What do I know: I need to explain some more to people.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


By: Glen M. Sutphin A.P.P.

Press Correspondent # 59465SUT

I have to explain this so that even the most brain dead of you can understand. First off what I am doing is not just something to pass my time, I am not playing a damn game. I am not here trying to get likes or friends and I certainly don’t need the ass-hats and troglodyte troll baits up my ass every day telling me to prove myself everything I say. I will be doing several interviews in the coming weeks about what I am doing in reality not just pretending to do on Facebook as several of you do. I have politicians and people of importance on my wall as friends, how many of you can say that? I have talked to companies and the authorities again how many of you can say that? I know there are some of you that have and can do and to those keep up the good fight you have my full support. And I am sorry for my wrong actions if I have made them.

Back to my point. As an Adult Producer of Adult material I should know more about the law then some want to be piece of crap jerk-off wanker just looking to get his rocks off. I have to maintain a 2257 record and if needed have to produce said record to the authorities when asked to make sure I am compliant with the laws. I have been in the Adult Industry since 1997 or so, I was published and still am, I have produced content and had several website. I also know what the hell qualifies as CHILD PORN. If I am telling you that what you are reporting as CHILD PORN is in fact NOT then why do I have no damn clue as to what the hell I am talking about but you as a rank amateur knows more then me because you can get people hysterical over the fact that they are seeing something they are not?

I am going to be doing as I said an interview with one of the producers of the so called CHILD PORN that you are reporting to the FBI because in your rush to do the right thing you have labelled everything CHILD PORN. I asked nicely and politely for all the soft target reporting to the FBI be stopped until I could get some things in place, for those who have responded and agreed and stopped a big thank you. For those of you jerk-off ass-hat troglodytes who refuse to listen, I do know some of you and if it keeps up I will report you myself to the authorities, I am not playing at this I am doing something in real life and if you are trying to stop me you will be road kill on the INTERNET highway.

I will also be doing an interview with the FBI on this subject now as well. Need to show you people the real world complications of your wrong actions. There is a right way and a wrong way to do this, I am trying to do it the right way and will continue to do so. I am here to help the children and protect them, not glorify my EGO or see how many freaking likes I can get on my site, which by the way is cool that so many have started to like and listen I will admit but that is a small thing compared to what I am doing. I would do this even if it were just me and have been doing it as just me, I have never needed a group to do what I am doing. Some of you understand that. The likes and support I am gaining only tells me I’m on the right path. Most will not come forward and say anything for fear of the repercussions of their actions, trust me I fully understand and say keep up the good fight. I admire you for standing up and at least having the courage to do something.

As a press photographer and as a journalist I have had to give up my right to privacy and anonymity to be what I am. I can not sit behind a fake account and pretend to be something that at a moments notice can disappear and the record of my actions be wiped, you better be glad I can’t because I would wipe the INTERNET with your carcasses. I am not playing a game. As a Press Photographer and a Press Correspondent I have to have my contact information plastered all over the INTERNET for everyone who wants to make me a target to see. It gives me no protection under our laws and as such I am constantly on guard for any and all attacks that come my way. I have to have my information plastered on everything I do, how many of you who tell me I haven’t a clue as to what I am talking about are so bold as that?? NONE OF YOU I WILL SAY.

The next time you challenge me be ready to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that what you are holding as true is in fact really CHILD PORN you are dealing with. If your in a club and I am an admin in that club I will remove you personally and deal with the other admins later about it, no more damn questions. I write these article to help inform and educate those who want to learn. I am here to help the children and to stop a lot of the crap that is infiltrating this piece of garbage we call Facebook. I do not care any more about your butt-hurt or your opinion that you know more then me when in fact I have forgotten more then you have ever known about the subject. I do interviews and talk to people who know more then me so that does make me more knowledgeable and more of an authority then you will ever be.

I’m like a general in this fight going down in the ranks to help the cadets get their start. Then I have cadets telling me what to do, and getting everyone to rally behind them, but you are what we like to call WRONG.. PERIOD. You are WRONG and as such you are not to be listen to and will in time be eliminated and forgotten. I am no longer issuing warnings or being nice to idiots. I have tried the nice way, it isn’t working so I will go with the way I normally do things which is “I have found I get more done with a kind word and a two by four then with just a kind word.” Pray I stay as nice and normal as I have been, or I could just walk the hell away and let you suffer the wraith of your stupidity and not care, the thing is I do care for some of you that I have made friends with and I can’t walk away, but I can let ~NELGA~ loose fully and then you are all in trouble.

I have to take a few days off to rebuild my rig that I put my foot through and made my computer not work at all. My son locked my account before I killed my machine and as such he controls my site for the moment. When I get back on I will have control of it again. I needed to post this and thank you. There are several people I will be contacting when I get back, the rest just enjoy the silence of me not being there till I return.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.


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