Facebook, Anonymous and the war that’s going on.

Friday, November 02, 2012




From the Sydney Morning Herald I have contacted them to see if I can link to their article. Since I haven’t heard back I will go under the fair use act.

This is what I believe also. “”Our policy of using real names, real people and verifiable email addresses is central to maintaining safety on Facebook – Facebook is not anonymous and neither is a criminal if he or she tries to use the service for illegal activity,” Joe Sullivan said.”

I have worked with the RCMP reporting stuff to them about the Amanda Todd reports that Facebook sends back as they will not take their bullying policy for what it is and then Clorox not doing as they said. LET’S GET REAL. We’re here to protect the children. I am sick of everyone that tries to stop me from telling the truth. I tell people they don’t listen then what. It happens and what do you say.


I have always used my real name why not. I don’t fear the truth. I print what I do and what they do and let the world decide if I was right or wrong. If I’m wrong I come out and say so but when I’m right most of the time, you can’t stand it so you attack me. I can verify everything I speak of.  I am not perfect but I am fighting for the children. If this corporation called FACEBOOK would be held accountable for its crimes then I wouldn’t have anything to print about them.  Is this the rise of the corporations that are above the law? It looks like it. Australia has caught on to what I was saying.  I would like to report something via “see something say something “or SARs. I see Facebook not following their rules.  DHS should be all over this but they won’t.



I am sick of every night having to look at crud. And if we hunters didn’t do this; this stuff would be all over. I have posted my lists of stuff numerous times. And how I found a button not reporting what it’s supposed to do.


So instead of focusing their resources against the pedophiles they go after the ones getting the job done. Well some of the real ones. Not the hangers on that give Anonymous a bad image. I beg the FBI go after the pedophiles instead help the children. Go after Facebook. Help Australia get the job done. But you won’t and try to take out the good guys to farther a dark agenda. I am tired of pointing this stuff out. But I must. Even if I’m the only one that says this stuff I will.

I plead with you save the children. Stop attacking the wrong people. Anonymous get a better grip on your members the true ones tighten ship. The time is now to pull together. I use my real name because I lost my anonymity when I decided to get a press pass. And I need my blog and email as evidence in court. So yes there is a reason I hunt under my real name means I lose my RIGHTS somehow and I become the bad one. I show people the ugly facts and they try to crucify me, the messenger, and then try to hide the truth so none can see it. I make them uncomfortable so I get attacked. Well grow up. If I broke the laws have a warrant and let my actions be guarded by what we have left of our judicial system. Otherwise do what you are supposed to do and get on Facebook for violating the laws.

But then anonymous you go and do this and it makes you look like you deserve what they say you do.


And that looks foolish, shouldn’t give them ammo. Bring down the pedo ring and look like heroes. You guys ousted the one guy in the Amanda Todd case. I’ve seen it. And I do support those who are righteous. Get your ranks in order. They want you fighting among yourselves so you distrust each other. Learn and move on do the right thing.


Wonder if this has anything to do with Facebook. Seems where one dot pops up more follow. You just have to step far enough back.

This is not a bloody game, if it is it carries real life consequences and real life penalties. So to Anonymous the real Anonymous do what will make your cause look nobler do not fall for the EGO boost. Legion did a great thing and so too those who helped him. You have my respect but with this respect and trust there needs to be a closer reigning in of the idiots that give you all a bad name. Stop the talk of bombing things and taking down Facebook. This isn’t a game you play and leave. The consequences are all too real. See the links above. There are people among Anonymous that would cause trouble to make the whole look bad, is that what Anonymous is supposed to be about? Are those words you use just words or do they mean something. I stand behind the idea because it is bullet proof. I stand on the truth.

Together as one divided by whatever comes along to distract me from the real goal? NO that’s not the words they are, together as one divided by zero.  We are legion expect us well start standing up and proving it. Stop the petty arguing or get rid of the haters and misfits that think they are the whole. Even if you have to walk away from the whole and be an individual, you are not alone.


There is anonymous and there are those who know nothing. My hats off to Legion and my support to do what I can. When some give advice it is best to heed those warnings that don’t get made clear to those who don’t know. There are trolls that think they are anonymous and if I were anonymous I would come out and tell your names.


If you want to do some good go here and check out the information they provide.

LEGION and guests on The Adam White Fight Show broadcast live this Friday at 1900GMT for a two hour show discussing social media that censorship, help pedophile networks, and supply child porn. Adam White Fight Show supports www.opinnocence.com. We are at www.truthcentralradio.com (TCR), we support truth and will NEVER STOP. Get involved and hear the truth.

http://bambuser.com/v/3114293  this is the rebroadcast in case you missed it. I would recommend you listen to it. Ties in to a lot of what I’ve been saying in my articles. If you want to know where to go for information and how you can join in this fight go to the following sites:


Let’s out pedo’s on fb


United Against RIP Trolls and Cyberbullies




A Social Network with Moral Responsibility and Social Conscience


Amanda Todd Reporting Team

Just a few places to go and lend your help and support to the cause of cleaning up Facebook. I’ll end it here for now. Stay tuned.

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