about these things they get a good feeling just getting a thank you and a kind word and they know they did well; they don’t need their asses kissed and praised. That is just someone looking for attention. They have to be the center of the hive of activity or else. So what let them have each other? I don’t need that crap. I need the next target and the next mission to get the war over with.

And here’s another thing, everyone does not need to know everything about everything. If there are things I can’t tell you why is it that I have to tell you because you won’t just accept my word. No I have to explain it in great detail till you decide it’s okay. If there are secrets why should I go around telling everyone everything? If I have a secret and you are not to know about it why then am I so bad for doing what it is you knew nothing about? You people don’t make any damn sense. Why must a secret be the hardest thing to keep, did batman go around telling everyone where the bat cave was or that he was Bruce Wayne? NO he didn’t  why not because it was a secret. Get it. So for all of those who have found out, you still don’t know what I am talking about, welcome to the club. That’s what everyone tells me. But maybe it’s just because you don’t have all the pieces to see what it is I see. Enough of the confusion I’ll be back in the next article. Stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.


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