What Facebook really is: Not what you think or are led to believe.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Okay this article is kind of long due to the links at the end but their there for a purpose, to show you what I read and what is available on this subject. And Yes I have read and watched each and every link posted on this article.

What do DARPA, the CIA, the NSA, the FBI, Threat Fusion Centers, GOOGLE, YAHOO and FACEBOOK all have in common? And why would I ask such a question that to most people seems like there’s nothing that they have in common. Well the simple answer is they are all part of the same beast. Now before you tell me to go get my tin foil hat or call me a conspiracy theorist look at the facts and decide for yourself.

I have never told people to believe me 100%, please don’t I can be wrong. I make my opinion known and back that opinion up with the facts. I research and read and try to find the answers and then I form my opinion, based on what I have learned. When someone who doesn’t have a clue as to what they are talking about, comes up and tells me I’m wrong because so and so says otherwise and doesn’t even bother to look at all the research I have done or even look at the facts, well I can’t help you. I wish I could be closed minded and not see everything. Most of you people get hung up on the little period at the end of the sentence and refuse to see the rest of the sentence and think that period is all there is, every was or ever will be. Then there are others who step back and say wait a minute he did all this work let’s see what he’s talking about. Then they look and see hey maybe he’s right or has part of it right. Those people are enlightened, the see what the others refuse to see.

I will include a whole list of links backing up what I’m saying that you can read for yourself, but this one is very informative. http://endthelie.com/2011/06/09/darpa-funded-facebook-under-fire-from-euro-regulators-for-revealing-massive-facial-recognition-database/. Since the article was written there have been more advances in the facial recognition and Facebook is leading the push. Why you ask, well when you’re the government’s biggest data gathering spy program it’s not hard to understand, if you just think Facebook is a social network then no you won’t understand. Facebook is rolling out a “buy with your face” type program that will be in a lot of stores and will track you and scan your face so it’s easier for you to shop. YEAH RIGHT. Don’t believe me http://articles.nydailynews.com/2012-08-15/news/33220565_1_facial-recognition-new-app-facebook-accounts.  They try and make this sound benign, like it’s a good thing and you opt into it. Your face isn’t stored in a data base, well what the hell is Facebook? They store your photos and have the face recognition already there. So saying they don’t store you in a database is a lie. How much information is stored about you on Facebook at the moment? Most of you have your whole history there, ever think about that; and trying to go back and erase it is laughable.

Along with the microchip they want to implant in everyone this is another way to manipulate and control society. Think about this for a minute, suppose this technology is implemented everywhere because it’s a good idea. Slowly we get used to it, now suppose you are banned from Facebook or deleted, what happens?  Right now nothing happens, other than you can’t get on Facebook, right. But suppose in the future if you’re removed from the database or banned, you wouldn’t be able to shop. Or say they decide that you are a threat; your face will be scanned no matter where you go and can be tracked and monitored in real time. Is this what we really want in this world? That’s what’s coming and we will be lead to believe that is all for our own good.  

Let me interject here the reason I call it Fedbook as if it isn’t obvious, actually there are two reasons, number one reason they are a federally funded program started by the feds. Number two reason and the most prominent is I am fed up with them and everything they are doing. So some might ask why stay on it if I am fed up with them. I am there trying to get them to do what they are supposed to be doing by their own policies, trying to bring awareness to the masses. Plus I have a good base there to get my articles out to the public. I believe in working in the system to change the system till such time as we can change the system to something better or do away with it and start anew. Since this thing is so big taking it down would be hard but changing it might not be. If it has to be a part of our everyday lives then it should be held accountable for its actions just as you or I are.

They have said that corporations are now the same as people and have the same rights, so then why can’t we sue a corporation and hold them and their CEO’s responsible as well for breaking the laws? Why can’t we arrest Mark Zuckerburg for pushing Child Porn and other such things on his Facebook? Why does it seem that I’m the only one who asks these questions? And for some they still will not believe me no matter how much evidence I bring up to support my claims. I’ll end this here and all the links I read and the video links to the stories I watched about this article. Please go and read and watch every link. Then come and tell me if I’m wrong and don’t know what I’m talking about.

Below are all the links I have read and videos I have watched on the subject. I challenge anyone who says this isn’t true read and watch every and all the links, for I have and then tell me how much I don’t know about this, but there will be people who will tell me without reading or watching that I somehow do not know anything about the subject. I’ll probably be doing a follow up on the subject since it seems to be a hot topic at the moment so as always Stay Tuned.



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