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For those who missed part one of my investigation, read it here.

I will start this off by commenting on several posts I saw about the above article I wrote the other day and show with visuals what I am talking about. I’ll start off with this quotation taken directly from Facebook I will condense the comments into one comment.

Azathoth Hardman Is this a real thing? The gore porn I can understand, but kiddie porn? Really?? Woah, woah, woah. Hold on. I’m not even sure this is one of those things that really happen. Any form of nudity is prohibited, and unless their showing naked natives of Africa or S. America, I don’t think this is real. But then again, anything could be considered child porn, so all this is just a red herring. What you need to look at is the legitimacy of these claims and do some research yourself. Don’t see the word child porn and automatically think anyone is guilty of anything except slander. Once these allegations are proven, then you throw fruit. Not before. I, sir or madam, am a troll. But I’m genuinely curious as to how any of this could be taken at face value. For instance. I could take a picture of my 22 year old fried who is 4’7″ and people would think it was child exploitation. I’m just curious as to whether this is accurately looked at, and again, expecting immediate action from a company is a little naive. Contact Facebook staff directly, or even file a police report. Nothing gets a company on their toes quicker than a police report and FBI. Don’t think I’m trolling because I’m not immediately down with your cause, or that I advocate child porn, or that I find this sort of behavior acceptable. You really have to sit back and think about the way other people will perceive this. And because I’m concerned, but not outraged, makes me no less human than you. Thinking I’m trolling you is childish and naive.”

I replied in part on the page itself and I now expand my reply below my online comment.

Glen Sutphin Okay I might get in trouble for this if it doesn’t work right. Can someone tell me why these photos are allowed to stay up when as we know Facebook has a strict policy against nudity..
You reported METAL*SEx’s photo on 10/10/2012.This photo wasn’t removed.
You reported Culos y Tangas’s photo on 10/10/2012.This photo wasn’t removed.

So tell me how unreal this is and yes there is even worse stuff on Facebook… I am tired of trolls that always say this stuff isn’t real.. If I could screen capture this stuff I’d put it up where everyone could see it and then say “It didn’t happen”… Read the article and decide for yourself.. go there right now and see for yourself if this is real or not.




Porn, gambling, whores, BLACK HUMOR, RACISM”

To add to this I will just show a page that was just taken down, censored of course, but to prove the point and this is nothing compared to the graphic crud I can’t screen capture and have seen on these pages.

Tell me that this can be mistaken for an of age woman, go ahead tell me that this was not on Facebook. Tell me this is not a child and as I said this is just one of the milder ones that I feel I could get away with showing the readers. This kind of stuff is happening. It is not a damn red herring. And you people that think this is a joke are as guilty as the people that post this crud. Since the link was taken down I am only using this to illustrate my point. When you see photos of a child of 3 or so being penetrated by a man maybe then you will understand how disgusting and vile this stuff is. And the people that post this stuff want to bring more graphic stuff from the deep web to Facebook.

And when you say that you are a troll then ask why I think you’re a troll, I can’t even begin to comprehend your mentality at this point. And to answer your other comment I have contacted the FBI and others, haven’t heard a single thing from the FBI about this and the media is remaining silent as well. So I move on to some other comments made.

On that page are the following quotes,

Biancajade Scrillio actually some of the links on here are the exact pages that me & a anti CP group have been & still are reporting because they post Hardcore CP every night so this is a pretty accurate article & 4 the record even when we report pages that have Child Porn we get a reply from FB “Viki” that it hasn’t violated their terms when in fact it has plus it is illegal & they still DON’T shut the pages down yeah but @ least there is being some progress that has been made 2 men locked up for posting it & news channels are starting to ask questions the problem is most of the pages posting come from Mexico & other countries that don’t carry CP laws so they are not afraid to post it BUT FB is an American site that must follow state and federal law when it comes to Child Porn so if then they need to be fined or charged for continuing to host it this has been going on for over a year now it’s made news & they get A LOT of reports of the CP images & videos we sent them so they are aware of it.”

Thanks and yes it is a continuing problem. I’m beginning to think “VIKI” is just an auto respond bot set up to make you think you did something. I have noticed that a lot of the pages themselves never appear on the reported page. I don’t think there is anyone who actually reads all the reports. That is just my opinion I have no way to verify if there is a “VIKI” or not, I also have no way to prove that Facebook is pushing the child porn, but their lack of doing anything does make them complaisant and their lack of oversight on the growing tide of crud that they let on their pages does make them guilty as charged.

Missing children posted this comment.

Missing Children “Child Porn” is an offensive term that the Internet Watch Foundation attempt to enlighten people about. Children cannot consent to sexual activity, so they cannot be party to porn. They are sexually abused and this can be filmed by their abusers/rapists. The correct term is “Child sexual abuse images”.”

While I agree with you that it is child sexual abuse I don’t agree with trying to make it less offensive and politically correct. The next comment says what I was going to say better.

James Holder Missing Children,
The word ‘pornography’ in this case refers to material – specifically photographic or video material – that is designed to stimulate the sexual desires of its users. The word has nothing whatsoever to do with whether the people involved are consenting or not. No dictionary definition of the word will be found to say that the people depicted in pornography must be consenting, and pornography can be used to describe anything so depicted with the aim of stimulating the sexual desires – even material things like cars can be photographed in such a way as to appear pornographic to those whose sexual interests lie with cars (and such people exist). Consent has absolutely nothing to do with it.
While you are right that these images are child sex abuse images, calling them child pornography is also correct and I fail to see how that term lessens the horror of what they are. The term ‘child pornography’ is its own horror and perfectly describes what it refers to – innocent children being forced into recorded sexual acts or poses. Most everyone who hears the term will feel a shudder of dread run through them – sexual material involving raped children being made for the pleasure of paedophiless is what child pornography is. Claiming that people – anti-paedophile activists who have taken this cause to their hearts – are being offensive by using a term which inspires horror in all of us is doing us a great disservice.
Good luck with your activism.”

Very well said and I agree fully with that statement. Couldn’t have said it better myself so I now move on.  Several more article have been published on the growing problems on Facebook one that was just published a few days ago.

Disturbing Facebook pages operating with impunity

Links from the news story are here:

Another story that I found after doing my first article about the horrors on Facebook was this one,

Two Men Sentenced to Prison for Participation in Online Conspiracy to Trade Child Pornography

Notice how this article above was about Facebook. But since this stuff is happening on Facebook I wonder what they are taking about?

Not related to Facebook but dealing with the growing problem in the world at large is this story. My thanks to David Icke for this article on his page; see people it is a worldwide problem, sweeping the world as this darkness comes over the world.

So sitting at home saying that this stuff does not occur on Facebook and that I somehow have made up the whole thing is beyond comprehension. I am sick of having, night after night to sit here and go through these sites, looking at dead babies and children being raped and all for the safety of our children. I don’t get paid to do this; I get no money or special privileges, no compensation.  I do it because it is the right thing to do; I do it so your children as well as mine don’t see this crud and that most of you don’t see it also. Some of this stuff makes me sick and ill to the point that I have to take days off line just to get my mind back in a good place, and then I’m back surfing the pages to get rid of more of this crud.

I am tired of being politically correct about this politically incorrect crud. It is wrong but the world we live in today has perverted innocence to the point that it isn’t allowed to exist anymore.  There is a growing darkness that is overtaking the planet and those of us who have seen it first have stood up to stop it. Groups like Anonymous havean event going on right now to rid the web of these sites where they post this crud you can find out more at this link.

There’s a lot of links on the event page of sites off Facebook that post this stuff for the public, they need to be taken down. I am not against of age people, having consensual sex and doing what humans do. I am however against abuse and violence against helpless children.

There are more links in the first part that I posted the other day to other groups that are trying to stop this crud from being on the internet. While I understand not all of it will be eliminated, if we all do our part it might lessen the amount that is out there.

I’ll include this rather disturbing link to a page on Facebook that I found and if I’m reading it correctly this person posts photos and stuff of their own children.



In their posts by others there is a comment that reads; “tus fotos desnuditas y la de tus chicas toda ja ja. nude photos of your girls and all ha ha”

How would you interpret that? And they are going to have a post fest or crazy time as they call it soon, to be announced. What would you do?





To illustrate that when you report a site Facebook doesn’t put it on your report page for some reason, then they tell you that the content doesn’t violate their terms and agreements or their community standards.

I’m going to end this article here; I will be posting another one in a few days to follow up this one, a part three of my investigation into FACEBOOK. As always Stay Tuned..

Warning Graphic Content 

For those who have weak stomachs and are offended by links showing graphic stuff please do not click on any of these links. They are photos that Facebook says does not go against their terms of service and are okay for children to see. But remember Facebook said these are okay.

Due to most of the links being deleted their no longer needed here.

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