Very well put and it should be applied to all peoples not just to AIM. Very good points Rezinate. Thank you for your words of wisdom. And might I add you are using weapons the worst kind you are using words as bullets in an infowar. You are leaving bodies of ignorance where ever you aim those words. Continue to do so with the accuracy you are. I will do likewise and thanks once again for your enlightenment. Keep up the good fight. And know your words were what I needed to hear today.

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At times in the past I have posted a blog centered around a comment I have received, that is the nature of this one.

Below are a couple of comments I received yesterday and this morning in the Philip Nolan blog-they are well written and non confrontational, polite even, something not always the case.

After thinking about it a couple of things stand out to me I want to comment about-one “being whether or not his lineage is true”.

If it exists in the OST records it no doubt exists in other places, and were it not true for a man who went to great links to identify himself not only as Lakota, but as the “chief facilitator” for a non existent republic he claimed to have created for them, then the only reason I can think of for not  addressing it would have been to avoid being outed.


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