ANONYMOUS : Why we need them.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

First read this story to see what I will be covering in this article.
The internet vigilantes: Anonymous hackers’ group outs man, 32, ‘who drove girl, 15, to suicide by spreading topless photos of her’

The first thing I want to say is “Thank you to the true Anonymous” and give said Anonymous a warning. Make sure you have all your facts straight before you do anything. Always check your data. That being said, I still thank them for doing what the police were unable to or unwilling. It sounded like this article was an attempt to stop people like Anonymous from doing anything to help. A hit piece designed to blame Anonymous for their work.

If you want my opinion it sounds like the police were butthurt because some group of “hackers” and other such stereotypes did something the police couldn’t or wouldn’t do. I am in touch with several Anonymous groups, I send them what I know and get information from them. I have been sending information to the email address that I was sent by another online group for Amanda Todd. That email is From what I can tell it is to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who as far as I can tell are doing a great job.

But to bash someone that is helping you doesn’t really seem right. But to be honest I understand the paradigm and the flaws. First not everyone who uses the Anonymous symbols and such are Anonymous. There are trolls and mentally challenged low life people who think they can hide behind an idea and corrupt that idea. The true Anonymous aren’t a bunch of butthurt lowlifes that only want to kill people and destroy society, at least not the ones that I know of, that is the hating troll verity. That being said everyone is entitled to their own opinion and as such their rights are defended.

There’s this talk going around that you will be arrested if you help the police? I have done nothing wrong in trying to stop these crimes. If it is wrong to do screen captures and such then the police and law enforcement break that law every minute of the day. If I am helping to solve a crime why then should I be punished for taking a screen capture of the offending site and sending it to law enforcement? If it is so damn wrong for this stuff to exist, why is it that society can’t accept the fact that there are law abiding citizens who will work toward the common good and do what they feel is right in order to stop the crime? Why must I be criticized for working with Anonymous and the police in trying to stop that which is going on?

Because in the police nanny state we are being brought into your rights don’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you are trying to help, it doesn’t matter that you see something you say something. All that matters is you follow the rules which they will not and you do as they tell you and even when you do you will be punished. Case in point the fiasco of Facebook, they don’t follow their own rules that they force you to obey. Even when you follow the rules they tell you you’re wrong. If they see you doing something they don’t like they ban you or put you in time out for 30 days or some asinine reason delete your account. Yet those who push the child porn and get caught doing so are let go without even a warning and are free to continue to do as they please.

I believe in working within the system to fix the system, but when that system is not fixable we dismantle it and start over with the good parts of that system and delete and fix the bad parts in order to make it better. Saying your violating freedom of speech by imposing rules on Facebook is ludicrous and stupid. You give up your freedom of speech when you sign up to be in Facebook and agree to follow the rules they have set aside. Even if they themselves don’t follow the same said rules. And if what you post violates the law how is it protected?

If I say I’m going to rob a bank am I protected under freedom of speech? Yes to a point, if I then go and rob a bank is that still protected by freedom of speech? And if I kill people in the process of committing that crime is it protected? Along with freedom of speech comes freedom of common sense. Somewhere we lost the ability to distinguish between common sense and stupidity. And most of the arguments I hear about freedom of speech are as crazy as the people who push this stuff on Facebook.

Getting back to Anonymous, yes we need people like Anonymous who will stand up and do what is necessary to make sure that the person or persons responsible are brought to justice. I do caution the true Anonymous to police your ranks and get rid of the jack boot lackeys and hangers on who are causing trouble. And don’t do anything stupid to the people you have pointed out. If your data is correct send it to law enforcement and let them deal with the justice. If they then refuse to do anything, we’ll as a society deal with it. I do not advocate you going out and taking justice into your own hands because then you taint what you have accomplished.

And to the media stop trying to paint people that help in a bad light. Making people targets because they want justice and to see something done. To the police check up on the leads and see what is going on. Stop trying to vilify those who have helped you, because if you continue to do so many people will not stand up and help and then the criminals have won.

I will end this article with this to everyone who has stood up and sent information and helped try to get the people responsible a big THANK YOU, to the trolls and hangers on that think this is a joke and something to ridicule your days are numbered. Soon the tide will turn and people will see you for what and who you are. And when they do you will pay. Just wait and see. Anonymous thank you and continue your vigilant watching of the internet.

Author: lordnelga

Freelance press photographer, photojournalist, investigative journalist.

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