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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


It’s amazing what you can find out about yourself online. I did a search on myself and found these links. So who better to bring you more about me then me? Straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Who would know me better than me? This ties into a previous article where I said I would show you what I found out well without farther ado, here they are.



Glen Sutphin in Richmond writes:

“I try to Unfuck the world by bring people the news through my blog they don’t get to hear elsewhere. I am a freelance press photographer trying to enlighten the world to the tyranny and the crap they are pulling. Rigging elections and such. I believe in truth, justice and freedom. This world is fucked and we need to unfuck it.”

We need citizen journalists and neutral, truthful members of the press to tell the world what is really happening! Thank you, Glen!












Sunday, 22 July 2012 08:14 posted by glen sutphin

I do have questions about this incident as well. I first heard about it from overseas before I heard anything about it here. It was like an hour or so after it happened when I heard about it. Then all of the sudden news report after misguided news report came out. Some news stories were contradicting themselves in the same sentence. I also question some other things, it sounds too planned out to me. Some things don’t make sense, if he was trying to kill as many people as possible why tell the police his apartment was booby trapped? Why calmly give up? I posted this on the other article about this shooting but I’ll repost it here as well. 

“I won’t get into if more people there had guns would they have saved lives. Gun control isn’t the answer either, neither is banning all guns. Make the penalties for committing a crime tougher and make them stick. Punish the crimes more harshly and stop this “the gun man is the victim his rights were violated” crap. He get’s out of jail early for good behavior. Give this guy the death penalty and stop the bleeding heart crap. This was an idiot with a gun, the gun was the tool he used to carry out the crime, what if he had of used bombs? Or nerve gas? There’s a lot of questions unanswered about this.

Next I’ll ask these questions. Why wasn’t the emergency exit monitored in some way? Most theaters have alarms or warning devices. If the emergency exit had an alarm and / or a video camera that was being monitored he might not have gotten into the theater in the first place. And if he had others who helped him they also need to face the death penalty. Make the laws fit the crime…”







Published: February 17, 2009

Police today confirmed the identity of a man who shot and killed his neighbor and then killed himself Sunday in South Richmond.

Cliff D. Sauer, 48, shot Sean McKay, 28, once in the torso in the 100 block of Chuckatuck Avenue, where both men lived, authorities said.

Sauer then shot himself in the head. He was found in a field a short distance away, near where Old Midlothian Turnpike dead-ends.

Both men died that day at VCU Medical Center.

Police have said a neighborhood dispute might have been to blame for the shooting, but McKay’s wife and a neighbor, Glen Sutphin, have insisted that McKay had no disagreement with Sauer.

Police declined today and yesterday to answer questions about the motive. A man and woman at Sauer’s home also declined to comment.

Police are recording McKay’s death as Richmond’s fifth homicide this year, one fewer than the number of killings at the same time in 2008.

This year’s total does not include the killing of a man that police ruled was a case of self-defense.
— Reed Williams



Shooting suspect James Holmes was seeing a psychiatrist at the University of Col…

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We’re worried about his rights and if he’ll get a fair deal? What about the rights of the people he murdered and hurt in his stunt for recognition or whatever it was. He’s crazy? Yes he is . Did he do it? Yes he did. Enough said, he’s guilty and they will get him the leanest sentence they can, making it OK for other nut jobs to do the same knowing they will get away with it. My opinion find him guilty and then give every member of the families who want to a gun and let them shoot him. Period no more nice people, take him out and shoot him also like he did the people in the movie theater. If we make the punishments harder for committing a crime the crime rate will go down. To many people get away with murder and we let them.


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So much for freedom of speech. Next it’s well I don’t agree with you so I’ll call the police and have them tell you I’m right. Give me a break already. And unwank yourself.

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You people are still here commenting on this there are more important things going on in the world right now. You can hate on me all you want you have a right to your own damn opinions. And why go to a park and tempt getting thrown in jail, when I have been in my own home and had the police come in without warrants and try and arrest me for something that some idiot decided to lie about. And you can look it up it’s on youtube for most of what has happened in my life. And yet I still believe you have the right to say whatever you want. If you violate laws you should be punished. If some do gooder comes up and starts something with you and gets in your face and you are the one that gets in trouble for it, then there’s something majorly wrong then.
Watch the story again, the problem started when this other woman came up and got in her face till then there was no problem. And that I have to explain simple things to troglodytes, that think they’re so smart as to have to resort to cutting me down to make it seem that their right. And that 2 plus days later they are still showing how ignorant they are.. GET OVER YOURSELF already.. If it weren’t for the constitution we would all live in a fascist tyrannical state of being. Were headed that way now. So thanks and catch up with reality… check out some other news stories to troll on..

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Here’s the funny part about this whole discussion, if it were not for the first amendment and our freedoms you / we wouldn’t be allowed on the internet to tell me /everyone else how stupid we/ us really are. If we didn’t have freedom, much like they do in China for example, we wouldn’t even know this incident happened. You can preach and discuss about it all you want, the bottom line is if we didn’t have certain freedoms we wouldn’t be the people we are today. GOOD or BAD, however you want to say it. I am tired of idiots that try to start a flamewar just to feel like they did something. Where are all of you when there is a war going on in this country? Sitting behind the anonimity of a computer screen telling people how great you are. I at least posted under my real name. Also if you listened to the news story someone came up and started something with Kristy Dugray and another woman. If someone gets in your face next time be polite and shut the hell up. No you would start something with them, look at what you have started on the internet over the comment “So much for freedom of speech. Next it’s well I don’t agree with you so I’ll call the police and have them tell you I’m right. Give me a break already. And unwank yourself.” And yes I have a child, a teenager to be exact and I taught him to respect you ignorant people and not start fights but definatly finish them. We have bigger problems in our country then some woman cussing out someone who got in her face, which I would have done also, Iand I bet so would most of you who say she should be punished. So shut your mouths and take it home.

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I just realized none of this matters. There are more important things going on in the world than this. So I’m on to other stories. And that was a good one the school paper.. Should really use spell check also.. It’s spelled THIS…xemo….or is that lame-o… What don’t I know?

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
It doesn’t say some speech, or only what people want to hear. It includes all speech and cussing and it also includes volume and mass. You can say what you want, but calling the police because she was cussing, give me a break. These children hear more then that on TV and their shows they watch. So tell me how it doesn’t apply to free speech. I am offended by the stupidity of people doesn’t mean I can call the police on everyone because they’re stupid.. If so then a lot of people will be in jail soon.
Also as a member of the press I had my first amendment shattered by the police check out my blog.

President Barack Obama promised cheering supporters in Ohio that he would &q…

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When they put all of congress and the president and the presidents family on it maybe then I’ll believe in it, till then I say “NO WAY”. Stop this taxation without representation. Why can’t we vote on it? Why must the government tell us how we are to live, when we are to die, taxing us for breathing. Stop the damn insanity and people you need to wake up. Say no.


Former TSA Agent Arrested For Reciprocal Pat Down…

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Everyone should complain this way. Imagine the overload on the court. Maybe it would stop the stupidity. Okay everyone grab a tsa agent and grope and feel them up.. Let’s start a movement.

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Imagine the looks on their face when you tell them “ok your turn” and go at it. I would love to be there with a camera. It would go viral.

A widely shared status update on Facebook claims you need to post a disclaimer t…

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Facebook doesn’t follow their own policies. They can and will terminate your account if they see fit to do so without any warning nor in adherence to said policies. They are a function of the government and will use your information at will. The best thing for you to do is to not be on Facebook. ANYTHING you post online is known to every and any government agency that cares to have it. BE CAREFUL I lost my account and they won’t tell me why other then some obscure you didn’t follow the rules or policies. BUT then again neither do they so there you have it.And I will post this under my real name for I am not afraid of the government nor any who will use my posts again me. I will post and continue to stand up and say the things that need to be said. With no fear, by the people for the people should be the motto. NOT fear the government. And Facebook is CIA, look it up..


For the second time in as many years, computer security experts have hailed the …

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Dave K  •  4 mths ago Report Abuse

Artifical intelliegence is no match for natural stupidity.

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Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

The attorneys for Trayvon Martin’s parents is calling for all of the doc…

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They need to run Trayvon’s fingerprints against any they took at the other crime scenes in the area and see if he could have been involved. Why not? Total transparency, full disclosure.


Authorities in California took the unusual step of jailing and charging a tuberc…

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Give him a seat in congress.


Don’t try to friend MaLi Arwood on Facebook. You won’t find her …

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Facebook just disabled my account for no reason.. So………

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Thanks CISPA…. Wonder was it something I said. Or was it someone whom I think it was… Well anyway now I’ll start my video blog up since I now have time.. Awake and Prepared…I love Amerika..

The saga continues: is she or is she not a Native American?…

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Any one born in the continental United States is a Native born American thus Native American. If you however are talking about the American Indian as Native American that is also true. Pretty much if you were born in the USA you are a Native American. I am 100% Native American when we learn this then we might move on. If their claiming she is American Indian then she has to prove it, she is 100% Native American if she is born here. Can’t even get their own Political Correctness right.. More like Politic Incorrectness. Sheer lunatics.


A man traveling from Rhode Island to Detroit with his 4-year-old son was stopped…

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Sounds like a planted story to me. Needed something because they caught themselves as the underwear bomber and couldn’t use that so. We just let him go. ???? this last line here “”This is just another example that threats can appear anywhere, and this is why TSA officers take a closer look at everything,” the TSA added in a release. “It’s also an example that shows that even though TSA has modified the screening process for children 12 and under, the security process is still just as effective.”” Basically says look at what a good job were doing catching terrorist that don’t exist. We need more screening and more check point to be safe.. How many times can they use the same lie and people buy it? Their still groping children, just not this one. Wake up.


U.S. officials offered the first clues Tuesday about what they believe made a ne…

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Seth  •  5 mths ago Report Abuse

I smell a false flag…. another scare tactic by these warmongering politicians. 
C.I.A= Criminals in Action. it seems like every time our government wants to invade or expand into another country, they come up with an excuse(false flag) in order to get the public’s support for it. Go research Gulf of Tonkin incident, operation Northwoods, opperation Gladio, operation Ajax, etc.. these are all false flag terror attacks planned/done by our government. 
Man, its mind boggling how many people actually believe everything our government tells us is the TRUTH. All these declassified false flag attacks planned by our own government proves they will do ANYTHING, even kill innocent U.S. citizens or people in general for their own selfish gains. They are the REAL Terrorists… its time we did what our founding fathers did.. start a revolution, overthrow what our politicians have become.. a bunch of Tyranical, Oligarchic A-holes, that put Profit$ above human lives.

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You know I asked myself that very question. “What planet do you guys find you spend most of your time on?” I have no answer. I agree it smells like a rat, walks like a rat, talks like a rat, HUMMMM maybe it’s a duck? False flag all over it.. my opinion.

A video shows Officer Manuel Ramos and another officer swing at a shirtless Kell…

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“Officer Ramos was doing not only what he is permitted to do, but what he is required to do,” Barnett said.
Right which is to beat up and kill the civilians they are suppose to protect and serve, instead they are required to do this for the police state. The less civilians they have to control the better. Remind anyone of the Nazis?


George Zimmerman is cooling his heals in jail, where he recently purchased a col…

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UM So what?


If you were to head out into the streets of Wrigleyville on Thursday night, you&…

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Bravo Bill…That was funny.


ORLANDO, Florida (Reuters) – Florida politicians and civil rights leaders joined…

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6 mths ago Remove

Haven’t you humans learned yet the media plays the race cards to drum up tension. If you read three reports about the same incident you will think three separate crimes happened. It is sad that this 17 year old lost his life. This issue is all about stupidity of one person. One person who had hate and fear. He also had a weapon. He thought he was above the law. Hell he thought he was the law and then made the fatal mistake and took this teenagers life. When you have a weapon in your hand and you defend yourself, that is fine. That’s what the law means, it doesn’t give you immunity and cause to go out and be a vigilante. This was just an idiot with a gun. The police are to blame here as well. Hold them all accountable. This is a more worthy cause then KONY2012. If everyone that supports KONY2012 would support this IMAGINE what you could do….
Zimmerman should get the electric chair for this…

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COMMENTARY | Jason Russell, the driving force behind the “Invisible Chi…

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“He had an adverse reaction to negative publicity” Someone said scam artist and he ran around naked having an all caps rage. But with the money he’s stolen from the sheeple he can afford a good hospital…


Jason Russell, the filmmaker behind the mega-viral “Kony 2012″…

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7 mths ago Remove

And their pushing it in school even going to have a kony2012 day.. Funny how karma works… Good hope that ends the crap… They are only in it for money nothing else.. 
Start a viral video = $3000.00
Get noticed and make money = $fame.fortune
Get caught masturbating and damaging cars and get arrest = PRICELESS



How much can you find out about yourself, you should try it you will be amazed. And saying I should hide this how can I it’s all over the net. So if you think your safe just because you have set you setting to private think again. Nothing is private anymore. This should prove it to you.

Yeah I went and YAHOO’d myself and then I GOOGLE’d myself to bring you these links. I feel somehow violated with all that yahooing and goggling.  Anyway keep it real till next article. Stay tuned.


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