News for today, September 26, 2012.

Breaking!! Israel Lobbyist – We Need a False Flag to Start War with Iran!

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag Attack to facilitate war with Iran

Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-con Washington Institute for Near East Studies OPENLY suggests that the US should provoke Iran into taking the first shot. Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran. Just like 911 in New York causing the deaths of American civilians and soldiers, a million dead Iraqis and for what?

Now this nut job has some screws loose. “And it’s very hard for me to see how the United States … uh … President can get us to war with Iran.”  He open says that they should have an incident, a false flag incident to lead us to war with Iran. This is the mentality of the people in charge. We can’t get what we want so we’ll start something ourselves and then say it was the other guy and then we can go to war. As I said a total nut job. And I’m the one they call a conspiracy theorist, and crazy? Yeah okay maybe I am I can’t follow this logic or lack thereof. And people will still not believe it when it happens.

They will believe what they are told to believe, they will not remember that this crazy idiot said we need a false flag event to get us to go to war with Iran. No they will instead say Iran provoked the war and we need to fight them because of it. When will we learn, our government is behind most of the events and provocations that eventually lead us to war. Not saying all the time but most of the time. In this speech Patrick Clawson points out several false flag events that the government staged to get us into wars in the past and he’s happy about it. War is fun to those who don’t fight them. We really need to stop and look at what is happening.

Obama Defends Use Of Drones On Americans

President Obama is interviewed by CNN Jessica Yellin Chief White House Correspondent. President Obama avoids the topic standing instead on the grounds that it is somehow in accordance with our laws to bomb someone with a drone strike. He says We are going after Al-cia-da but we know that Al-cia-da is run by our government. That they don’t target innocent people in these drone strike, yet innocent people lose their lives every day overseas, many are women and children. He also talks about misreporting of events overseas, who’s is still not answered. Just seems like he’s saying we will do as we please and no one will stop us. I won’t get to much more into this just watch and decide for yourself. Then go look up what is happening overseas and decide if he’s right.

Here’s the transcript from youtube of the video. Some interesting typos in it makes it even funnier, take a look.. Turn the CC button on and read it as he says it. Very funny.

0:01 on april thirtieth your homeland security advisor john brennan knowledge

0:05 for the first time that the u_s_ uses armstrong’s to attack terrorists

0:12 my question to you is do need to personally

*0:16 i decide who is targeted and what are your criteria if you do for the use of

0:20 lethal force welcome your careful here miller of the class but

0:25 the shoes

0:27 a lot of what you read in the press uh…

0:30 uh… purport to

0:32 uh… be accurate on always accurate

0:35 what is actually true is that

0:37 uh… my first job

0:40 by most sacred duty is

*0:42 president commended cheapest keep the american people sick

0:45 and what that means is we brought the whole bunch of tools to bare to go after

0:49 a credit

0:50 and those who would attack

0:52 americans

0:55 drones part one tool

0:57 that we use

0:58 and

0:59 our criteria for using them

1:00 is very tight very strict

1:02 uh… it has to be

1:05 uh… a target that

1:07 uh… is

1:08 authorized by our laws

1:11 it has to be

1:12 uh… pratt that

1:13 is serious and

1:16 not speculative

1:18 it has to be a situation in which we can’t capture

1:21 the individual

1:22 uh… before

1:23 they move forward on some sort of operational plot

1:26 against the united states and and this is an example of where

1:30 i think there’s been some misreported our preference is always to capture if

1:33 we can cause we can gather intelligence

1:35 uh… but a lot of the terrace networks that

1:38 target united states the most dangerous ones operating very remote regions

1:42 payments very difficult to capture them

1:46 and we’ve got to make sure that

1:48 uh… in

1:49 whatever operations we conduct

1:53 we are very careful about

1:55 aborting

1:56 civilian casualties

*1:58 and in fact there are a whole bunch of situations where we will

*2:02 uh… engage in operations if we think there’s going to be

*2:06 uh… civilian casualties involved

2:08 so

2:11 we have an extensive process

2:14 with a lot of checks elias

2:16 looking at it

2:18 uh… obviously uh… as present multimillion responsible

2:21 four decisions that are made by the administration

2:25 uh… but

2:28 the american people

2:29 need to know is

2:31 the seriousness with whom which we

2:33 take both responsible to keep them safe but also

2:36 the seriousness with which we uh… take

2:38 uh… the need for us to abide by

2:41 uh… our traditions of rule of law

2:43 uh… and due process

2:45 sir do you personally approve

2:46 the targets that your that i can get

2:49 too deeply into

2:52 how these things work

2:54 uh… but as i said as commander in chief ultimately

2:57 you know i i i am responsible for the process that we’ve set up to make sure

3:01 that

3:02 uh… folks who were out to kill americans

3:05 that we are able to disable them before they carry out those plot i think

3:09 standard is different when the targeting american

3:13 i think there’s no doubt that

3:16 when un-american

3:19 has

3:20 made decision to philly itself without color

3:25 target fellow americans

3:27 uh… that

3:30 there is a legal justification for us to try to

3:34 stop them from carrying out plots

3:36 uh… what is also true those american citizen

3:39 uh… they are subject to uh… the

3:42 uh… protections of

3:44 the constitution and due process dentist topic even

3:48 brendan sent back

3:49 some government struggle with this do you struggle with this policy who

3:53 absolutely

3:54 uh… not look uh… i think that

3:58 opposing the anti

4:00 doesn’t struggle

4:02 with issues of war

4:04 and peace

4:08 fighting terrorism

4:09 uh… and

4:13 the difficulties of

4:16 dealing with opponent that has no walls

4:21 that’s something that you have to struggle with

4:24 because

4:25 uh… if you don’t and then

4:27 it’s very easy to slip into a situation in which

4:30 uh… you end up

4:32 uh… bending rules

4:35 thinking that

4:36 the enzo is justified the means and

4:39 uh… that’s not been our tradition that’s not who we are as a country

4:43 are most powerful tool

4:45 over the long term

4:47 too

4:48 reduce the terrorist threat

4:50 is

4:51 to live up to our values and to be able to

4:56 public opinion not just here but around the world

4:59 that uh… senseless violence that is not a way to resolve political

5:03 Differences

5:04 and so it’s very important

5:06 uh… four

5:07 the president

5:09 and of the entire culture of our national security team

5:12 to continually

5:13 asked tough questions about

5:15 are we doing the right thing

5:17 are we abiding by rule of law

5:19 are we abided by due process

5:21 uh… and

5:22 then set up

5:23 structures and institutional checks

5:26 stand so that

5:29 you know that

5:30 you avoid any kind of slippery slope

5:32 uh… into a place where

5:34 were were not being true to who we are

Jesse Ventura on CNN Piers Morgan Sept. 17th, 2012 Full Interview

Great interview with Piers Morgan and Jesse Ventura. Jesse is Piers’ guess they argue and banter; it’s a very good interview. Date September 17, 2012. Jesse Ventura also announces that he might run for president. 

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