Is Facebook deliberately protecting offensive content?

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Why is it that some sites you report to Facebook go through while others remain unreportable? If you see content that violates Facebook’s terms and agreement and you report it what is supposed to happen? Well let’s find out what usually occurs.

I have noticed here lately that Facebook is it seems deliberately stopping you from reporting content that is in Violation with their terms and conditions. Case in point I recently came across a site and went to report it as they tell you to do. And so you know this is happening with regular consistency, it’s not a onetime thing nor is it just me. I have asked several others who reported the same page and the results were the same for everyone. NO REPORT FILED, even though Facebook sends you a nice pop-up box and says they are looking into it. But if no report is filed how are they looking into it. Then you’ll maybe get a nice form letter from the now infamous VIKI bot saying and I quote:

Thanks for your recent report of a potential violation on Facebook. After reviewing your report, we were not able to confirm that the specific page you reported violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Learn more about what we do and don’t allow by reviewing the Facebook Community Standards:

Viki “

I’m sure everyone who has reported anything that was not deleted has gotten one by now. Now I only report the things that do violate their term of service, dead babies, bodies with blood everywhere and guts hanging out, child porn, gore, nudes and harassing images. So having done nothing wrong according to their terms and agreements they are now stopping me and others from reporting the reportable content. Well to be fair let me rephrase that they don’t stop it, you can report to your heart’s content the reports just never go through. And only half of what you report is reported to them. I have read all of Facebook’s manuals from cover to cover; I have seen all their pages and their terms of service. I have as much, if not more knowledge then some of their own employees. But yet still I do not know what I am talking about, according to the trolls and internet idiots that I have come in contact with daily. I have posted the articles and links here on my blog and worked with groups trying to make this little piece of the internet safe for the children of us all.

And I say little piece of the internet for it is it is not the internet, the trolls would have you believe they can do as they please well they are what we like to call wrong. Facebook has rules and as such you are not allowed to do things that violate their rules and terms or so you would think. I will show you in this article and on my video that accompanies it what exactly I am talking about. 

Every one of these trolls almost to the troll says the same damn thing, “well we have freedom of speech to do as we please”. This is not only wrong and inaccurate but stupid and a cop-out  to hide behind freedom of speech to commit acts against the rules set down is also down right stupid on your part. You do not have the right to bully someone and claim freedom of speech, you must obey the laws and statues set forth about that speech. And I don’t understand the reason behind this meme all the sudden. I have freedom of speech therefore I have the right to say stupid and hurtful stuff on a site because I have those freedoms which I will yell that you don’t have because you hurt my feelings? It is okay for the trolls to say what they want but others can’t say what they want back? Are you idiots that damn brain dead? Wait the answer unfortunately is YES they are.

Now is Facebook deliberately protecting offensive content while deleting and banning content that doesn’t violate their terms of service? From what I have seen that answer is a resounding YES they are. They will ban you from making political statements but allow you to post photos of dead babies and dead bodies with the innards all over the place for what amounts to sadistic pleasure. They will ban you for saying something about a certain political candidate but allow photos of you making fun of someone who committed suicide for being bullied. They allow vulgar and demeaning content yet ban you for posting political views they deem offensive to their candidate of choice. So yes they will subversively and selectively ban content they deem inappropriate yet allow stuff that most laws and regulations would ban outright. I do accuse them of selective and unlawful censorship.

My wife had a photo removed because it violated their terms and such. She took a photo of her hands with gloves on with red hair dye on the gloves. It was deemed unacceptable by their rules yet you can have someone ripped in half with their guts and blood everywhere and it is okay? Or with someone eating a pile of feces or with their brains splattered all over the road from a car accident and that is somehow good wholesome family enjoyment, but not red hair dye because that somehow violates the senses of a normal individual?

Now we revisit an article I did earlier that showed the report button not working, remember that. What is supposed to happen when you report a page? According to everything I have read from Facebook when you report it goes through this elaborate process and certain teams look at it. That is complete and utter BullSh!t as far as I’m concerned they can’t prove they do anything accept nothing. If you report a page and it doesn’t show up in your support dashboard how are they going to see it? And if they don’t see it how are they going to do anything about it?

They will slap you with reporting restrictions if you report to much content? WHY? Because they know they are complacent in this and are outright protecting the people posting illegal crud. And yes I will come right out and accuse them of such I just did. They make it sound like they care when in fact all they care about is their bottom line and if they lose all these pages it hurts their bottom line and their pocket book. The get money for having all these pages and such, so it makes sense they would want as many pages as they can get online at once.

If they really were doing everything in their power to stop the child porn and other things that appear more and more daily they would implement a way to combat it. Such as some of the following; why isn’t there a specific radio button you can check off that specifically says on it child porn that would go directly to a part of Facebook designed to handle that kind of content in real time? Because Facebook simply does not care to do so. Why aren’t certain words and phrases blocked like they told congress they were? Because Facebook simply does not care to do so. These fixes are easy to do and wouldn’t cost them that much to implement, but because they do not care nothing gets done except the banning and punishment of those who report this content.

And to answer some of the troll’s comments I have received, well why don’t you just leave Facebook or simply block the content. I will not leave Facebook because it helps me stay in contact with family that I wouldn’t otherwise have contact to, my son is on here so as a good parent does I monitor his page and what he does, and I have fun pissing you trolls off. Also if I blocked the content does it go away can my son or your children whom you care so little about still see it? That answer is YES. Did that answer the question? I shouldn’t have to police a corporation’s online presence for illegal content every day but if I don’t how do I have the right to complain when some more offensive content comes to my son’s inbox on Facebook again?

Okay another point I want to bring up. The Adult Industry which I was and am a part of has rules and guidelines against child porn and other such content. They police their sites and don’t let child porn anywhere near the industry. I was involved as a producer in that industry with several companies and organizations and the Adult Industry has very little child porn that gets through to the mainstream, why? Because they care about their customers and have organizations and strict guidelines they must follow. They monitor and police their ranks strictly and report any and all infractions.

Facebook should take the same approach, but they do not and refuse to do anything about it except LIE. So to answer the original question I started this article off with, Is Facebook deliberately protecting offensive content my answer would have to be a resounding YES THEY ARE. I’ll leave you with that till the next article as always Stay tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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