Chris Dorsey who I just interview yesterday was attacked.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I posted my interview and follow up on what happened Monday night at the Richmond City Hall council meeting this morning. I interviewed Chris Dorsey who is the candidate running for Sheriff, I just found out that he was attacked tonight outside the Democratic Committee Meeting tonight. He sustained minor injuries and is doing okay.

From what I gather from reading Chris Dorsey’s and Lee Shewmake’s Facebook walls this is what happened. I’ll just paste what they said on their wall’s here so you can read them and comment after words. And if I can include a link to Chris’s photos he just put up.

“I was attacked by Jarel C Wilmore following the Richmond Democratic Committee Meeting. Wilmore jumped over a stone bench separating us placed both hands around my neck then began banging my head against the flag pole in front of the Sun Trust Bank building in downtown Richmond. A police report was filed and eyewitness Lee Shewmake made a statement to the RPD as did I. Wilmore snapped and seemed as if he wanted to kill me. I broke his grip after my head was smashed against the flag pole several times. He pursued me and threw my down the stairs. I then left the premises and called 9/11. He continued to pursue until he saw he could not catch me. I will press charges. This is the fourth and most severe attack I have received at the hands of political opposition in the last 2 years. I will be always armed from now on no exceptions. This was an attempt on my life and I have the right to self-protection.”

Chris Dorsey telling what happened tonight.

“Drama at the Democratic Committee Meeting tonight. Well, not really the meeting, since the President declared there was not a quorum and canceled the meeting, but outside of the building. There were a few folks outside when I arrived and soon after Chris showed up. As we headed toward the building J C Wilmore told us the meeting had been canceled, several people moved on and we talked a bit. He and Chris started talking about an article J C had written and something about where J C was born, went to school, etc. I was thinking about how tired I was and was just about to say I was headed out, when J C launched himself across the stone bench, grabbed Chris by the throat, carried him to the flag pole and started whacking his head against the pole and then carries him over to the steps by 10th street and tried to throw him over the steps! I could not believe what was happening. One minute this guy is fine and the next he is like a rabid animal with just the whites of his eyes showing. All that was missing was the foaming mouth! Chris got loose and took off down the road, J C started following and I got in the car and left. Very bizarre and frightening. Anyway, I left Chris at Patient First with his girlfriend on the way. I hope he is okay. That is my OMG moment for the year I hope.”

Lee Shewmake telling what happened tonight.

I’m going to try and link to Chris’s photos he took of his injuries, if they don’t work go to his Facebook page to see them for yourself.

Chris says he’s doing okay but his head hurts and he has some minor abrasions. I have spoken with him before about these attacks against him and did a video earlier this year about another attack he had earlier in the year also.

I will keep everyone who reads these updated and informed as to what is going on in Richmond City Virginia. As always stay tuned there’s bound to be more to come.

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