Richmond City Hall Council Meeting: An interview with Chris Dorsey.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I’ll start off by telling you about this wild night at Richmond City Hall Monday the 22 of 2012. This story ties in to several I have been doing since June 27, 2012. It was pretty crazy night to say the least. I was standing outside talking to Chris Dorsey and several people were staring at my tee shirt that I have worn to cover several news events, it gets attention.  My Unfuck The World shirt. Telling me I couldn’t wear it in public, several people comment they loved the shirt.  I heard it from several people when I was inside I informed them I had a first amendment right to free speech, see how that works; And went to sit in the press box.  They went through their normal meeting type business which most I think slept through and then they got to the speakers.

A quote made to me by Chris Dorsey when I contacted him today and he told me this.

“I would like to say that the mainstream media knows all about the suit we filed in US District Court and has been silent. The Times Dispatch Robert Zullo, Page Mudd, and Tom Silvestri are overtly involved in a cover up of the fraudulent balloting carried out by the Registrar, Richmond Electoral Board, and VA State Board of Elections.”

I’ll show you him speaking then I’ll ask him some questions about what went on. Since there’s a limit on YouTube I’ll only play the part where he speaks, if you want the full video I’ll link to it if it gets uploaded by City Hall or the person responsible for shooting the live feed.

Here’s my video of Chris speaking.

Chris Dorsey speaks in Richmond city hall council meeting.

I want to ask you Chris Dorsey can you tell us briefly what happened at Richmond City Hall Monday 22?

You were scheduled to speak first right? I was first because I reserved the spot two months ago.

What was their attitude toward you? Council has an adversarial attitude toward me.

Can you tell us about why the other media walked out of the room? I saw channel 6 Lorenzo Hall walked out as did what was they guy’s name next to me? Lorenzo Hall was there to get a statement from Marshall about boulevard baseball stadium stuff.

What happened to speaker Teddy Parham? Teddy did not want to stop talking so Kathy Graziano ordered security and the police to make her leave and then all hell broke loose.

I thought I saw them grab her or something I was in the press box behind the action at this point? Marty grabbed Teddy to calm her down. I told him that was assault. He is always trying to keep the charade going.

What are your feelings about what you witnessed there that night? This is a normal occurrence. I view them as with possibly one exception as traitors to America and criminal enemies of the people. Even though they are low level operatives.

What do you hope to gain by speaking out? I will never stop speaking out against our criminal government.

What are your solutions to the problem? The solution is the lawful arrests of the leaders of the institutions that control government.

Thank Chris for answering my questions I will be following this story as it continues as I have been since June of this year. This story continues to develop and very little media attention is paid to it. And since channel six was there during Chris’s speech and didn’t cover it, why is it a big news story today 2 days after the City Hall meeting? Why didn’t they cover it that night? I’ll link to their story from today that just broke like they didn’t know about it.

Elections board asks AG to investigate possible voter fraud case

There was another story also in the news today about voter fraud in Virginia and the people that brought that story to light are:

Project Veritas

Rep. Jim Moran’s son resigns after video alleges election fraud

There are still several questions I have but I’ll save them for my next article. Till then Stay Tuned.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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  1. Right now I’m on this story again the guy I just interviewed was attacked tonight at a meeting.. Working on doing the article now. So if I don’t answer anything I’m working on the news.

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