What it means to hunt on Facebook: Part 1

Friday, October 19, 2012

I am taking time off my hunting for and the cleaning up of this thing we call Facebook. I am tired of seeing the crud and the filth of both the images and the people on Facebook. But I will address several issues I have with it all. I will not name names of most of the problems I have except to illustrate my points. If something happens in a closed group I will summarize the incidents and paraphrase the disagreements without stating who or what. That being said I will begin.
First off I want to commend and thank everyone who is fighting to clean up Facebook, anyone who take the time to say “Hey this isn’t right” even if it’s only part of the problem. If you report pages and sites thank you so much you are making a difference. But there this crazy idea in our society that if you belong to a group what the group does is the only thing that matters. That you can only belong to one group, and that that group is the only thing that is important. I will make an illustration with words on the problem that faces Facebook.
Ok I have ketchup, mustard, mayo, grease and crud all over the place. Let’s break down the mess here for a minute, which one is the most important to clean up if these things are all over the place? Which one is the most offensive or needs to be cleaned up first? Is it the ketchup? Is it the mustard? Is it the yucky mayo? Is it the dirty grease? Or is it the general crud? If you saw all this stuff mixed together say after a food fight in the school, which do you clean up first?
The answer is it wouldn’t matter, Right? You wouldn’t say well I’m going to start by cleaning up the mayo first, would you? Or would you start with the grease? No you would dive in and just clean it all, correct. Yet we have that same mess on Facebook but yet everywhere I go I have people that only want to clean up a particular condiment. They only want to do a small part and not fix the whole. “WE MUST ONLY GET RID OF THE CHILD PORN, DON”T WORRY ABOUT THE REGULAR PORN.” “WE ONLY WANT TO STOP THE BULLYING”. “WE ONLY WANT TO GET RID OF A CERTAIN THING”.
They each have a small framework that they think will accomplish their goal, not realizing that you are only cleaning the mustard, or the ketchup or the mayo. Instead of trying to work together to get the job done they pick and choose what they want done. Which of these is the worse, Child Porn, Gore Porn, Bullying, Regular Porn, Hate Speech or Abusive Language? It’s like saying which one out of the above mess is the worse the Ketchup, Mustard, or the others. Get the point.
These things are not allowed on Facebook period. When each and every one of us signed on to Facebook there was a little blue link at the bottom of the page that you were to click and read what you could and could not do.
Everyone who signed on to Facebook agrees to these terms in order to get on Facebook. So your freedom of speech is mute, moot and irrelevant as you have agreed to these terms and pretty much gave up your right to freedom of speech at the door to get in. So telling me that freedom of speech gives you right to be an ass and do stupid crap is also ridiculous. And when you agree to these terms then say that you don’t have to obey them but Facebook does?? That’s the same crap that Facebook is pulling.
Everyone is on this kick now about doing stupid stuff and then saying well I have freedom of speech so it’s okay. NO IT”S NOT. Firstly I will be the first one to defend Freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not give you the right to be an ass and commit crimes and do stupid crap. If there are laws in place that are against certain things freedom of speech does not give you the right to commit those acts. Along with freedom of speech there is also freedom of responsibility and freedom to common sense. And if you’re so free to do as you please try not going through the body scanners or taking a TSA pat down. We now have Constitution Free Zones in Amerika. Don’t know what they are I’ll do up an article about them later. But rest assured your freedom of speech ends in the airport as well as some public building if officials are there.
What you are saying is I’ll use this thing called freedom of speech to commit acts that I wouldn’t normally do but it’s okay because it freedom of speech. Freedom of speech does not give you permission to commit crimes. Sure you have the right to say you’re going to rob a bank, but then when you go and rob the bank does freedom of speech cover that? NO. There are laws and such in place. And if you kill someone in the commission of that crime does freedom of speech give you protection to do that? NO. But saying you have the protection of the first amendment to bully and do stupid crap to people is ludicrous.
And to all those who hunt on Facebook, if you want porn go to the net for that stuff, that’s what the net is for. If you want to view certain things they are all over the net, go find it more power to you, don’t bring it on Facebook simple as that. There are places to view all that stuff. If you join a group and they have rules and regulations why is it okay to break those rules just because you feel like it? No one is stopping you from viewing that stuff. You have the responsibility to stop from posting it on Facebook, Facebook is not the internet. Facebook is a closed group of 1 billion people but a closed group none the less.
If all those who fight this stuff would stand up and fight as one and stop the infighting Facebook would be cleaned up now. I might do an article on how to go about hunting, a virtual hunting guide for those who hunt. I’ll end this for now.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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