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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There is a growing problem that is not being addressed properly. Most of us know it as FACEBOOK. I will cover more on this in my next article but this has to be said right now. Facebook does not care about their own policies nor do they care that bullying, child porn, gore or any other number of sickening things that most of society would be horrified at, exist and are allowed to be published or distributed on Facebook itself; and Facebook does little to nothing to prevent.

Case in point, what happens or is supposed to happen when you push the report button. Let’s take a look, complete with a video showing you exactly what happens. First up the video, sorry for there being no sound it was late when I did this.

This was me trying to report this page last night. It took three attempts at making the video, a total I reported the page 7 times or so. Never once did the page get reported, 7 tries and no report. So what is supposed to happen when you report a page? For that I will refer you to Facebook’s own policies and website to show how they take care of reports.

Tells what is supposed to happen at Facebook when you report something. Only problem being that when it is set up not to work or they have bots that just make you think you are doing something what really does it do?

It is set up to make you feel you have done something. A placebo, a sugar pill to take so you think you have done something good to rid Facebook of the crud they allow to exist. Then they say we will email you a reply, how will they do such a thing if it never went through? Has anyone gotten a reply about the page being taken down? NO, why because it never registered or was even reported.

They took down several photos from the site in the video but to this day that page is still up pushing their sickness on Facebook. Even opening up other pages and clubs to promote and spread this stuff. And I don’t want to hear about freedom of speech. Speech is protected, but if you join a group or other such thing like Facebook there are rules you agree upon when you sign up. Since Facebook is set up and the rules are in place, there is no guarantee of free speech. You have given up that right to use the service. And when you post stuff that is against the law there is no excuse. Now when something violates the rules and is reported and the company responsible for the site does nothing and discourages you from reporting it, then tells you that you may be held accountable for violating the same rules you are trying to help enforce, what exactly is that?

I’ll get into more about Facebook in my next article. This one is to illustrate that Facebook does not follow their policies. My next article I will explain Facebook and why and for what it was set up to do. Backed as always by a ton of documents and links for you to see I am not making this up nor do I wear a tin foil hat, would it help some of you believe me better if I did? I will make one if it will help. I report this stuff to you as is, no apologizing nor exaggeration, just cold hard facts. If you think I’m wrong prove to me that I am wrong and I will write another article telling why I was wrong. But to date no one has proven that I’m wrong. And when I back it up with evidence and videos and links and everything else and all those hates say “Well your still wrong” makes me wonder as a species how we are going to survive. Till my next article coming out soon, Stay tuned.

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