Russell Means does not speak for all American Indians, he speaks for himself.

Some of you may know I had posted about Russell Means on my blog and on another blog namely I thought after hearing Russell Means talk that he was something special, I found out he was. He’s a con man who uses pretty words and half-truths to get what he wants. I once called him a treasure and he is as such he should be buried and forgotten for ages.

“Means makes no apologies. Not for his grandstanding–”At AIM we were expert at community theater; the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

“Russell told me that he wrote the amalgam of truth and error, fabrications and telltale omissions that he calls his “autobiography”  for “white people” and said “I think I covered myself pretty well.”

Quote from

I am a wasicu meaning “White person” so I have no claim to be an American Indian, but I am a Native born American and it does make me sad that these peoples who I call brothers and sisters are still held prisoner on the reservation. I do not agree that these peoples are still not free. I am fighting for my freedom as well, and I will stand up for them also. Then when I have my freedom back I will also get them theirs back. I have heard the horrors that go on inside the reservations which I will talk about later in this article.

Russell Means is one of those who we have here as well. He uses his words and deception to hold his people hostage and only wants the white man’s money. Yes his words are nice and he sounds sincere, but under all that is someone who lies and cheats to get his way. He’s more “White Man” then American Indian I feel in that regard.  

This link is to the first post I wrote about Russell Means after seeing him on the Alex Jones show talking about how the Lakota Sioux were leaving the reservation on May 14, 2012, I posted under lordnelga . I was informed by several people from the reservation about how wrong I was about the man and I did a piece on my blog at that time about my mistake. I have been reading up on him and found he is a snake, a person who would sell his own people to get ahead. We have many like him now in the world. This link is to someone else talking about Russell Means

Since I don’t know the man personally I can only go by what I have been told and what I have found out. Now as for selling out his own people to get ahead and the way of life for most peoples on the reservation from what I have heard from people on the reservation. The way of life is very hard there. People selling out their own kind just to get a little bit of money. People with no houses some living in cardboard boxes. Raping the women and killing most of them, children starving and people dying from no food. Meanwhile several people who sell out live in big houses and eat till they fall over from too much, while their people starve on their doorstep. Gangs of people going around beating up those who have nothing just for fun and intimidation, the do as we say and no one gets hurt mentality.

Sounds like a great place to live, wait we are almost that way in the rest of America now. I can only imagine the horrors and the crap these people put up with on a daily basis. But not to worry the same fate is coming to the rest of us on that bigger reservation we call Amerika.

The rich taking advantage of the poor and weak isn’t that the way of things everywhere nowadays. Russell Means sells a pretty picture and has nice sounding words which he tries to sell everyone. It is a great picture he paints with those words and on the surface they are true up till you realize it’s all for him and none for his people. Rewriting history to his advantage must have learned that from the “White Man”.

I’ll leave it with this if all the American Indians on all the reservations just got up in mass and walked out what exactly would our so called government do. I know for a fact I would help the American Indians. As I’ve said numerous times all people should be free. Not enslaved to anyone much less their own kind. But I belong to a bigger tribe one called Earthlings. We all live on the same planet and are all granted the same rights and freedoms. When we remember who we are and get back to rightful living as we should be doing then this world will be a better place.

If anyone has any questions or to tell me I’m totally wrong please feel free to respond.

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