Amanda Todd: I didn’t know you.

Monday, October 15, 2012



If this poor girl had this much crap going on in her life I could see why she would have thought about killing herself. I don’t care who you are, till you’re in that persons place in life you can’t judge. I will say she is gone let her rest in peace, let her loved ones also rest in peace. I want to say to her loved one’s sorry for your loss sorry for the pain you are suffering.

I personally don’t know the girl; I don’t know what happened to make her kill herself. I don’t know if she was responsible for whatever, that doesn’t matter. That being said I do know what is happening now and yes I can comment on all the crap you’re putting this girl’s family through. And how can people who didn’t know her, hate on her and ridicule her when as said you didn’t even know her. I am personally disgusted with our so called civilization which is anything but civilized or civil.

There was a saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then say nothing .” We have forgotten what use to be common courtesy; somehow we as a people have forgotten what use to be and gave it up for what we have now.

Every death that is unnatural is a tragedy. I know firsthand what it’s like to lose someone to violence from some unstable person. I know what it’s like to go through the grief and the pain. I know what’s it’s like to wake up each day saying why go on. Saying this girl deserved to die? WHY and HOW can you say that? WHY did she deserve to die, what is your mental reasoning for this comment? 

Was she responsible for millions of deaths worldwide? Our president bombs innocent people every day, but you don’t say he deserves to die. You say Hitler deserved to die, and then you put this girl, who you don’t know in the same category and say the same thing. Hitler didn’t get half the hate you as a civilization are giving this girl and for what?  For showing her boobs on the internet is that it? The girl was yelling for attention, so you have to hate on her even after she’s not here.

I am sick of you humans. You have learned nothing. I AM not of your kind obviously. Every death, everyone who has killed themselves, everyone who was murdered, mattered to someone. Grow the hell up humans, stop the damn stupidity and get back to being better than what you are becoming; or do I have too much hope for you as a species.

I hear your lame excuses for why to hate her so let’s look at this logically:

She showed her boobs on the internet and did what lots of young girls do.

She stole some other girl’s boyfriend or had sex with him supposedly.

She just deserved to be bullied and hated.

Yeah good reasons to hate her, NOT. The first one, she did what numerous other girls have been doing for years. Next one she had sex with someone’s boyfriend, what about him cheating on his girlfriend. And it’s not like these people were married or something, get over yourselves and your stupid excuses.  Why didn’t the police do more to catch the person supposedly blackmailing her? Why didn’t, there are a lot of why didn’t questions.

All I know is the hatred I see towards her now is overwhelming. My question is WHY? WHY didn’t more people step up to help her, why didn’t someone stand up and defend her, why didn’t someone try and stop the crap from happening. You want the answer to that. It was easier for you to do nothing and hate on her later, then to stand up and say ENOUGH. It takes great courage to sit there while others are being oppressed, and say hey at least it wasn’t me.  It takes great courage to sit by and do nothing, then criticize the actions of others while doing nothing to help. Yes that’s exactly what courage is sitting and doing nothing instead of standing up and saying wait this isn’t right. Maybe if one person would have said enough and stood by her we wouldn’t have to be hearing about all the hate and crap you’re putting her memory and family through right now..

AVTM on Amanda Todd

Adam brings up several points in this video. And says other things I think you should hear. I wish to thank ANONYMOUS for their help in this matter also, not everyone behind a mask is a troll like some of these so called Anonymous types, I’m talking the real ANONYMOUS and they know who they are.

I say we as a civilization need to grow the hell up and fix that which is messed up. Stop the hate of ALL people on the planet. Stop the stupidity that you seem hell bent on pushing on us all. Stop the needless deaths, ALL needless deaths on the planet. Start being better than we are and GROW THE HELL UP HUMANS.

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