I need to address this again by itself.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I really need to make this clear as it keeps coming up again and again. People keep saying they’re not against the legit porn on Facebook only the child porn, yet most of the stuff you are reporting as child porn is in fact legit porn. I can prove the point if you want me to. I can send you some links that will show you that the stuff you are saying is child porn is in fact both legal and legit, most of the time they are of age women that look young. If it involves a child it will not have a watermark or a company name on it. So getting all fired up and yelling that it is child porn hurts the cause as I said in my article.

Ariel Rebel is also not a child she is a legit Adult star, I have seen numerous times people referring to her as under age.  http://people.famouswhy.com/ariel_rebel/  she is 27 years old and you refer to her as underage????

So saying you are only going to report the child porn while not reporting the legit porn is stupid at best. It doesn’t belong on Facebook PEROID. And since Mark Zuckerburg wants to lower the age that they allow on Facebook, it not only increases the chances that children will be exposed to porn and gore but also to the pedophiles that prey upon them.  


Since you are in fact reporting the legit porn as underage porn it really doesn’t make sense to me if you see it report it. You go crazy saying it’s child porn and it’s bad and you need to report it, but let the of age stuff go??? I can’t comprehend that at all. You say you’re protecting the children and want to help them yet you let the stuff that they can see stay? That is very hypocritical, and makes you no better than Facebook, who allows the crap on here in the first place. If you’re going to help the children stop the hypocrisy and report everything or stop the reporting and go back to being upset that nothing gets done. The reason nothing is getting accomplished is you’re only worried about the front door of the house being on fire and not worrying about the rest of the house that’s ablaze. I am tired of fighting with people over and over again about this; either do something about the problem as a whole or go the hell away. And unless it is legit child porn stop calling it that, prove that they are underage before you get everyone in a tizzy thinking it’s something it isn’t. It didn’t take me very long to verify that most of the stuff is not child porn, and unless the children are nude or preforming sex acts I refuse to report little children in bikinis and such as it is a waste of time and resources. If they are not doing anything that can be considered sexual or abusive I don’t care how distasteful it is I will not report it. If on the other hand it is blatantly obvious that it is in fact child porn I am dealing with you better bet I will do everything in my power to make sure it is not only reported to the proper authorities and to Facebook as well.

I can prove my point to whomever wants to listen but because there are people who would rather not see stuff I will not put the links that I have to the legit sites here. I will however provide them to anyone who is in doubt or wants me to prove to them that I am legit. By now most of you who read my blog and articles should know I can and will back my story up with as many links and evidence to prove myself. I’ll end this one here. Stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

2 thoughts on “I need to address this again by itself.”

  1. Couldn’t leave a comment on “Is Facebook deliberately protecting offensive content?” so I’m doing so here, hope that’s OK.

    Good blog, you are spot on with their reporting functions and I agree with you about them protecting offensive content.. Have been trying to report this rape of a girl:

    It doesn’t even thank you for the report let alone show up on ones support dashboard so we have resorted to trying to use this link instead:


    Keep up the investigating!

    1. It looks like they took down the video at least it didn’t come up when I looked. After I get back online fully I will be hitting them very hard. Thanks for the comments and you are welcome to post anything you need here or email me if that would help. Thanks.

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