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With all that is known, with the testimony and witness statements, the “interviews”, statements by others,the convictions and undoubtedly wiretaps and computer hacking, there isn’t a single plausible reason in  my opinion why further indictments haven’t come down.

There isn’t a single plausible reason why cadaver dogs haven’t swept WK searching for the remains of Ray Robinson and others.

These discrepancies amount to something more than prosecutors and judges lacking the “gonads” to do so as was commented in another blog- it can only be an orchestrated effort to avoid doing so.

We are after all only indigenous people-in that context what does it matter who kills who and what crimes are committed, as long they occur within the confines of our own backyard?

In this lack of prosecutorial effort I doubt it would have made any difference where Annie or any of our own were murdered-but if Ray Robinson…

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