What it means to hunt on Facebook: Part 2

Sunday, October 21, 2012


In the first part I tried to explain some of the concept behind hunting, didn’t ever get to what hunting is thou so here it goes. HUNTING ON FACEBOOK means setting out to get rid of something simple as that. Some people see it as their duty to rid this thing we call Facebook of certain illegal and unwanted trash, we’re like trash men or garbage collectors. We go around trying to find the garbage and get rid of it. It’s that simple.

Why do we do it? Firstly everyone has their own reasons for doing this. Some might have been abused as children and feel that it is their duty to protect others from being abused in the same way. Others see it as a challenge; still others do it because it is the right thing to do. Some do it to find this stuff for their own private use, which is really the worst kind of hunter there is, these individuals are closet pedophiles that are one act away from being a full blown pedophile and are in my opinion just as bad as the regular pedophiles. I do have my suspicions about a couple of these so called hunters but I will not out them yet. If I find out that my suspicions are true I will take great delight in reporting them as well.

Why do I do it? I do this for a number of reasons I listed above. I will give you a little history. I have been hunting this stuff to get rid of it for about 17 years now. I started with windows 3.1 and an AOL A drive disk that’s where I first learned about news groups and BBS’s which I was a member of several. I found out that you could find this stuff everywhere on these boards. I got sick when I saw what was going on and said maybe I could change things so I started taking down BBS’s and newsgroups. In the years that followed I had been assaulted by netnarc’s who posed as young children to try and get me to do child porn, when I refused they totaled several of my machines via viruses and such. I have a long history of getting these viruses that no one believes how or why I get them. But you don’t go and do what I do so the normal person wouldn’t get them.

Before we go much further let me explain a few of these words to the person who is not up on my nomenclature.

Narc: an undercover narcotics enforcement agent / officer. Or to report misdeeds to authorities or authority figures; “tell on”. This reporting may be for personal gain, e.g. a reduced sentence. Origin: from “narcotics agent”. AKA a snitch.

NETNARC: Is an officer or other such entity that uses the internet to bust pedophiles or people doing bad things in its simplest terms.

In a very real sense I have become a netnarc myself. I go around finding these sites and stuff and report them to the proper authorities. With one exception, I don’t pose as a young child or interact in any way with the people I hunt other than to be on their page ANONYMOUSLY meaning they don’t know I’m there. Much like a sniper, I get the information and leave after I report the page. It’s as simple as that.

There used to be a code and rules about hunting when I was doing this years ago. I have broken several rules of the boards I’m sure but not to the point of being a criminal. I have had fake accounts; I have hacked into BBS to delete them and take them down. I have caused terror but only on the ones truly breaking the law. But I have always stayed true to the code. I will not tell you who I know; I will not discuss anything that is told to me in private. I am loyal to my cause. If I am caught I will not tell anything I know. I will help law enforcement to a point, only in that they have the power to enforce the laws. I report to them only those who break the law not those who are helping to make the world a better place.

I should really do a guide for how to go about doing this. I have seen people with fake account that think that they are safe and in a way they are. But they seem to forget several rules of engagement. First rule no one knows who your fake account is NO ONE. You don’t tell your club or your friends or anyone period. Did batman go around telling everyone who he was in real life? Well neither should you. That being said, they think that this secret account will stop the bad people from finding them; again they are somewhat right. If a normal run of the mill person were looking for you then yes you are safe. But if someone with skills is looking for you they will find you because you have not masked your IP address. You can have a dozen accounts but if they all ping back to the same IP address it’s not too hard to trace you.

I do understand the need to feel that you need a fake account. I will not say if I have any or not see above text. I don’t fear the people I am fighting if they want to find me it’s not all that difficult to find me, I’ve done it myself and the information you can find on yourself on the web is horrifying. Try it sometime, just go to GOOGLE or YAHOO and type in your name see what come up. The longer you have been on the web and the more active you have been the more you’re going to find. I will post an article in the next day or two about what I found on myself. Since its public information as is almost everything you do on the web saying I shouldn’t is stupid in my opinion, when all you have to do is search yourself and you will see it and much more.

I will be doing up another article on GOOGLE, YAHOO and FACEBOOK here in a few days, they are not what they appear to be. Most people will be surprised at what they really are; others will call me a Conspiracy Theorist about the public information available. YET I DO NOT CARE. If I provide links and examples how the hell am I a Conspiracy Theorist. That’s just a way for you to say you don’t believe reality as far as I’m concerned. If you can prove to me otherwise I will believe you but most just hide under the umbrella of what everyone says to be part of the crowd. Me I never follow the crowd for most times the crowd is wrong.

I don’t mind being an outcast I rather like it; don’t have as much peer pressure and people tend to leave you alone. I’ll close this now with a warning “THE WATCHERS ARE WATCHING, YOU WHO THINK IT’S OKAY TO BREAK THE LAW BE WARNED WE ARE COMING FOR YOU”. 

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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