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Who in hell made it that if you don’t vote there is something wrong with you? Where is it written that you must vote? What law of nature or common law says you have to freaking vote? TELL ME. If the elections are rigged, as they are, you are committing fraud by going to vote. Think about it. And telling people that their vote for a certain candidate will make another candidate win is freaking stupid. If I choice a Coke to drink that does not mean that I will be drinking a Pepsi because you said so.. You idiots need to shut up with your stupidity and concentrate on the real issues. I am sick and tired of hearing a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. A vote is a vote for whomever you pick idiots. No one, not even those who don’t vote, is throwing their vote away because they don’t vote the way you do. Get it through your fluoridated heads and stop sniffing the fun dip. Just because you can’t think for yourself don’t blame others who may not want to participate in fraud.

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