Rant for today

It’s the society we live in anymore. They have been brainwashed by the TV to think that dying is funny and not to be concerned with their actions for they hold no consequences. They have systematically destroyed the family and tell children not to obey or even listen to their parents. All in a design to destroy our values and our way of life. Those of us who continue to fight do so at our own peril and we must ban together to stop this onslaught. I set a page up to show that the wrongs that were being done had grave consequences it was promptly destroyed by trolls, I have written my blog to show also what one man will go through to secure a better future for his son. I am appalled and disgusted by the actions of the human race as a species. But I wonder does it even make a difference?

I never cared about the likes or how many people see it, I do it mainly for myself to keep me going and continuing the fight. But with each attack I loss a lot of that fight and wonder do I even care anymore. Should I just do as they say and leave and let the hell that is coming just envelope the human race and be done with it all. Then I see my friend lying on the ground dying from a bullet wound, and see the pain and the pleading in his eyes as he died and know I have to go on this path which I was set upon.

I do so much thank you for your help everyone. It shows me that even though I am one man I know there are others also fighting and I’ll get back up after I lick my wounds and continue, just not tonight. I’m done for a day or so. I am tired of fighting and doing things and favors for people that want something done then yell at and ridicule me for the least little thing. Accuse me of back stabbing when I’m doing what they ask of me.

Fine then don’t ask me to do anything for you do it yourself. Be my guest. I helped people out and saved their lives and have been told to go to hell by the same people I saved. Yes this is what humans do because they have learned nothing. You help, they thank you, then rip you apart for nothing because they have to have it their own way. I am tired from searching for crap for people who will not do it themselves, they ask me to do it. Then jump on me for I have been up for ever while they just go about their business.

I have been up days searching for crap, doing things for people and in the end I get accused of somehow stepping behind them to do something. Fire all your guns at once at me then ask me to help again later. Okay that is the way of things. And people wonder why I don’t trust them? I am sick of it. I get the news out and get the cause some headway and I’m a bad person. Yes just goes to show what I have always said. “Let no good deed go unpunished“. I am tired of fighting with people I am helping because I didn’t do it their way, didn’t know there was only one way to do it sorry next time do it by yourself and let me know how you did later.

I have to do this night after night, if I don’t the crud will win and be all over the place and most innocent folks will see a truly horrible thing happen. Is that really what you all want, I don’t but since I fight it night after night I see how bad it gets. I am tired and I am hurt and I am deciding if I’m even going to continue to tell you people anything anymore. What do I get out of all of this I get attacked and yelled at and ridiculed and scorned and all manners of things for what? You want me to answer that?

I DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN SO THEY MAY NOT SEE THIS CRUD AND SO THEY STAY SAFE. I thank those who stand by me and those who just want this to be about them sorry it’s about the children. NOT YOU. I’m out for a while. I got some thinking to do.

Author: lordnelga

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